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      经典名句-英文:A lot of people can not say the pain, many people have no action.



      Martial law enabled the army to assume the functions of arbitrator in the controversy, but no effort at conciliation was made. As soon as they appeared in Macondo, the soldiers put aside their rifles and cut and loaded the bananas and started the trains running. The workers, who had been content to wait until then, went into the woods with no other weapons but their working machetes and they began to sabotage the sabotage. They burned plantations and commissaries, tore up tracks to impede the passage of the trains that began to open their path with machine-gun fire, and they cut telegraph and telephone wires. The irrigation ditches were stained with blood. Mr. Brown, who was alive in the electrified chicken coop, was taken out of Macondo with his family and those of his fellow countrymen and brought to a safe place under the protection of the army. The situation was threatening to lead to a bloody and unequal civil war when the authorities called upon the workers to gather in Macondo. The summons announced that the civil and military leader of the province would arrive on the following Friday ready to intercede in the conflict.


      Jos?Arcadio Segundo was in the crowd that had gathered at the station on Friday since early in the morning. He had taken part in a meeting of union leaders and had been commissioned, along with Colonel Gavilán, to mingle in the crowd and orient it according to how things went. He did not feel well and a salty paste was beginning to collect on his palate when he noticed that the army had set up machine-gun emplacements around the small square and that the wired city of the banana company was protected by artillery pieces. Around twelve o’clock, waiting for a train that was not arriving, more than three thousand people, workers, women, and children, had spilled out of the open space in front of the station and were pressing into the neighboring streets, which the army had closed off with rows of machine guns. At that time it all seemed more like a jubilant fair than a waiting crowd. They had brought over the fritter and drink stands from the Street of the Turks and the people were in good spirits as they borethe tedium of waiting and the scorching sun. A short time before three o’clock the rumor spread that the official train would not arrive until the following day. The crowd let out a sigh of disappointment. An army lieutenant then climbed up onto the roof of the station where there were four machine-gun emplacements aiming at the crowd and called for silence. Next to Jos?Arcadio Segundo there was a barefooted woman, very fat, with two children between the ages of four and seven. She was carrying the smaller one and she asked Jos?Arcadio Segundo, without knowing him, if he would lift up the other one so that he could hear better. Jos?Arcadio Segundo put the child on his shoulders. Many years later that child would still tell, to the disbelief of all, that he had seen the lieutenant reading Decree No. 4 of the civil and military leader of the province through an old phonograph horn. It had been signed by General Carlos Cortes Vargas and his secretary, Major Enrique García Isaza, and in three articles of eightywords he declared the strikers to be a “bunch of hoodlums?and he authorized the army to shoot to kill.

      星期五清早聚集在车站上的人群中,也有霍·阿卡蒂奥第二。前一天,他参加了工会头头们的会议,会上指示他和加维兰上校混在群众中间,根据情况引导他们的行动。霍·阿卡蒂奥第二觉得不大自在:因为军队在车站广场周围架起了机枪,香蕉公司的、铁栅栏围着的小镇也用大炮保护起来; 他一发现这个情况,总是觉得嘴里有一种苦咸味儿。约莫中午十二点钟,三千多人——工人、妇女和儿童——为了等候还没到达的列车,拥满了车站前面的广场,聚集在邻近的街道上,街道是由士兵们用机枪封锁住的。起初,这更象是节日的游艺会。从土耳其人街上,搬来了出售食品饮料的摊子,人们精神抖擞地忍受着令人困倦的等待和灼热的太阳。三点钟之前有人传说,载着政府官员的列车最早明天才能到达。疲乏的群众失望地叹了叹气。车站房屋顶上有四挺机枪的枪口对准人群,一名中尉爬上屋顶,让大家肃静。霍·阿卡蒂奥第二身边站着一个赤脚的胖女人,还有两个大约四岁和七岁的孩子。她牵着小的一个,要求她不认识的霍·阿卡蒂奥第二抱起另一个,让这孩子能够听得清楚一些。霍·阿卡蒂奥第二把孩子放在自己肩上。多年以后,这个孩子还向大家说(虽然谁也不相信他的话),中尉用扩音喇叭宣读了省城军政首脑的第四号命令。命令是由卡洛斯·柯特斯·伐加斯将军和他的秘书恩里克·加西亚·伊萨扎少校签署的,在八十个字的三条命令里,把罢工者说成是“一伙强盗”,授命军队不惜子弹,打死他们。

      After the decree was read, in the midst of a deafening hoot of protest, a captain took the place of the lieutenant on the roof of the station and with the horn he signaled that he wanted to speak. The crowd was quiet again.


      “Ladies and gentlemen,?the captain said in a low voice that was slow and a little tired. “you have five minutes to withdraw.?


      The redoubled hooting and shouting drowned out the bugle call that announced the start of the count. No one moved.


      Five minutes have passed,?the captain said in the same tone. “One more minute and we’ll open fire.?


      Jos?Arcadio Segundo, sweating ice, lowered the child and gave him to the woman. “Those bastards might just shoot,?she murmured. Jos?Arcadio Segundo did not have time to speak because at that instant he recognized the hoarse voice of Colonel Gavilán echoing the words of the woman with a shout. Intoxicated by the tension, by the miraculous depth of the silence, and furthermore convinced that nothing could move that crowd held tight in a fascination with death, Jos?Arcadio Segundo raised himself up over the heads in front of him and for the first time in his life he raised his voice.

      霍·阿卡蒂奥第二浑身冷汗,放下孩子,把他交给他母亲。“这帮坏蛋要开枪啦,”她嘟哝地说。霍·阿卡蒂奥第二来不及回答,因为他立刻听出了加维兰上校嘶哑的嗓音,上校象回音似的大声重复了女人所说的话,时刻紧急,周围静得出奇,霍。 阿卡蒂奥第二象喝醉了酒似的,但他相信没有任何力量能够挪动在死神凝视下岿然不动的群众,就踮起脚尖,越过前面的头顶,平生第一次提高嗓门叫道:

      “You bastards!?he shouted. “Take the extra minute and stick it up your ass!?


      After his shout something happened that did not bring on fright but a kind of hallucination. The captain gave the order to fire and fourteen machine guns answered at once. But it all seemed like a farce. It was as if the machine guns had been loaded with caps, because their panting rattle could be heard and their incandescent spitting could be seen, but not the slightest reaction was perceived, not a cry, not even a sigh among the compact crowd that seemed petrified by an instantaneous invulnerability. Suddenly, on one side-of the station, a cry of death tore open the enchantment: “Aaaagh, Mother.?A seismic voice, a volcanic breath. the roar of a cataclysm broke out in the center of the crowd with a great potential of expansion. Jos?Arcadio Segundo barely had time to pick up the child while the mother with the other one was swallowed up by the crowd that swirled about in panic.


      Many years later that child would still tell, in spite of people thinking that he was a crazy old man, how Jos?Arcadio Segundo had lifted him over his head and hauled him, almost in the air, as if floating on the terror of the crowd, toward a nearby street. The child’s privileged position allowed him to see at that moment that the wild mass was starting to get to the corner and the row of machine guns opened fire. Several voices shouted at the same time:

      多年以后,尽管大家认为这孩子已经是个昏聩的老头儿,但他还在说,霍。 阿卡蒂奥第二如何把他举在头上,几乎让他悬在空中,仿佛在人群的恐怖浪潮中漂浮似的,把他带到邻近的一条街上。举过人们头顶的孩子从上面望见,慌乱的人群开始接近街角,那里的一排机枪开火了。几个人同时叫喊:

      “Get down! Get down!?


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