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      经典名句-英文:The calamity itself inspired defenses against boredom.


    2021考研英语阅读练习资料: 百年孤独第16章(3)

      Fernanda, quite the contrary, raised her pitch. “I don’t have any reason to shut up,?she said. “Anyone who doesn’t want to listen to me can go someplace else.?Then Aureliano Segundo lost control. He stood up unhurriedly, as if he only intended to stretch, and with a perfectly regulated and methodical fury he grabbed the pots with the begonias one after the other, those with the ferns, the oregano, and one after the other he smashed them onto the floor. Fernanda was frightened because until then she had really not had a clear indication of the tremendous inner force of her singsong, but it was too late for any attempt at rectification. Intoxicated by the uncontained torrent of relief, Aureliano Segundo broke the glass on the china closet and piece by piece, without hurrying, he took out the chinaware and shattered it on the floor. Systematically, serenely, in the same parsimonious way in which he had papered the house with banknotes, he then set about smashing the Bohemian crystal ware against the walls, the hand-painted vases, the pictures of maidens in flower-laden boats, the mirrors in their gilded frames, everything that was breakable, from parlor to pantry, and he finished with the large earthen jar in the kitchen, which exploded in the middle of the courtyard with a hollow boom. Then he washed his hands, threw the oilcloth over himself, and before midnight he returned with a few strings of dried meat, several bags of rice, corn with weevils, and some emaciated bunches of bananas. From then on there was no more lack of food.


      Amaranta ?rsula and little Aureliano would remember the rains as a happy time. In spite of Fernanda’s strictness, they would splash in the puddles in the courtyard, catch lizards and dissect them, and pretend that they were poisoning the soup with dust from butterfly wings when Santa Sofía de la Piedad was not looking ?rsula was their most amusing plaything. They looked upon her as a big,. broken-down doll that they carried back and forth from one corner to another wrapped in colored cloth and with her face painted with soot and annatto, and once they were on the point of plucking out her eyes with the pruning shears as they had done with the frogs. Nothing gave them as much excitement as the wanderings of her mind. Something, indeed, must have happened to her mind during the third year of the rain, for she was gradually losing her sense of reality and confusing present time with remote periods of her life to the point where, on one occasion, she spent three days weeping deeply over the death of Petronila Iguarán, her great-grandmother, buried for over a century. She sank into such an insane state of confusion that she thought little Aureliano was her son the colonel during the time he was taken to see ice, and that the Jos?Arcadio who was at that time in the seminary was her firstborn who had gone off with the gypsies. She spoke so much about the family that the children learned to make up imaginary visits with beings who had not only been dead for a long time, but who had existed at different times. Sitting on the bed, her hair covered with ashes and her face wrapped in a red kerchief, ?rsula was happy in the midst of the unreal relatives whom the children described in all detail, as if they had really known them. ?rsula would converse with her forebears about events that took place before her own existence, enjoying the news they gave her, and she would weep with them over deaths that were much more recent than the guests themselves. The children did not take long to notice that in the course of those ghostly visits ?rsula would always ask a question destined to establish the one who had brought a life-size plaster Saint Joseph to the house to be kept until the rains stopped. It was in that way that Aureliano Segundo remembered the fortune buried in some place that only ?rsula knew, but the questions and astute maneuvering that occurred to him were of no use because in the labyrinth of her madness she seemed to preserve enough of a margin of lucidity to keep the secret which she would reveal only to the one who could prove that he was the real owner of the buried gold. She was so skillful and strict that when Aureliano Segundo instructed one of his carousing companions to pass himself off as the owner of the fortune, she got him all caught up in a minute interrogation sown with subtle traps.

      阿玛兰塔·乌苏娜和小奥雷连诺忆起下雨的那些年月,都觉得那是他俩一生中最 快活的时候。尽管菲兰达禁止,他俩还是在院子的泥潭里啪哒啪哒走着玩儿,捉到了蜥蜴就把它们肢解,并且在圣索菲娅·德拉佩德注意不到的时候,悄悄地把蝴蝶翅膀上的粉末撒到锅里,假装在汤里下毒。乌苏娜是他们最喜爱的玩具。他们拿她当做老朽的大玩偶,把她从一个角落拖到另一个角落,给她穿上花衣服,在她脸上涂抹油烟,有一次差点儿用修剪花木的剪刀扎破了她的眼睛,就象对付癫蛤蟆那样。老太婆神志恍惚的时候,他俩特别开心。下雨的第三年,乌苏娜脑子里显然真的发生了一些变化,她逐渐失去了现实感,把现时和早就过去的生活年代混在一起,伤心地号啕大哭了整整三天,哀悼一百多年前埋掉的她的曾祖母佩特罗尼娜·伊古阿兰。她的脑海里一切都搅乱了:她把小奥雷连诺当做是去参观冰块时的儿子——奥雷连诺上校,而把神学院学生霍·阿卡蒂奥错看成她那跟吉卜赛人一起跑掉的头生子。乌苏娜大谈特谈自己的家庭,孩子们就假想出一些亲戚来看望她,这些亲戚不仅是许多年前去世的,而且是生活在不同时代的。她的头发给撒上了灰,眼睛系上了一块红手绢,可她坐在床上,和亲戚们在一起,感到非常高兴;阿玛兰塔·乌苏娜和小奥雷连诺细致地描绘这些亲戚,仿佛真的看见了他们似的。乌苏娜跟自己的远祖闲聊她出生之前的那些事情,对他们告诉她的那些消息很感兴趣,跟他们一块儿哀悼在这些想象的客人已经死后的那些亲戚。孩子们很快发现,乌苏娜极力想弄清楚一个人,那个人在战争时期有一次曾把圣约瑟夫的等身石膏像带到这儿,要求存放到雨停以后就把它取走。于是,奥雷连诺第二想起了藏在什么地方的财宝,那个地方只有乌苏娜一个人知道,但他的一切探问和诡计都没有奏效,因为,她在梦幻的迷宫里瞎闯,似乎仍有足够的理智来保守自己的秘密;她拿定了主意,谁能证明自己是财宝的真正主人,她就把秘密告诉谁。乌苏娜是那么机灵和固执,奥雷连诺第二试图拿自己的一个酒友冒充财宝的主人,她便向他作了细致的盘问,设置了许多不易觉察的陷阱,就把冒充者戳穿了。

      Convinced that Usula would carry the secret to her grave, Aureliano Segundo hired a crew of diggers under the pretext that they were making some drainage canals in the courtyard and the backyard, and he himself took soundings in the earth with iron bars and all manner of metal-detectors without finding anything that resembled gold in three months of exhaustive exploration. Later on he went to Pilar Ternera with the hope that the cards would we more than the diggers, but she began by explaining that any attempt would be useless unless ?rsula cut the cards. On the other hand, she confirmed the existence of the treasure with the precision of its consisting of seven thousand two hundred fourteen coins buried in three canvas sacks reinforced with copper wire within a circle with a radius of three hundred eighty-eight feet with ?rsula’s bed as the center, but she warned that it would not be found until it stopped raining and the suns of three consecutive Junes had changed the piles of mud into dust. The profusion and meticulous vagueness of the information seemed to Aureliano Segundo so similar to the tales of spiritualists that he kept on with his enterprise in spite of the fact that they were in August and they would have to wait at least three years in order to satisfy the conditions of the prediction. The first thing that startled him, even though it increased his confusion at the same time, was the fact that it was precisely three hundred eighty-eight feet from ?rsula’s bed to the backyard wall. Fernanda feared that he was as crazy as his twin brother when she saw him taking the measurements, and even more when he told the digging crew to make the ditches three feet deeper. Overcome by an exploratory delirium comparable only to that of his great-grandfather when he was searching for the route of inventions, Aureliano Segundo lost the last layers of fat that he had left and the old resemblance to his twin brother was becoming accentuated again, not only because of his slim figure, but also because of the distant air and the withdrawn attitude. He no longer bothered with the children. He ate at odd hours, muddled from head to toe, and he did so in a corner in the kitchen, barely answering the occasional questions asked by Santa Sofía de la Piedad. Seeing him work that way, as she had never dreamed him capable of doing, Fernanda thought that his stubbornness was diligence, his greed abnegation, and his thick-headedness perseverance, and her insides tightened with remorse over the virulence with which she had attacked his idleness. But Aureliano Segundo was in no mood for merciful reconciliations at that time. Sunk up to his neck in a morass of dead brandies and rotting flowers, he flung the dirt of the garden all about after having finished with the courtyard and the backyard, and he excavated so deeply under the foundations of the east wing of the house that one night they woke up in terror at what seemed to be an earthquake, as much because of the trembling as the fearful underground creaking. Three of the rooms were collapsing and a frightening crack had opened up from the porch to Fernanda’s room. Aureliano Segundo did not give up the search because of that. Even when his last hopes had been extinguished and the only thing that seemed to make any sense was what the cards had predicted, he reinforced the jagged foundation, repaired the crack with mortar, and continued on the side to the west. He was still there on the second week of the following June when the rain began to abate and the clouds began to lift and it was obvious from one moment to the next that it was going to clear. That was what happened. On Friday at two in the afternoon the world lighted up with a crazy crimson sun as harsh as brick dust and almost as cool as water, and it did not rain again for ten years.


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