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      经典名句-英文:A lot of people can not say the pain, many people have no action.



      “When the rain stops,?he said. “As long as the rain lasts we’re suspending all activities.?


      It had not rained for three months and there had been a drought. But when Mr. Brown announced his decision a torrential downpour spread over the whole banana region. It was the one that caught Jos?Arcadio Segundo on his way to Macondo. A week later it was still raining. The official version, repeated a thousand times and mangled out all over the country by every means of communication the government found at hand, was finally accepted: there were no dead, the satisfied workers had gone back to their families, and the banana company was suspending all activity until the rains stopped. Martial law continued with an eye to the necessity of taking emergency measures for the public disaster of the endless downpour, but the troops were confined to quarters. During the day the soldiers walked through the torrents in the streets with their pant legs rolled up, playing with boats with the children. At night after taps, they knocked doors down with their rifle butts, hauled suspects out of their beds, and took them offon trips from which there was no return. The search for and extermination of the hoodlums, murderers, arsonists, and rebels of Decree No. 4 was still going on, but the military denied it even to the relatives of the victims who crowded the commandant’s offices in search of news. “You must have been dreaming,?the officers insisted. “Nothing has happened in Macondo, nothing has ever happened, and nothing ever will happen. “This is a happy town.?In that way they were finally able to wipe out the union leaders.

      整整三个月没有降雨,出现了干旱的季节。可是布劳恩先生刚刚宣布自己的决定,整个香蕉地区就下起了滂沱大雨。这就是霍。 阿卡蒂奥第二返回马孔多的路上遇到的大雨。一个星期之后,暴雨还在继续。政府的说法重复了多次,通过官方的各种消息渠道传到居民们耳朵里,居民们终于相信:没有死人,满意的工人回到了自己家里,香蕉公司暂停一切活动,直到暴雨终止。戒严令继续有效,如果连绵的暴雨引起什么灾祸,就得采取非常措施,但是军队撤回了兵营。白天,士兵们卷起裤腿,在变成了洪流的街道上逛来逛去,并且和孩子们一起划着小船玩耍。夜间,宵禁开始之后,他们就用枪托砸开人家的房门,把可疑的人拖出床铺,送到一去不复返的地方去。士兵们仍在搜查和消灭罪犯、杀人犯、纵火犯和第四号命令的破坏分子,可是军事当局即使在牺牲者的亲人面前也否认这种情形,这些家属挤满了警备队长的接待室,希望知道被捕者的命运。“我相信你们不过是做了个梦,”警备队长硬说。“马孔多过去没有发生、现在没有发生、将来也不会发生任何事情。这是一个幸福的市镇嘛。”工会头头们就这样被消灭了。

      The only survivor was Jos?Arcadio Segundo. One February night the unmistakable blows of rifle butts were heard at the door. Aureliano Segundo, who was still waiting for it to clear, opened the door to six soldiers under the command of an officer. Soaking from the rain, without saying a word, they searched the house room by room, closet by closet, from parlor to pantry. ?rsula woke up when they turned on the light in her room and she did not breathe while the march went on but held her fingers in the shape of a cross, pointing them to where the soldiers were moving about. Santa Sofía de la Piedad managed to warn Jos?Arcadio Segundo, who was sleeping in Melquíades?room, but he could see that it was too late to try to escape. So Santa Sofía de la Piedad locked the door again and he put on his shirt and his shoes and sat down on the cot to wait for them. At that moment they were searching the gold workshop. The officer made them open the padlock and with a quick sweep of his lantern he saw the workbench and the glass cupboard with bottles of acid and instruments that were still where their owner had left them and he seemed to understand that no one lived in that room. He wisely asked Aureliano Segundo if he was a silversmith, however, and the latter explained to him that it had been Colonel Aureliano Buendía’s workshop. “Oho,?the officer said, turned on the lights, and ordered such a minute search that they did not miss the eighteen little gold fishes that had not been melted down and that were hidden behind the bottles Is their tin can. The officer examined them one by one on the workbench and then he turned human. “I’d like to take one, if I may,?he said. “At one time they were a mark of subversion, but now they’re relics.?He was young, almost an adolescent, with no sign of timidity and with a natural pleasant manner that had not shown itself until then. Aureliano Segundo gave him the little fish. The officer put it in his shirt pocket with a childlike glow in his eyes and he put the others back in the can and set it back where it had been.

      唯一的幸存者是霍。阿卡蒂奥第二。二月里的一个夜晚,房门被敲得震动起来,是用枪托敲的——这种声音不会跟任何声音相混。奥雷连诺第二仍在等候天气晴了就出去,他开了门,看见了一个军官率领下的六名士兵,全都穿着湿淋淋的雨衣。他们二话没说,就在房子里搜查起来,从一个房间到一个房间,从一个橱柜到一个橱柜,从客厅到储藏室。房间里的灯扭亮时,乌苏娜醒了过来,士兵们翻箱倒柜,她都没有吭声,但是双手合十地对着士兵们搜查的地方。圣索菲娅。 德拉佩德已经唤醒霍·阿卡蒂奥第二,他是睡在梅尔加德斯房间里的,但他立即明白,企图逃跑已经太迟了。圣索菲娅。 德拉佩德重新锁上房门,他就穿上衬衫和鞋子,坐在床沿等着他们进来。这时,他们正要搜查首饰作坊。军官命令打开挂锁,举起灯来朝房间里很快扫视一遍,便看见了工作台、盛放酸类瓶子的玻璃柜以及各种器械,这些器械仍在主人原来放置的地方,他似乎明白这个房间是无人居住的,然而诡谲地询问奥雷连诺第二是不是首饰匠,奥雷连诺第二说明这儿是奥雷连诺上校的作坊。“啊哈!”军官说着扭开了电灯,命令彻底搜查,因此,就连十几只金鱼也没瞒过他们的眼睛——这些金鱼没有熔化,仍在瓶子后面的铁罐子里。军官把金鱼倒在工作台上,仔细地瞧了瞧每一只,然后显然温和了一些。“如果你们允许的话,我想要一只。”他说,“从前,它们是叛乱分子的识别标志,可现在是珍贵的纪念品了。”他很年轻,几乎是个少年,但是态度沉着,现在才显出他身上有点讨人喜欢的东西。奥雷连诺第二给了他一只金鱼。这个军官象孩子似的高兴得两眼发亮,把一只金鱼放进衬衣口袋,而将其余的投入罐里,把罐子放在原处。

      “It’s a wonderful memento,?he said. “Colonel Aureliano Buendía was one of our greatest men.?


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