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      经典名句-英文:toss all items and customs from the past into the trash.


    2021考研英语阅读练习资料: 百年孤独第19章(1)

      AMARANTA ?RSULA returned with the angels of December, driven on a sailor’s breeze, leading her husband by a silk rope tied around his neck. She appeared without warning, wearing an ivory-colored dress, a string of pearls that reached almost to her knees, emerald and topaz rings, and with her straight hair in a smooth bun held behind her ears by swallow-tail brooches. The man whom she had married six months before was a thin, older Fleming with the look of a sailor about him. She had only to push open the door to the parlor to realize that her absence had been longer and more destructive than she had imagined.

      十二月初旬,阿玛兰塔。 乌苏娜一路顺风地回来了。她拉着丈夫系在脖子上的丝带,领他到了家,她是事先没打招呼便突然出现的;她身穿乳白色衣服,脖子上戴着的那串珍珠几乎拖到膝盖,手指上是绿宝石和黄宝石的戒指,光洁、整齐的头发梳成一个发辔,用燕尾状的发针别在耳后。六个月前同她结婚的男人,年岁较大,瘦瘦的;象个水手,是法兰德斯人。她一推开客厅的门,就感到自己离开这儿已经很久了。房子破得比想象的更厉害。

      “Good Lord,?she shouted, more gay than alarmed, “it’s obvious that there’s no woman in this house!?


      The baggage would not fit on the porch. Besides Fernanda’s old trunk, which they had sent her off to school with, she had two upright trunks, four large suitcases, a bag for her parasols, eight hatboxes, a gigantic cage with half a hundred canaries, and her husband’s velocipede, broken down in a special case which allowed him to carry it like a cello. She did not even take a day of rest after the long trip. She put on some worn denim overalls that her husband had brought along with other automotive items and set about on a new restoration of the house. She scattered the red ants, who had already taken possession of the porch, brought the rose bushes back to life, uprooted the weeds, and planted ferns, oregano, and begonias again in the pots along the railing. She took charge of a crew of carpenters, locksmiths, and masons, who filled in the cracks in the floor, put doors and windows back on their hinges, repaired the furniture, and white-washed the walls inside and out, so that three months after her arrival one breathed once more the atmosphere of youth and festivity that had existed during the days of the pianola. No one in the house had ever been in a better mood at all hours and under any circumstances, nor had anyone ever been readier to sing and dance and toss all items and customs from the past into the trash. With a sweep of her broom she did away with the funeral mementos and piles of useless trash and articles of superstition that had been piling up in the corners, and the only thing she spared, out of gratitude to ?rsula, was the daguerreotype of Remedios in the parlor. “My, such luxury,?she would shout, dying with laughter. “A fourteen-year-old grandmother!?When one of the masons told her that the house was full of apparitions and that the only way to drive them out was to look for the treasures they had left buried, she replied amid loud laughter that she did not think it was right for men to be superstitious. She was so spontaneous, so emancipated, with such a free and modern spirit, that Aureliano did not know what to do with his body when he saw her arrive. “My, my!?she shouted happily with open arms. “Look at how my darling cannibal has grown!?Before he had a chance to react she had already put a record on the portable phonograph she had brought with her and was trying to teach him the latest dance steps. She made him change the dirty pants that he had inherited from Colonel Aureliano Buendía and gave him some youthful shirts and two-toned shoes, and she would push him into the street when he was spending too much time in Melquíades?room.

      门廊上放不下她的行李,菲兰达的那只旧箱子,是家里送她上学时给她的,此外还有一对竖着的大木箱、四只大手提箱、一只装阳伞的提包、八个帽盒、一个装了五十只金丝雀的大笼子,另外就是丈夫的自行车,这辆自行车是拆开来装在一只特制箱子里的。他象抱大提琴似的抱着箱子走。尽管经过长途跋涉,但她连一天都没休息。她全身都换上她丈夫夹在自动玩具里一道带来的粗布衣服,把这座房子里里外外打扫一遍。她扫去了在门廊里做窝的红蚂蚁,让玫瑰花丛恢复生机,铲除了杂草,种上羊齿蕨和薄荷,沿着篱笆墙又摆上了一盆盆秋海棠。她叫来一大群木匠、锁匠和泥瓦匠,让他们在地上抹缝,把门窗装好,将家具修复一新,把墙壁里里外外粉刷了一遍。就这样,在她回来三个月以后,人们又可以呼吸到自动钢琴时代曾经有过的朝气蓬勃、愉快欢乐的气息了。在这座房子里,在任何时候和任何情况下,都不曾有过一个人的情绪比现在还好,也不曾有过一个人比她更想唱,更想跳,更想把一切陈规陋习抛进垃圾堆里。她用笤帚扫掉了丧葬的祭奠品,扫掉了一堆堆破烂,扫掉了角落里成年累月堆积起来的迷信用具。出于对乌苏娜的感激,她留下了一件东西,那就是挂在客厅里的雷麦黛丝的照片。“啊唷,真逗人,”她这样喊道,笑得上气不接下气。“一个十四岁的姑妈!”一个泥瓦匠告诉她,这座房子里全是妖怪,要赶走它们只有找到它们埋藏的金银财宝才行。她笑着回答说,男人不该相信迷信。她那么天真、洒脱,那么大方、时新,使奥雷连诺·布恩蒂亚见她过来便感到手足无措。“啊唷!啊唷!”她双臂张开,快活地叫道。“看看我的小鬼头是怎么长大的!”没等他反应过来,她已经在她随身带来的手提留声机上放了一张唱片,打算教他跳最 新式的舞。她叫他换下奥雷连诺上校传给他的脏裤子,送给他一些颜色鲜艳的衬衫和两色皮鞋,如果他在梅尔加德斯的房间里呆久了,她就把他推到街上去。

      Active, small, and indomitable like ?rsula, and almost as pretty and provocative as Remedios the Beauty, she was endowed with a rare instinct for anticipating fashion. When she received pictures of the most recent fashions in the mail, they only proved that she had not been wrong about the models that she designed herself and sewed on Amaranta’s primitive pedal machine. She subscribed to every fashion magazine, art publication. and popular music review published in Europe, and she had only to glance at them to realize that things in the world were going just as she imagined they were. It was incomprehensible why a woman with that spirit would have returned to a dead town burdened by dust and heat, and much less with a husband who had more than enough money to live anywhere in the world and who loved her so much that he let himself be led around by her on a silk leash. As time passed, however, her intention to stay was more obvious, because she did not make any plans that were not a long way off, nor did shedo anything that did not have as an aim the search for a comfortable life and a peaceful old age in Macondo. The canary cage showed that those aims were made up on the spur of the moment. Remembering that her mother had told her in a letter about the extermination of the birds, she had delayed her trip several months until she found a ship that stopped at the Fortunate Isles and there she chose the finest twenty-five pairs of canaries so that she could repopulate the skies of Macondo. That was the most lamentable of her numerous frustrated undertakings. As the birds reproduced Amaranta ?rsula would release them in pairs, and no sooner did they feel themselves free than they fled the town. She tried in vain to awaken love in them by means of the bird cage that ?rsula had built during the first reconstruction of the house. Also in vain were the artificial nests built of esparto grass in the almond trees and the birdseed strewn about the roofs, and arousing the captives so that their songs would dissuade the deserters, because they would take flights on their first attempts and make a turn in the sky, just the time needed to find the direction to the Fortunate Isles.

      她象乌苏娜一样活泼、纤小、难以驾驭,并且几乎同俏姑娘雷麦黛丝同样漂亮和诱人。她有一种能够预测时尚的罕见本能。当她从邮件里收到最 新式的时装图片时,旁人不得不赞赏她亲自设计的式样:她用阿玛兰塔的老式脚踏缝纫机缝制的衣服和图片上的完全一样。她订阅了欧洲出版的所有时装杂志、美术刊物、大众音乐评论,她经常只要瞟上一眼,便知道世界万物正按照她的想象发展变化,具有这种气质的女人,居然要回到这个满是灰尘、热得要命的死镇上来,真是不可理解,何况她有一个殷实的丈夫,钱多得足以在世界上任何地方生活,而且他对她很有感情,甘心让她牵着丝带到处走。随着时光的流逝,她准备久居的意思更加明显,因为她的计划是长远的,她的打算就是在马孔多寻求舒适的生活以安度晚年。金丝雀笼子表明她的决定不是突然的。她想起了母亲在一封信里告诉过她关于捕杀鸟类的事情,就把动身的时间推迟了几个月,直到发现了停泊在幸福岛的一只轮船。她在岛上挑选了二十五对的金丝雀,这样她就可以使马孔多的天空又有飞鸟生存了。这是她无数次失败中最可悲的一次。鸟儿繁殖以后,阿玛兰塔·乌苏娜却把它们一对对地放出去;鸟儿们获得了自由,便立即从小镇飞走了。她想用乌苏娜第一次重建房子时所做的鸟笼来唤起鸟儿们的感情,可是没有成功。她又在杏树上用芦草编织了鸟巢,在巢顶撒上鸟食,引诱笼中的鸟儿唱歌,想借它们的歌声劝阻那些飞出笼子的鸟儿不要远走高飞,但也失败了,因为鸟儿一有机会展开翅膀,便在空中兜一个圈子,辨别了一下幸福岛的方向,飞去了。