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      经典名句-英文:The calamity itself inspired defenses against boredom.


    2021考研英语阅读练习资料: 百年孤独第17章(1)

      Chapter 17


      URSULA HAD to make a great effort to fulfill her promise to die when it cleared. The waves of lucidity that were so scarce during the rains became more frequent after August, when an and wind began to blow and suffocated the rose bushes and petrified the piles of mud, and ended up scattering over Macondo the burning dust that covered the rusted zinc roofs and the age-old almond trees forever. ?rsula cried in lamentation when she discovered that for more than three years she had been a plaything for the children. She washed her painted face, took off the strips of brightly colored cloth, the dried lizards and frogs, and the rosaries and old Arab necklaces that they had hung all over her body, and for the first time since the death of Amaranta she got up out of bed without anybody’s help to join in the family life once more. The spirit of her invincible heart guided her through the shadows. Those who noticed her stumbling and who bumped into the archangelic arm she kept raised at head level thought that she was having trouble with her body, but they still did not think she was blind. She did not need to see to realize that the flower beds, cultivated with such care since the first rebuilding, had been destroyed by the rain and ruined by Aureliano Segundo’s excavations, and that the walls and the cement of the floors were cracked, the furniture mushy and discolored, the doors off their hinges, and the family menaced by a spirit of resignation and despair that was inconceivable in her time. Feeling her way along through the empty bedrooms she perceived the continuous rumble of the termites as they carved the wood, the snipping of the moths in the clothes closets, and the devastating noise of the enormous red ants that had prospered during the deluge and were undermining the foundations of the house. One day she opened the trunk with the saints and had to ask Santa Sofía de la Piedad to get off her body the cockroaches that jumped out and that had already turned the clothing to dust. “A person can’t live in neglect like this,?she said. “If we go on like this we’ll be devoured by animals.?From then on she did not have a moment of repose. Up before dawn, she would use anybody available, even the children. She put the few articles of clothing that were still usable out into the sun, she drove the cockroaches off with powerful insecticide attacks, she scratched out the veins that the termites had made on doors and windows and asphyxiated the ants in their anthills with quicklime. The fever of restoration finally brought her to the forgotten rooms. She cleared out the rubble and cobwebs in the room where Jos?Arcadio Buendía had lost his wits looking for the Philosopher’s stone, she put the silver shop which had been upset by the soldiers in order, and lastly she asked for the keys to Melquíades?room to see what state it was in. Faithful to the wishes of Jos?Arcadio Segundo, who had forbidden anyone to come in unless there was a clear indication that he had died, Santa Sofía de la Piedad tried all kinds of subterfuges to throw ?rsula off the track. But so inflexible was her determination not to surrender even the most remote corner of the house to the insects that she knocked down every obstacle in her path, and after three days of insistence she succeeded in getting them to open the door for her. She had to hold on to the doorjamb so that the stench would not knock her over, but she needed only two seconds to remember that the schoolgirls?seventy-two chamberpots were in there and that on one of the rainy nights a patrol of soldiers had searched the house looking for Jos?Arcadio Segundo and had been unable to find him.

      八月里开始刮起了热风。这种热风不但窒息了玫瑰花丛,使所有的沼泽都干涸了,而且给马孔多生锈的锌板屋顶和它那百年杏树都撒上了一层灼热的尘土。下雨的时候,乌苏娜意识中突发的闪光是十分罕见的,但从八月开始,却变得频繁了。看来,乌苏娜还要过不少日子才能实现自己的诺言,在雨停之后死去。她知道自己给孩子们当了三年多的玩偶,就无 限自怜地哭泣起来。她拭净脸上的污垢,脱掉身上的花布衣服,抖掉身上的干蜥蜴和癞蛤蟆,扔掉颈上的念珠和项链,从阿玛兰塔去世以来,头一次不用旁人搀扶,自己下了床,准备重新投身到家庭生活中去。她那颗不屈服的心在黑暗中引导着她。无论谁看到她那颤巍巍的动作,或者突然瞧见她那总是伸得与头一般高的天使似的手,都会对老太婆弱不禁凤的身体产生恻隐之心,可是谁也不会想到乌苏娜的眼睛完全瞎了。但这并没有妨碍乌苏娜发现,她从房子第一次改建以来那么细心照料的花坛,已被雨水冲毁了,又让奥雷连诺第二给掘过了,地板和墙壁裂开一道道缝,家具摇摇晃晃,全褪了色,房门也从铰链上脱落下来。家中出现了从未有过的消沉和沮丧的气氛。乌苏娜摸着走过一间间空荡荡的卧室时,传进她耳里的只是蚂蚁不停地啃蚀木头的磁哦声。蛀虫在衣柜里的活动声和雨天滋生的大红蚂蚁破坏房基的安全声。有一次,她打开一只衣箱,箱子里突然爬出一群蟑螂,里面的衣服几乎都被它们咬破了,她不得不求救似的把圣索菲娅。 德拉佩德叫来。“在这样的废墟上怎能生活呢?”她说。“到头来这些畜生会把咱们也消灭的,”从这一天起,乌苏娜心里一刻也没宁静过。清早起来,她便把所有能召唤的人都叫来帮忙,小孩子也不例外。她在太阳下晒干最后一件完好无损的外套和一些还可穿的内衣,用各种毒剂突然袭击蟑螂,赶跑它们,堵死门缝和窗框上白蚂蚁开辟的一条条通路,拿生石灰把蚂蚁直接闷死在洞穴里。由于怀着一种力图恢复一切的狂热愿望,乌苏娜甚至来到那些被遗忘的房间跟前。她先叫人清除了一个房间里的垃圾和蜘蛛网,在这个房间里,霍·阿。 布恩蒂亚曾绞尽脑汁,不遗余力地寻找过点金石。接着,她又亲自把士兵们翻得乱七八糟的首饰作坊整理一番;最后,她要了梅尔加德斯房间的钥匙,打算看一下里面的情况,可是霍。 阿卡蒂奥第二在自己死亡之前是绝对禁止人们走进这个房间的。圣索菲娅。 德拉佩德尊重他的意愿,试图用一些妙计和借口促使乌苏娜放弃自己的打算。但是老太婆固执己见,决心消灭房中偏僻角落里的虫子,毅然决然地排除了她碰到的一切困难,三天之后便达到了目的——打开了梅尔加德斯的房间。房间里发出冲鼻的臭气,乌苏娜抓住门框,才站稳了脚跟。然而她立即想起,这房间里放着为梅梅的女同学买的七十二只便盆,想起最初的一个雨夜里,士兵们为了寻找霍·阿卡蒂奥第二,搜遍了整座房子,始终没有找到。

      “Lord save us!?she exclaimed, as if she could see everything. “So much trouble teaching you good manners and you end up living like a pig.?


      Jos?Arcadio Segundo was still reading over the parchments. The only thing visible in the intricate tangle of hair was the teeth striped with green dime and his motionless eyes. When he recognized his great-grandmother’s voice he turned his head toward the door, tried to smile, and without knowing it repeated an old phrase of ?rsula’s.


      “What did you expect??he murmured. “Time passes.?


      “That’s how it goes, Ursula said, “but not so much.?


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