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      经典名句-英文:The indolence of the people was in contrast to the voracity of oblivion, which little by little was undermining memories in a pitiless way..


    2021考研英语阅读练习资料: 百年孤独第17章(4)

      Then rsula gave in to the evidence. “My God,?she exclaimed in a low voice. “So this is what it’s like to be dead.?She started an endless, stumbling, deep prayer that lasted more than two days, and that by Tuesday had degenerated into a hodgepodge of requests to God and bits of practical advice to stop the red ants from bringing the house down, to keep the lamp burning by Remedios?daguerreotype, and never to let any Buendía marry a person of the same blood because their children would be born with the tail of a pig. Aureliano Segundo tried to take advantage of her delirium to get her to ten him where the gold was buried, but his entreaties were useless once more “When the owner appears,??rsula said, “God will illuminate him so that he will find it.?Santa Sofía de la Piedad had the certainty that they would find her dead from one moment to the next, because she noticed during those days a certain confusion in nature: the roses smelled like goosefoot, a pod of chick peas fell down and the beans lay on the ground in a perfect geometrical pattern in the shape of a starfish and one night she saw a row of luminous orange disks pass across the sky.


      They found her dead on the morning of Good Friday. The last time that they had helped her calculate her age, during the time of the banana company, she had estimated it as between one hundred fifteen and one hundred twenty-two. They buried her in a coffin that was not much larger than the basket in which Aureliano had arrived, and very few people were at the funeral, partly because there wet not many left who remembered her, and partly because it was so hot that noon that the birds in their confusion were running into walls like day pigeons and breaking through screens to die in the bedrooms.


      At first they thought it was a plague. Housewives were exhausted from sweeping away so many dead birds, especially at siesta time, and the men dumped them into the river by the cartload. On Easter Sunday the hundred-year-old Father Antonio Isabel stated from the pulpit that the death of the birds was due to the evil influence of the Wandering Jew, whom he himself had seen the night before. He described him as a cross between a billy goat and a female heretic, an infernal beast whose breath scorched the air and whose look brought on the birth of monsters in newlywed women. There were not many who paid attention to his apocalyptic talk, for the town was convinced that the priest was rambling because of his age. But one woman woke everybody up at dawn on Wednesday because she found the tracks of a biped with a cloven hoof. They were so clear and unmistakable that those who went to look at them had no doubt about the existence of a fearsome creature similar to the one described by the parish priest and they got together to set traps in their courtyards. That was how they managed to capture it. Two weeks after ?rsula’s death, Petra Cotes and Aureliano Segundo woke up frightened by the especially loud bellowing of a calf that was coming from nearby. When they got there a group of men were already pulling the monster off the sharpened stakes they had set in the bottom of a pit covered with dry leaves, and it stopped lowing. It was as heavy as an ox in spite of the fact that it was no taller than a young steer, and a green and greasy liquid flowed from its wounds. Its body was covered with rough hair, plagued with small ticks, and the skin was hardened with the scales of a remora fish, but unlike the priest’s description, its human parts were more like those of a sickly angel than of a man, for its hands were tense and agile, its eyes large and gloomy, and on its shoulder blades it had the scarred-over and calloused stumps of powerful wings which must have been chopped off by a woodsman’s ax. They hung it to an almondtree in the square by its ankles so that everyone could see it, and when it began to rot they burned it in a bonfire, for they could not determine whether its bastard nature was that of an animal to be thrown into the river or a human being to be buried. It was never established whether it had really caused the death of the birds, but the newly married women did not bear the predicted monsters, nor did the intensity of the heat decrease.


      Rebeca died at the end of that year. Argénida, her lifelong servant, asked the authorities for help to knock down the door to the bedroom where her mistress had been locked in for three days, and they found her, on her solitary bed, curled up like a shrimp, with her head bald from ringworm and her finger in her mouth. Aureliano Segundo took charge of the funeral and tried to restore the house in order to sell it, but the destruction was so far advanced in it that the walls became scaly as soon as they were painted and there was not enough mortar to stop the weeds from cracking the floors and the ivy from rotting the beams.


      That was how everything went after the deluge. The indolence of the people was in contrast to the voracity of oblivion, which little by little was undermining memories in a pitiless way, to such an extreme that at that time, on another anniversary of the Treaty of Neerlandia, some emissaries from the president of the republic arrived in Macondo to award at last the decoration rejected several times by Colonel Aureliano Buendía, and they spent a whole afternoon looking for someone who could tell them where they could find one of his descendants. Aureliano Segundo was tempted to accept it, thinking that it was a medal of solid gold, but Petra Cotes convinced him that it was not proper when the emissaries already had some proclamations and speeches ready for the ceremony. It was also around that time that the gypsies returned, the last heirs to Melquíades?science, and they found the town so defeated and its inhabitants so removed from the rest of the world that once more they went through the houses dragging magnetized ingots as if that really were the Babylonian wise men’s latest discovery, and once again they concentrated the sun’s rays with the giant magnifying glass, and there was no lack of people standing open-mouthed watching kettles fall and pots roll and who paid fifty cents to be startled as a gypsy woman put in her false teeth and took them out again. A broken-down yellow train that neither brought anyone in nor took anyone out and that scarcely paused at the deserted station was the only thing that was left of the long train to which Mr. Brown would couple his glass-topped coach with the episcopal lounging chairs and of the fruit trains with one hundred twenty cars which took a whole afternoon to pass by. The ecclesiastical delegates who had come to investigate the report of the strange death of the birds and the sacrifice of the Wandering Jew found Father Antonio Isabel playing blind man’s buff with the children, and thinking that his report was the product of a hallucination, they took him off toan asylum. A short time later they sent Father Augusto Angel, a crusader of the new breed, intransigent, audacious, daring, who personally rang the bells several times a day so that the peoples spirits would not get drowsy, and who went from house to house waking up the sleepers to go to mass but before a year was out he too was conquered by the negligence that one breathed in with the air, by the hot dust that made everything old and clogged up, and by the drowsiness caused by lunchtime meatballs in the unbearable heat of siesta time.

      这就是雨停后马孔多的生活。萎靡迟钝的人哪里抵得住健忘症,这种健忘症使他们逐渐忘记了所有的往事。突然,在尼兰德投降周年纪念日那天,共和国总统的几个使者奉命来到了马孔多,无论如何要把奥雷连诺上校多次拒绝的勋章授予英雄的后代。使者们为了找到一个了解这些后代踪迹的人,整整辗转了一个晚上。奥雷连诺第二差点鬼迷心窍地接受那个勋章,以为它毕竟是纯金的。佩特娜。 柯特却告诫他说,这将是一种不体面的行为,他才放弃了自己的打算,尽管总统的代表们已经雇来乐队,在隆重的授勋仪式上的发言也已准备好了。就在这个时候,一些吉卜赛人——最后一批继承梅尔加德斯学问的人,来到了马孔多。他们发现这个市镇荒芜不堪,它的居民跟外面的世界完全隔绝;于是吉卜赛人又拿着一块块吸铁石,把它们充作巴比伦学者的最 新发明,走家串户,而且又开始用放大镜聚集阳光。有不少好奇的人张大嘴巴,盯着脸盆跳下木架,锅子向吸铁石滚去;也有不少人准备付出五十个生丁,不胜惊讶地瞧着一个吉卜赛女人从嘴里取出假牙,接着又把它装回原处。在空荡荡的火车站旁,现在只有旧式蒸汽机车停留片刻,拖着几节不载人、不载货的黄色车厢——这就是昔日铁路上残留下来的一切,看不到一列客车载满旅客、挂着布劳恩先生的专用车厢,那种车厢里放着主教安乐椅,装着玻璃顶;也看不到一列货车,载着一百二十节车厢的水果,通宵达旦、络绎不绝地驶近车站。有一天,法官们来到马孔多,调查安东尼奥·伊萨贝尔神父关于离奇的瘟疫袭击鸟儿流浪的犹太人遇害的报告,正遇上可敬的神父在跟一群娃娃玩捉迷藏,他们便认定他的报告是老年人幻觉的结果,把他送进了痴人收容所。几天以后,奥古斯托·安格尔神父,一个最 新炼丹术的专家,来到这个市镇,他一本正经、大胆粗鲁,一天几次亲手敲打各式各样的钟,使教徒的心灵一直处于振奋状态;他还从这一家走到那一家,唤醒一个个贪睡的人去听弥撒。然而没过一年,奥古斯托·安格尔神父就不得不承认自己失败了:他也无力抵御滞留在空气中的惰气,无力抵御滚烫的灰尘——它到处弥漫,使得一切都显出衰老的样子。热得不堪忍受的午休时刻,摆到午餐桌上的肉丸子,总要使他昏昏欲睡。

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