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      经典名句-英文:A lot of people can not say the pain, many people have no action.



      The nun lunched at the house while she waited for the train back, and in accordance with the discretion they asked of her, she did not mention the child again, but Fernanda viewed her as an undesirable witness of her shame and lamented the fact that they had abandoned the medieval custom of hanging a messenger who bore bad news. It was then that she decided to drown the child in the cistern as soon as the nun left, but her heart was not strong enough and she preferred to wait patiently until the infinite goodness of God would free her from the annoyance.


      The new Aureliano was a year old when the tension of the people broke with no forewarning. Jos?Arcadio Segundo and other union leaders who had remained underground until then suddenly appeared one weekend and organized demonstrations in towns throughout the banana region. The police merely maintained public order. But on Monday night the leaders were taken from their homes and sent to jail in the capital of the province with two-pound irons on their legs. Taken among them were Jos?Arcadio Segundo and Lorenzo Gavilán, a colonel in the Mexican revolution, exiled in Macondo, who said that he had been witness to the heroism of his comrade Artemio Cruz. They were set free, however, within three months because of the fact that the government and the banana company could not reach an agreement as to who should feed them in jail. The protests of the workers this time were based on the lack of sanitary facilities in their living quarters, the nonexistence of medical services, and terrible working conditions. They stated, furthermore, that they were not being paid in real money but in scrip, which was good only to buy Virginia ham in the company commissaries. Jos?Arcadio Segundo was put in jail because he revealed that the scrip system was a way for the company to finance its fruit ships; which without the commissary merchandise would have to return empty from New Orleans to the banana ports. The other complaints were common knowledge. The company physicians did not examine the sick but had them line up behind one another in the dispensaries and a nurse would put a pill the color of copper sulfate on their tongues, whether they had malaria, gonorrhea, or constipation. It was a cure that was so common that children would stand in line several times and instead of swallowing the pills would take them home to use as bingo markers. The company workers were crowded together in miserable barracks. The engineers, instead of putting in toilets, had a portable latrine for every fifty people brought to the camps at Christmas time and they held public demonstrations of how to use them so that they would last longer. The decrepit lawyers dressed in black who during other times had besieged Colonel Aureliano Buendía and who now were controlled by the banana company dismissed those demands with decisions that seemed like acts of magic. When the workers drew up a list of unanimous petitions, a long time passed before they were able to notify the banana company officially. As soon as he found out about the agreement Mr. Brown hitched his luxurious glassed-in coach to the train and disappeared from Macondo along with the more prominent representatives of his company. Nonetheless some workers found one of them the following Saturday in a brothel and they made him sign a copy of the sheet with the demands while he was naked with the women who had helped to entrap him. The mournful lawyers showed in court that that man had nothing to do with the company and in order that no one doubt their arguments they had him jailed as an impostor. Later on,Mr. Brown was surprised traveling incognito, in a third-class coach and they made him sign another copy of the demands. On the following day he appeared before the judges with his hair dyed black and speaking flawless Spanish. The lawyers showed that the man was not Mr. Jack Brown, the superintendent of the banana company, born in Prattville Alabama, but a harmless vendor of medicinal plants, born in Macondo and baptized there with the name of Dagoberto Fonseca. A while later, faced with a new attempt by the workers the lawyers publicly exhibited Mr. Brown’s death certificate, attested to by consuls and foreign ministers which bore witness that on June ninth last he had been run over by a fire engine in Chicago. Tired of that hermeneutical delirium, the workers turned away from the authorities in Macondo and brought their complaints up to the higher courts. It was there that the sleight-of-hand lawyers proved that the demands lacked all validity for the simple reason that the banana company did not have, never had had, and never would have any workers in its service because they were all hired on a temporary and occasional basis. So that the fable of the Virginia ham was nonsense, the same as that of the miraculous pills and the Yuletide toilets, and by a decision of the court it was established and set down in solemn decrees that the workers did not exist.

      新生的奥雷连诺。 布恩蒂亚满周岁的时候,马孔多突然又出现了紧张的空气。霍。 阿卡蒂奥第二和其他的工会头头是一直处于地下状态的,周末忽然到了镇上,并且在香蕉地区的城镇里组织示威游行。警察只是维持社会秩序。然而,星期一夜间,一伙士兵把工会头头们从床上拖了起来,给他们戴上五公斤重的脚镣,投进了省城的监狱。被捕的还有霍·阿卡蒂奥第二和洛伦索。 加维兰上校;这个上校参加过墨西哥的革命,流亡到了马孔多,说他目睹过他的朋友阿特米奥·克鲁斯的英雄壮举。可是不过三个月,他们就获释了。因为谁该支付犯人的伙食费,政府和香蕉公司未能达成协议。食品质量恶劣和劳动条件不好又引起了不满的浪潮。此外,工人们抱怨说,他们领到的布是真正的钱,而是临时购货券,只能在香蕉公司的商店里购买弗吉尼亚(注:美国地名)火腿。霍。 阿卡蒂奥第二关进监狱,正是因为他揭露了临时购货券制度,说它是香蕉公司为水果船筹措资金的办法,如果没有商店的买卖,水果船就会空空如也地从新奥尔良回到香蕉港。工人们其余的要求是有关生活条件和医务工作的。公司的医生们不给病人诊断,光叫他们在门诊所前面排队,而且护士只给每个病人口里放一粒硫酸铜颜色的药丸,不管病人患的是什么病——疟疾、淋病或者便秘。还有一种普遍的疗法是,孩子们排了几次队,医生们却不给他们吞药丸,而把他们带到自己家里去当做“宾戈*”赌博的“筹码”。工人们都极端拥挤地住在快要倒塌的板棚里,工程师们不给他们修建茅房,而是每逢圣诞节在镇上安置若干活动厕所,每五十个人使用一个厕所,而且这些工程师还当众表演如何使用厕所,以使它们寿命长久一些。身穿黑衣服的老朽的律师们,从前曾经围着奥雷连诺上校打转,现在却代表香蕉公司的利益,好象耍魔术一样巧妙地驳斥了工人们的控诉。工人们拟了一份一致同意的请愿书,过了很久官方才通知香蕉公司。布劳恩先生刚刚听到请愿书的事,立即把玻璃顶棚的华丽车厢挂在列车上,带着公司中最重要的代表人物悄悄地离开了马孔多。但在下个星期六,工人们在妓院里找到了其中一个人物,强迫他在请愿书副本上签了字,这个人物是一个妓女同意把他诱入陷阱的,他还赤身露体地跟这个女人躺在一起就给抓住了。然而气急败坏的律师们在法庭上证明,这个人跟香蕉公司毫无关系,为了不让任何人怀疑他们的论证,他们要政府把这个人当做骗子关进监狱。随后,工人们抓到了在三等车厢里化名旅行的布劳恩先生本人,强迫他在请愿书的另一副本上签了字。第二天,他就把头发染黑,出现在法官们面前,说

      The great strike broke out. Cultivation stopped halfway, the fruit rotted on the trees and the hundred-twenty-car trains remained on the sidings. The idle workers overflowed the towns. The Street of the Turks echoed with a Saturday that lasted for several days and in the poolroom at the Hotel Jacob they had to arrange twenty-four-hour shifts. That was where Jos?Arcadio Segundo was on the day it was announced that the army had been assigned to reestablish public order. Although he was not a man given to omens, the news was like an announcement of death that he had been waiting for ever since that distant morning when Colonel Gerineldo Márquez had let him see an execution. The bad omen did not change his solemnity, however. He took the shot he had planned and it was good. A short time later the drumbeats, the shrill of the bugle, the shouting and running of the people told him that not only had the game of pool come to an end, but also the silent and solitary game that he had been playing with himself ever since that dawn execution. Then he went out into the street and saw them. There were three regiments, whose march in time to a galley drum made the earth tremble. Their snorting of a many-headed dragon filled the glow of noon with a pestilential vapor. They were short, stocky, and brutelike. They perspired with the sweat of a horse and had a smell of suntanned hide and the taciturn and impenetrable perseverance of men from the uplands. Although it took them over an hour to pass by, one might have thought that they were only a few squads marching in a circle, because they were all identical, sons of the same bitch, and with the same stolidity they all bore the weight of their packs and canteens, the shame of their rifles with fixed bayonets, and the chancre of blind obedience and a sense of honor. ?rsula heard them pass from her bed in the shadows and she made a crow with her fingers. Santa Sofía de la Piedad existed for an instant, leaning over the embroidered tablecloth that she had just ironed, and she thought of her son, Jos?Arcadio Segundo, who without changing expression watched the last soldiers pass by the door of the Hotel Jacob.


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