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      经典名句-英文:The indolence of the people was in contrast to the voracity of oblivion, which little by little was undermining memories in a pitiless way..


    2021考研英语阅读练习资料: 百年孤独第18章(2)

      For Santa Sofía de la Piedad the reduction in the number of inhabitants of the house should have meant the rest she deserved after more than half a century of work. Never a lament had been heard from that stealthy, impenetrable woman who had sown in the family the angelic seed of Remedios the Beauty and the mysterious solemnity of Jos?Arcadio Segundo; who dedicated a whole life of solitude and diligence to the rearing of children although she could barely remember whether they were her children or grandchildren, and who took care of Aureliano as if he had come out of her womb, not knowing herself that she was his great-grandmother. Only in a house like that was it conceivable for her always to sleep on a mat she laid out on the pantry floor in the midst of the nocturnal noise of the rats, and without telling anyone that one night she had awakened with the frightened feeling that someone was looking at her in the darkness and that it was a poisonous snake crawling over her stomach. She knew that if she had told ?rsula, the latter would have made her sleep in her own bed, but those were times when no one was aware of anything unless it was shouted on the porch, because with the bustle of the bakery, the surprises of the war, the care of the children, there was not much room for thinking about other peoples happiness. Petra Cotes whom she had never seen, was the only one who remembered her. She saw to it that she had a good pair of shoes for street wear, that she always had clothing, even during the times when the raffles were working only through some miracle. When Fernanda arrived at the house she had good reason to think that she was an ageless servant, and even though she heard it said several times that she was her husband’s mother it was so incredible that it took her longer to discover it than to forget it. Santa Sofía de la Piedad never seemed bothered by that lowly position. On the contrary, one had the impression that she liked to stay in the corners, without a pause, without a complaint, keeping cleanand in order the immense house that she had lived in ever since adolescence and that, especially during the time of the banana company, was more like a barracks than a home. But when ?rsula died the superhuman diligence of Santa Sofía de la Piedad, her tremendous capacity for work, began to fall apart. It was not only that she was old and exhausted, but overnight the house had plunged into a crisis of senility. A soft moss grew up the walls. When there was no longer a bare spot in the courtyard, the weeds broke through the cement of the porch, breaking it like glass, and out of the cracks grew the same yellow flowers that ?rsula had found in the glass with Melquíades?false teeth a century before. With neither the time nor the resources to halt the challenge of nature, Santa Sofía de la Piedad spent the day in the bedrooms driving out the lizards who would return at night. One morning she saw that the red ants had left the undermined foundations, crossed the garden, climbed up the railing, where the begoniashad taken on an earthen color, and had penetrated into the heart of the house. She first tried to kill them with a broom, then with insecticides, and finally with lye, but the next day they were back in the same place, still passing by, tenacious and invincible. Fernanda, writing letters to her children, was not aware of the unchecked destructive attack. Santa Sofía de la Piedad continued struggling alone, fighting the weeds to stop them from getting into the kitchen, pulling from the walls the tassels of spider webs which were rebuilt in a few hours, scraping off the termites. But when she saw that Melquíades?room was also dusty and filled with cobwebs even though she swept and dusted three times a day, and that in spite of her furious cleaning it was threatened by the debris and the air of misery that had been foreseen only by Colonel Aureliano Buendía and the young officer, she realized that she was defeated. Then she put on her worn Sunday dress, some old shoes of ?rsula’s, and a pair of cotton stockings that Amaranta ?rsula had given her, and she made a bundle out of the two or three changes of clothing that she had left.

      家里的人数少了,似乎应该减轻圣索菲娅·德拉佩德挑了五十多年的日常家务重担了。这个沉默寡言、不爱交际的女人,从来没有对谁说过什么怨言,她为全家养育了天使一般善良的俏姑娘雷麦黛丝、高傲得古怪的霍·阿卡蒂奥第二,他把自己孤独寂寞的一生都献给了孩子,而他们却未必记得自己是她的儿女和孙子;她象照顾亲骨肉似的照顾奥雷连诺,布恩蒂亚,因为她并不怀疑他事实上也是她的曾孙子,如果是在其他人的住所里,她自然不必把被褥铺在储藏室的地板上睡觉,整夜听着老鼠不停的喧闹。她对谁也没讲过,有一次半夜里,她感到有人从黑暗中望着她,吓得她一下子醒了过来:原来有一条腹蛇顺着她的肚子往外爬去,圣索菲娅。 德拉佩德知道,如果她把这桩事讲给乌苏娜听,乌苏娜准会要她睡在自己的床上,不过,那一阵谁也没有发现什么。如要引起别人的注意,还得在长廊上大叫大嚷才行,因为令人疲惫不堪的烤面包活、战争的动乱、对儿女们的照料,并没有给人留下时间来考虑旁人的安全。记得圣索菲娅。 德拉佩德的人,只是从未跟她见过一面的佩特娜·柯特。甚至在那些困难的日子里,佩特娜。柯特和奥雷连诺第二不得不每夜把出售彩票得来的微薄的钱分成一小堆一小堆时,她都一直关心圣索菲娅。 德拉佩德,让她有一套体面衣服、一双优质鞋子,以便穿着它们毫不羞愧地上街。然而,菲兰达总把圣索菲娅。 德拉佩德错当做固定的女仆。虽然大家曾经多次向她强调说明圣索菲娅。德拉佩德是什么人,菲兰达照旧不以为然;她勉强理解以后,一下子又忘记站在她面前的是她丈夫的母亲、她的婆婆了。圣索菲娅。 德拉佩德压根儿没为自己的从属地位感到苦恼。相反地,她甚至好象很喜欢一刻不停地默默地在一个个房间里走来走去,察看房子里的各个角落,使偌大的一座房子保持整齐清洁。她从少女时代就生活在这座房子里,尽管这座房子与其说象个家园,还不如说象个兵营,特别是香蕉公司还在这儿的时候,可是乌苏娜死后,圣索菲娅·德拉佩德却无视自己非凡的麻利劲儿和惊人的劳动能力,开始泄气了,这例不是因为她自己已经变得老态龙钟、精疲力竭,而是因为这座房子老朽得一小时比一小时不堪入目。墙壁蒙上一层茸茸的青苔,整个院子长满了野草,长廊的水泥地在杂草的挤压下象玻璃似的破裂开来。大约一百年前,乌苏娜曾在梅尔加德斯放假牙的杯子里发现的那种小黄花,也一朵一朵地透过裂缝冒了出来。圣索菲娅·德拉佩德既无时间、又无精力来抵抗大自然的冲击,只好一天一天地在卧室里过日子,把每天夜里返回来的蜥蜴赶跑。有一天早晨,她看见一群红蚂蚁离开它们破坏了的地基,穿过花园,爬上长廊,把枯萎的秋海棠弄成了土灰色,径直钻到了房子深处。圣索菲娅·德拉佩德试图消灭它们,起先只是靠扫帚的帮助,接着使用了杀虫剂,最后撒上了生石灰,然而一切都无济于事——第二天到处又爬满了红蚂蚁,它们极为顽固、无法灭绝。菲兰达专心地忙着给儿女们写信,没有意识到速度吓人、难以遏制的破坏。圣索菲娅·德拉佩德不得不孤军作战:她跟杂草搏斗,不让它们窜进厨房;掸掉墙上几小时后又会出现的蜘蛛网;把红蚂蚁撵出它们的洞穴。她发现灰尘和蜘蛛网甚至钻进了梅尔加德斯的房间,她一天三次打扫收拾,拼命保持房间的清洁,可是房间越来越明显地呈现一种肮脏可怜的外貌,曾预见到这种外貌的只有两个人——奥雷连诺上校和一个年轻的军官。于是,她穿上那件破烂的袜子——阿玛兰塔·乌苏娜的礼物,——又把自己剩下的两三件换洗衣服捆成个小包袱,准备离开这座房子。

      “I give up,?she said to Aureliano. “This is too much house for my poor bones.?


      Aureliano asked her where she was going and she made a vague sign, as if she did not have the slightest idea of her destination. She tried to be more precise, however, saying that she was going to spend her last years with a first cousin who lived in Riohacha. It was not a likely explanation. Since the death of her parents she had not had contact with anyone in town or received letters or messages, nor had she been heard to speak of any relatives. Aureliano gave her fourteen little gold fishes because she was determined to leave with only what she had: one peso and twenty-five cents. From the window of the room he saw her cross the courtyard with her bundle of clothing, dragging her feet and bent over by her years, and he saw her reach her hand through an opening in the main door and replace the bar after she had gone out. Nothing was ever heard of her again.


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