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      经典名句-英文:The indolence of the people was in contrast to the voracity of oblivion, which little by little was undermining memories in a pitiless way..


    2021考研英语阅读练习资料: 百年孤独第17章(6)

      Two months later Amaranta ?rsula went to Brussels. Aureliano Segundo gave her not only the money from the special raffle, but also what he had managed to put aside over the previous months and what little he had received from the sale of the pianola, the clavichord, and other junk that had fallen into disrepair. According to his calculations, that sum would be enough for her studies, so that all that was lacking was the price of her fare back home. Fernanda was against the trip until the last moment, scandalized by the idea that Brussels was so close to Paris and its perdition, but she calmed down with the letter that Father Angel gave her addressed to a boardinghouse run by nuns for Catholic young ladies where Amaranta ?rsula promised to stay until her studies were completed. Furthermore, the parish priest arranged for her to travel under the care of a group of Franciscan nuns who were going to Toledo, where they hoped to find dependable people to accompany her to Belgium. While the urgent correspondence that made the coordination possible went forward, Aureliano Segundo, aided by Petra Cates, prepared Amaranta ?rsula’s baggage. The night on which they were packing one of Fernanda’s bridal trunks, the things were so well organized that the schoolgirl knew by heart which were the suits and cloth slippers she could wear crossing the Atlantic and the blue cloth coat with copper buttons and the cordovan shoes she would wear when she landed. She also knew how to walk so as not to fall into the water as she went up the gangplank, that at no time was she to leave the company of the nuns or leave her cabin except to eat, and that for no reason was she to answer the questions asked by people of any sex while they were at sea. She carried a small bottle with drops for seasickness and a notebook written by Father Angel in his own hand containing six prayers to be used against storms. Fernanda made her a canvas belt to keep her money in, and she would not have to take it off even to sleep. She tried to give her the chamberpot, washed out with lye and disinfected with alcohol, but Amaranta ?rsula refused it for fear that her schoolmates would make fun of her. A few months later, at the hour of his death, Aureliano Segundo would remember her as he had seen her for the last time as she tried unsuccessfully to lower the window of the second-class coach to hear Fernanda’s last piece of advice. She was wearing a pink silk dress with a corsage of artificial pansies pinned to her left shoulder, her cordovan shoes with buckles and low heels, and sateen stockings held up at the thighs with elastic garters. Her body was slim, her hair loose and long, and she had the lively eyes that ?rsula had had at her age and the way in which she said good-bye, without crying but without smiling either, revealed the same strength of character. Walking beside the coach as it picked up speed and holding Fernanda by the arm so that she would not stumble, Aureliano scarcely had time to wave at his daughter as she threw him a kiss with the tips of her fingers. The couple stood motionless under the scorching sun, looking at the train as it merged with the black strip of the horizon, linking arms for the first time since the day of their wedding.

      两个月后,阿玛兰塔·乌苏娜准备去布鲁塞尔。奥雷连诺第二交给女儿的钱,不仅有他从不同寻常的抽彩中赚得的一切,而且包括他在一生的最后几个月里的全部积蓄,还有他卖掉自动钢琴、旧式风琴和各种不再讨人喜欢的旧家具所得到的一小笔钱。根据他的计算,这些钱足够她整个念书时期花销,不清楚的只有一点——口来的路费是不是够。菲兰达一想到布鲁塞尔距离罪恶的巴黎那么近,内心深处就冒火,她坚决反对女儿的布鲁塞尔之行。不过安格尔神父的一封推荐信使她心里又平静了。信是写给一个修道院附设的天主教女青年寄宿中学的,这个学校答应阿玛兰塔·乌苏娜在那儿一直住到学习结束。另外,神父还找到一群去托莱多的圣芳济派的修女,她们同意带着姑娘一起去,在托莱多再给她联系直接到布鲁塞尔去的可靠旅伴。当这件事正在书来信往地加紧进行时,奥雷连诺第二就在佩特娜·柯特的帮助下,为阿玛兰塔·乌苏娜作准备。等到那天晚上,她的东西放进菲兰达年轻时放置嫁妆的一只大箱子以后,一切都已考虑周到了,未来的女大学生也已记住:该穿怎样的衣服和绒布拖鞋横渡大西洋;她上 岸时要穿的配有铜钮扣的天蓝色呢大衣和那双精制的山羊皮鞋应当放在哪儿。她又牢牢地记住,从舷梯上船时应该怎样迈步,免得摔到水里;记住自己不可离开那些女修士一步,记住自己只能吃饭时走出自己的船舱;在公海上,无论遇到怎样的景致,她都不该回答男男女女可能向她提出的一切问题。她随身带了一瓶预防晕船的药水和一个小本子,小本子上有安格尔神父亲笔记的六段抵御暴风雨的祷词。菲兰达给她缝了一条藏钱的帆布腰带,并且示范了一下怎样束在腰里,晚上也可以不取下来;她还想送给女儿一只金便盆,是用漂白剂洗净、用酒精消过毒的,可是阿玛兰塔·乌苏娜没有接受她的礼品,说她担心大学里的女同学会取笑她。再过几个月,奥雷连诺第二在临死的床上将回忆起的女儿,就跟他最后一次见到的阿玛兰塔·乌苏娜一样。她身穿一件粉红色绸上衣,右肩上别着一朵假三色茧,脚上穿着一双精制的薄膜乎底的山羊皮鞋和一双有橡皮圆吊带的丝袜。她身材不高,披着长头发,她那滴溜溜的目光,就象乌苏娜年轻时的目光,她那既无眼泪又无笑容的告别举止,证明她继承了高祖母的坚毅性格。她听完菲兰达最后的教诲,没来得及放下二等车厢那扇满是灰尘的玻璃窗,列车就开动了。随着列车速度的逐渐加快,奥雷连诺第二也加紧了脚步,他在列车旁边小跑,拉着菲兰达的一只手,免得她跌跤。女儿用手指尖向他投来一个飞吻,他好不容易赶了上去,挥了挥手,表示回答。一对老夫妇一动不动地长久站在灼人的太阳下,望着列车怎样变成地平线上的一个小黑点——他们婚后还是头一次手携着手地站在一起哩。

      On the ninth of August, before they received the first letter from Brussels, Jos?Arcadio Segundo was speaking to Aureliano in Melquíades?room and, without realizing it, he said:


      “Always remember that they were more than three thousand and that they were thrown into the sea.?


      Then he fell back on the parchments and died with his eyes open. At that same instant, in Fernanda’s bed, his twin brother came to the end of the prolonged and terrible martyrdom of the steel crabs that were eating his throat away. One week previously he had returned home, without any voice, unable to breathe, and almost skin and bones, with his wandering trunks and his wastrel’s accordion, to fulfill the promise of dying beside his wife. Petra Cotes helped him pack his clothes and bade him farewell without shedding a tear, but she forgot to give him the patent leather shoes that he wanted to wear in his coffin. So when she heard that he had died, she dressed in black, wrapped the shoes up in a newspaper, and asked Fernanda for permission to see the body. Fernanda would not let her through the door.


      “Put yourself in my place,?Petra Cotes begged. “Imagine how much I must have loved him to put up with this humiliation.?


      “There is no humiliation that a concubine does not deserve,?Fernanda replied. “So wait until another one of your men dies and put the shoes on him.?


      In fulfillment of her promise, Santa Sofía de la Piedad cut the throat of Jos?Arcadio Segundo’s corpse with a kitchen knife to be sure that they would not bury him alive. The bodies were placed in identical coffins, and then it could be seen that once more in death they had become as Identical as they had been until adolescence. Aureliano Segundo’s old carousing comrades laid on his casket a wreath that had a purple ribbon with the words: Cease, cows, life is short. Fernanda was so indignant with such irreverence that she had the wreath thrown onto the trash heap. In the tumult of the last moment, the sad drunkards who carried them out of the house got the coffins mixed up and buried them in the wrong graves.

      为了履行自己的誓言,圣索菲娅·德拉佩德拿来一把菜刀,割断霍。 阿卡蒂奥第二尸体的喉管,这才相信他不是被活埋的。一对孪生兄弟的尸体安放在两个同样的棺材里,这时,只见他们死后又变得象青年时代那样相象了。奥雷连诺第二的酒友们在他的棺材上放了一个花圈,花圈上系着一条深紫色缎带,上面写着一句题词:“繁殖吧,母牛,生命短促呀!”这种污辱死者的行为激怒了菲兰达,她忙叫人把花圈扔到污水坑里去。几个伤心的酒徒从房子里抬出棺材,在最后一阵仓促的准备中把它们搞错了,把奥雷连诺第二的尸体埋在为霍·阿卡蒂奥第二挖掘的坟墓里,而将霍·阿卡蒂奥第二的尸体埋葬在他兄弟的坟墓里了。

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