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      经典名句-英文:toss all items and customs from the past into the trash.


    2021考研英语阅读练习资料: 百年孤独第19章(2)

      A year after her return, although she had not succeeded in making any friends or giving any parties, Amaranta ?rsula still believed that it was possible to rescue the community which had been singled out by misfortune. Gaston, her husband, took care not to antagonize her, although since that fatal noon when he got off the train he realized that his wife’s determination had been provoked by a nostalgic mirage. Certain that she would be defeated by the realities, he did not even take the trouble to put his velocipede together, but he set about hunting for the largest eggs among the spider webs that the masons had knocked down, and he would open them with his fingernails and spend hours looking through a magnifying glass at the tiny spiders that emerged. Later on, thinking that Amaranta ?rsula was continuing with her repairs so that her hands would not be idle, he decided to assemble the handsome bicycle, on which the front wheel was much larger than the rear one, and he dedicated himself to the capture and curing of every native insect he could find in the region, which he sent in jam jars to his former professor of natural history at the University of Liège where he had done advanced work in entomology, although his main vocation was that of aviator. When he rode the bicycle he would wear acrobat’s tights, gaudy socks, and a Sherlock Holmes cap, but when he was on foot he would dress in a spotless natural linen suit, white shoes, a silk bow tie, a straw boater, and he would carry a willow stick in his hand. His pale eyes accentuated his look of a sailor and his small mustache looked like the fur of a squirrel. Although he was at least fifteen years older than his wife, his alert determination to make her happy and his qualities as a good lover compensated for the difference. Actually, those who saw that man in his forties with careful habits, with the leash around his neck and his circus bicycle, would not have thought that he had made a pact of unbridled love with his wife and that they both gave in to the reciprocal drive in the least adequate of places and wherever the spirit moved them, as they had done since they had began to keep company, and with a passion that the passage of time and the more and more unusual circumstances deepened and enriched. Gaston was not only a fierce lover, with endless wisdom and imagination, but he was also, perhaps, the first man in the history of the species who had made an emergency landing and had come close to killing himself and his sweetheart simply to make love in a field of violets.


      They had met two years before they were married, when the sports biplane in which he was making rolls over the school where Amaranta ?rsula was studying made an intrepid maneuver to avoid the flagpole and the primitive framework of canvas and aluminum foil was caught by the tail on some electric wires. From then on, paying no attention to his leg in splints, on weekends he would pick up Amaranta ?rsula at the nun’s boardinghouse where she lived, where the rules were not as severe as Fernanda had wanted, and he would take her to his country club. They began to love each other at an altitude of fifteen hundred feet in the Sunday air of the moors, and they felt all the closer together as the beings on earth grew more and more minute. She spoke to him of Macondo as the brightest and most peaceful town on earth, and of an enormous house, scented with oregano, where she wanted to live until old age with a loyal husband and two strong sons who would be named Rodrigo and Gonzalo, never Aureliano and Jos?Arcadio, anda daughter who would be named Virginia and never Remedios. She had evoked the town idealized by nostalgia with such strong tenacity that Gaston understood that she would not get married unless he took her to live in Macondo. He agreed to it, as he agreed later on to the leash, because he thought it was a passing fancy that could be overcome in time. But when two years in Macondo had passed and Amaranta ?rsula was as happy as on the first day, he began to show signs of alarm. By that time he had dissected every dissectible insect in the region, he spoke Spanish like a native, and he had solved all of the crossword puzzles in the magazines that he received in the mail. He did not have the pretext of climate to hasten their return because nature had endowed him with a colonial liver which resisted the drowsiness of siesta time and water that had vinegar worms in it. He liked the native cooking so much that once he ate eighty-two iguana eggs at one sitting. Amaranta ?rsula, on the other hand, had brought in by train fish and shellfish in boxes of ice, canned meats and preserved fruits, which were the only things she could eat, and she still dressed in European style and received designs by mail in spite of the fact that she had no place to go and no one to visit and by that time her husband was not in a mood to appreciate her short skirts, her tilted felt hat, and her seven-strand necklaces. Her secret seemed to lie in the fact that she always found a way to keep busy, resolving domestic problems that she herself had created, and doing a poor job on a thousand things which she would fix on the following day with a pernicious diligence that made one think of Fernanda and the hereditary vice of making something just to unmake it. Her festive genius was still so alive then that when she received new records she would invite Gaston to stay in the parlor until very late to practice the dance steps that her schoolmates described to her in sketches and they would generally end up making love on the Viennese rocking chairs or on the bare floor. The only thing that she needed to be completely happy was the birth of her children, but she respected the pact she had made with her husband not to have any until they had been married for five years.

      他俩是在认识两年以后结婚的,当时他驾驶着运动用的双翼飞机在阿玛兰塔·乌苏娜就读的学校上空盘旋。为了躲开一根旗杆,他作了一个大胆的动作,老式的帆篷和铝制机尾被电线缠住了。从那时起,他顾不上装着夹板的腿,每逢周末都把阿玛兰塔。乌苏哪从她居住的修女公寓接走;那里的规矩不象菲兰达想象得那么严格,他可以带她到他的乡村俱乐部去。星期天,在一千五百英尺高处荒野的空气中,他们开始相爱了。地面上的生物变得越来越小,他们彼此也就越来越亲近了。她对他说起马孔多,说它是世界上最 美丽、最宁静的城镇;她又谈起一座散发着薄荷香味的大房子,她想在那儿同一个忠实的丈夫、两个强健的儿子和一个女儿生活到老。儿子取名罗德里格和贡泽洛,而决不能叫什么奥雷连诺和霍·阿卡蒂奥;女儿要叫弗吉妮娅,决不能起雷麦黛丝之类的名字。她因思恋故乡而把那个小镇理想化了,她的感情那么强烈坚定,使得加斯东明白,除非带她回马孔多定居,否则休想跟她结婚。他同意了,就象他后来同意系上那条丝带一样,因为这不过是暂时的喜好,早晚都要改变的。可是在马孔多过了两年以后,阿玛兰塔·乌苏娜仍象刚来的头一天那么快活。他开始发出警号了。那时候,他已经解剖了这个地区每一种可以解剖的昆虫。他的西班牙语说得象个本地人,他解开了寄来的杂志上所有的字谜。他不能用气候这个借口来催促他俩返回,因为大自然已经赋予他一个适合异乡水土的肝脏,使他能够对付午休时间的困劲,而且他还服用长了醋虫的水。他非常喜爱本地的饭食,以致有一次他一顿吃了八十二只鬣蜴(产于美洲或西印度的一种大蜥蜴蛋。)另外,阿玛兰塔·乌苏娜已经从火车上运来了一箱箱冰冻的鱼、罐头肉和蜜饯水果——这是她能吃的东西。虽然她无处可走,无人要访问,她的衣着仍旧是欧洲式样的,她仍然不断地收到邮寄来的新样式。然而她的丈夫没有心思欣赏她的短裙、歪戴的毡帽和七股项圈。她的秘诀似乎在于她总是能够变戏法似的忙忙碌碌,不停地解决自己制造的一些家务困难。她为第二天安排了许多事情,结果什么也没干成。她干活的劲头很足,但是效果很糟,使人想起菲兰达,想起“做”只是为了“拆”的那种传统恶习。她爱好玩乐的情趣仍然很浓,她收到了新唱片,就叫加斯东到客厅里呆到很晚,教他跳舞,那舞姿是她的同学画在草图上寄给她的。孩子的诞生是她感到欣慰的事,但她尊重与丈夫的约定,直到婚后五年才生了孩子。

      Looking for something to fill his idle hours with, Gaston became accustomed to spending the morning in Melquíades?room with the shy Aureliano. He took pleasure in recalling with him the most hidden corners of his country, which Aureliano knew as if he had spent much time there. When Gaston asked him what he had done to obtain knowledge that was not in the encyclopedia, he received the same answer as Jos?Arcadio: “Everything Is known.?In addition to Sanskrit he had learned English and French and a little Latin and Greek. Since he went out every afternoon at that time and Amaranta ?rsula had set aside a weekly sum for him for his personal expenses, his room looked like a branch of the wise Catalonian’s bookstore. He read avidly until late at night, although from the manner in which he referred to his reading, Gaston thought that he did not buy the books in order to learn but to verify the truth of his knowledge, and that none of them interested him more than the parchments, to which he dedicated most of histime in the morning. Both Gaston and his wife would have liked to incorporate him into the family life, but Aureliano was a hermetic man with a cloud of mystery that time was making denser. It was such an unfathomable condition that Gaston failed in his efforts to become intimate with him and had to seek other pastimes for his idle hours. It was around that time that he conceived the idea of establishing an airmail service.

      为了找些事来填补空虚和无聊,加斯东常常同胆小的奥雷连诺。 布恩蒂亚在梅尔加德斯的房间里呆上一个早晨。他愉快地同奥雷连诺。 布恩蒂亚回忆他的回家阴暗角落里的生活。奥雷连诺。 布恩蒂亚也知道这些事,仿佛在那儿生活过很久似的。加斯东问起他为了获得百科全书上没有的知识作过什么努力。加斯东得到的回答是与霍·阿卡蒂奥相同的:“一切都能认识嘛。”除了梵文,奥雷连诺·布恩蒂亚还学了英语、法语以及一点拉丁语和希腊语。当时由于他每天下午都要出去,阿玛兰塔。 乌苏娜便每周拿出一点钱供他花销。他的房间就象博学的加泰隆尼亚人那家书店的分店。他经常贪婪地阅读到深夜,从他阅读时采取的方式看来,加斯东认为他买书不是为了学习,而是为了验证他已有的知识是否正确。书里的内容与羊皮纸手稿一样引不起他的兴趣,但是读书占去了他上午的大部分时间。加斯东和妻子都希望奥雷连诺·布恩蒂亚变成他们家庭的一员,但是奥雷连诺·布恩蒂亚是一个性格内向的人,老是处在一团令人莫测的迷雾里。加斯东努力跟他亲近,但是没有成功,只得去找其他的事情来做,借以排遣无聊的时光。就在这时,他产生了开办航空邮政的想法。

      It was not a new project. Actually, he had it fairly well advanced when he met Amaranta ?rsula, except that it was not for Macondo, but for the Belgian Congo, where his family had investments in palm oil. The marriage and the decision to spend a few months in Macondo to please his wife had obliged him to postpone it. But when he saw that Amaranta ?rsula was determined to organize a commission for public improvement and even laughed at him when he hinted at the possibility of returning, he understood that things were going to take a long time and he reestablished contact with his forgotten partners in Brussels, thinking that it was just as well to be a pioneer in the Caribbean as in Africa. While his steps were progressing he prepared a landing field in the old enchanted region which at that time looked like a plain of crushed flintstone, and he studied the wind direction, the geography of the coastal region, and the best routes for aerial navigation, without knowing that his diligence, so similar to that of Mr. Herbert, was filling the town with the dangerous suspicion that his plan was not to set up routes but to plant banana trees. Enthusiastic over the idea that, after all, might justify his permanent establishment in Macondo, he took several trips to the capital of the province, met with authorities, obtained licenses, and drew up contracts for exclusive rights. In the meantime he maintained a correspondence with his partners in Brussels which resembled that of Fernanda with the invisible doctors, and he finally convinced them to ship the first airplane under the care of an expert mechanic, who would assemble it in the nearest port and fly it to Macondo. One year after his first meditations and meteorological calculations, trusting in the repeated promises of his correspondents, he had acquired the habit of strolling through the streets, looking at the sky, hanging onto the sound of the breeze in hopes that the airplane would appear.

      这并不是个新计划。加斯东认识阿玛兰塔。 乌苏娜的时候就想好了这个计划,但那不是为了马孔多,而是为了比属刚果,他家里的人在那里的棕榈油事业方面投了资。结婚以及婚后为了取悦妻子到马孔多生活了几个月,这就使他不得不把这项计划暂时搁置起来。嗣后,他看到阿玛兰塔。 乌苏娜决心组织一个改善公共环境的委员会,并且在他暗示可能回去时,遭到了阿玛兰塔·乌苏娜的一番嘲笑,他就意识到事情要大大地延搁了。他跟布鲁塞尔失去联系的合伙人重新建立了联系,想到在加勒比地区作一名创业者并不比在非洲差。在他稳步前进的过程中,他准备在这迷人的古老地区建筑一个机场,这个地域在当时看来象是碎石铺成的平地。他研究风向,研究海边的地势,研究飞机航行的路线;他还不知道,他的这番类似赫伯特式的奋斗精神使小镇产生了一种极大的怀疑,人家说他不是在筹划航线,而是打算种植香蕉树。他满腔热情地抱定了一个想法——这个想法也许终究会证明他在马孔多长远的做法是对的——到省城去了几次,拜访了一些专家,获得了许可证,又草拟了取得专利权的合同。同时,他跟布鲁塞尔的合伙人保持着通信联系,就象菲兰达同没有见过的医生通信一样。在一名熟练技师照管下,第一架飞机将用船运来,那位技师要在抵达最近的港口后将飞机装配好,飞到马孔多,这终于使人们信服了。在他首次勘察并且作出气象计算一年之后,他的通信朋友的多次承诺使他充满了信心。他养成了一个习惯:在树丛间漫步,仰望天空,倾听风声,期待飞机出现。