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      经典名句-英文:A lot of people can not say the pain, many people have no action.



      Meme took her hand and let herself be led. The last time that Fernanda saw her, trying to keep up with the novice, the iron grating of the cloister had just closed behind her. She was still thinking about Mauricio Babilonia, his smell of grease, and his halo of butterflies, and she would keep on thinking about him for all the days of her life until the remote autumn morning when she died of old age, with her name changed and her head shaved and without ever having spoken a word, in a gloomy hospital in Cracow.Fernanda returned to Macondo on a train protected by armed police. During the trip she noticed the tension of the passengers, the military preparations in the towns along the line, and an atmosphere rarified by the certainty that something serious was going to happen, but she had no information until she reached Macondo and they told her that Jos?Arcadio Segundo was inciting the workers of the banana company to strike. “That’s all we need,?Fernanda said to herself. “An anarchist in the family.?The strike broke out two weeks later and it did not have the dramatic consequences that had been feared. The workers demanded that they not be obliged to cut and load bananas on Sundays, and the position seemed so just that even Father Antonio Isabel interceded in its favor because he found it in accordance with the laws of God. That victory, along with other actions that were initiated during the following months, drew the colorless Jos?Arcadio Segundo out of his anonymity, for people had been accustomed to say that he was only good for filling up the town with French whores. With the same impulsive decision with which he had auctioned off his fighting cocks in order to organize a harebrained boat business, he gave up his position as foreman in the banana company and took the side of the workers. Quite soon he was pointed out as the agent of an international conspiracy against public order. One night, during the course of a week darkened by somber rumors, he miraculously escaped four revolver shots taken at him by an unknown party as he was leaving a secret meeting. The atmosphere of the following months was so tense that even ?rsula perceived it in her dark corner, and she had the impression that once more she was living through the dangerous times when her son Aureliano carried the homeopathic pills of subversion in his pocket. She tried to speak to Jos?Arcadio Segundo, to let him know about that precedent, but Aureliano Segundo told her that since the night of the attempt on his life no one knew his whereabouts. “Just like Aureliano,??rsula exclaimed. “It’s as if the world were repeating itself.?

      梅梅抓住修女的手,顺从地让她把她带走。菲兰达最后一次看见女儿的时候,这姑娘跟上修女的脚步,已经到了刚刚关上的修道院铁栅栏另一面。梅梅仍在思念毛里西奥。 巴比洛尼亚——想着他身上发出的机油气味,想着他头上的一群黄蝴蝶——,而且终生都想着他,直到很久以后一个秋天的早晨,她老死在克拉科夫一个阴暗的医院里;她是化名死去的,始终没说什么。菲兰达是搭乘武装警察保护的列车返回马孔多的。旅途上,她惊异地看出了乘客们紧张的面孔,发现了铁路沿线城镇的军事戒备状态,闻到了山雨欲来风满楼的气息,然而菲兰达并不明白这是怎么一回事,回到马孔多之后她才听说,霍。阿卡蒂奥第二正在鼓动香焦园工人罢工。“我们家里就是需要一个无政府主义者嘛,”菲兰达自言自语。两个星期之后,罢工就开始了,没有发生大家担心的悲惨后果。工人们拒绝在星期天收割和运送香蕉,这个要求似乎是十分合理的,就连伊萨贝尔神父也表示赞许,认为它是符合圣规的。这次罢工的胜利,犹如随后几个月爆发的罢工,使得霍·阿卡蒂奥第二的苍白形象有了光彩,因为人家一贯说他只会让法国妓女充斥整个市镇。就象从前突然决定卖掉自己的斗鸡,准备建立毫无意义的航行企业那样,霍。 阿卡蒂奥第二现在决定放弃香蕉公司监工的职务,站在工人方面。没过多久,政府就宣称他是国际阴谋集团的走狗,说他破坏社会秩序。在谣言纷纷的一周间,有一天夜晚,在离开秘密会议的路上,他神奇地逃脱了一个陌生人暗中向他射来的四颗手枪子弹。随后几个月的空气是那么紧张,就连乌苏娜在她黑暗的角落里也感觉到了,她仿佛又处在儿子奥雷连诺上校衣兜里塞满“顺势疗法”药丸掩护颠覆活动的那种危险时代。她想跟霍。 阿卡蒂奥第二谈谈,让他知道过去的经验教训,可是奥雷连诺第二告诉她说,从他兄弟遭到暗杀的那一夜起,谁也不知道他到哪儿去了。“跟奥雷连诺上校一模一样,”乌苏娜慨叹一声。“仿佛世上的一切都在循环。”

      Fernanda, was immune to the uncertainty of those days. She had no contact with the outside world since the violent altercation she had had with her husband over her having decided Memes fate without his consent. Aureliano Segundo was prepared to rescue his daughter with the help of the police if necessary, but Fernanda showed him some papers that were proof that she had entered the convent of her own free will. Meme had indeed signed once she was already behind the iron grating and she did it with the same indifference with which she had allowed herself to be led away. Underneath it all, Aureliano Segundo did not believe in the legitimacy of the proof. Just as he never believed that Mauricio Babilonia had gone into the yard to steal chickens, but both expedients served to ease his conscience, and thus he could go back without remorse under the shadow of Petra Cotes, where he revived his noisy revelry and unlimited gourmandizing. Foreign to the restlessness of the town, deaf to ?rsula’s quiet predictions. Fernanda gave the last tam to the screw of her preconceived plan. She wrote a long letter to her son Jos?Arcadio, who was then about to take his first orders, and in it she told him that his sister Renata had expired in the peace of the Lord and as a consequence of the black vomit. Then she put Amaranta ?rsula under the care of Santa Sofía de la Piedad and dedicated herself to organizing her correspondence with the invisible doctors, which had been upset by Meme’s trouble. The first thing that she did was to set a definite date for the postponed telepathic operation. But the invisible doctors answered her that it was not wise so long as the state of social agitation continued in Macondo. She was so urgent and so poorly Informed that she explained to them In another letter that there was no such state of agitation and that everything was the result of the lunacy of a brother-in-law of hers who was fiddling around at that time in that labor union nonsense just as he had been involved with cockfighting and riverboats before. They were still not in agreement on the hot Wednesday when an aged nun knocked at the door bearing a small basket on her arm. When she opened the door Santa Sofía de la Piedad thought that it was a gift and tried to take the small basket that was covered with a lovely lace wrap. But the nun stopped her because she had instructions to give it personally and with the strictest secrecy to Do?a Fernanda del Carpio de Buendía. It was Meme’s son. Fernanda’s former spiritual director explained to her in a letter that he had been born two months before and that they had taken the privilege of baptizing him Aureliano, for his grandfather, because his mother would not open her lips to tell them her wishes. Fernanda rose up inside against that trick of fate, but she had sufficient strength to hide it in front of the nun. “We’ll tell them that we found him floating in the basket,?she said smiling.

      这些日子的惶惶不安并没有使菲兰达受到影响。由于她未经丈夫同意就决定了梅梅的命运,丈夫生气地跟她大吵了一顿,她就不跟外界接触了。奥雷连诺第二威胁她,说他要把女儿从修道院里弄出来——必要时就请警察帮忙——,可是菲兰达给他看了几张纸儿,证明梅梅是自愿进修道院的,其实,梅梅在这些纸儿上签字时,已在铁栅栏里边了,而且象她让母亲带她出来一样,她在纸上签个字儿也是无所谓的,奥雷连诺第二内心深处并不相信这种证明是真的,就象他决不相信毛里西奥。 巴比洛尼亚钻进院子是想偷鸡。但是两种解释都帮助他安了心,使他毫不懊悔地回到佩特娜·柯特的卵翼下,在她家里重新狂欢作乐和大摆酒宴。菲兰达对全镇的恐慌毫不过问,对乌苏娜可怕的预言充耳不闻,加紧实现自己的计划。她写了一封长信给霍。 阿卡蒂奥(他很快就成了牧师),说他妹妹雷纳塔患了黄热病,已经安谧地长眠了。然后,她把阿玛兰塔·乌苏娜交给圣索菲娅。 德拉佩德照顾,就重新跟没有见过的医生通信,因为这样的通信被梅梅的不幸事故打断了。她首先确定了接受心灵感应术治疗的最后日期。可是没有见过的医生回答她说,马孔多的混乱状态还没结束的时候,施行这种手术是轻率的。菲兰达心情急切,消息很不灵通,便在下一封信里向他们说,镇上没有任何混乱,现在一切都怪她狂妄的夫兄极端愚蠢,着迷地去干工会的事儿,就象从前狂热地爱上斗鸡和航行那样。在一个炎热的星期三,她和医生们还没取得一致的意见,就有一个手上挎着小筐子的老修女来敲房门。圣索菲娅·德拉佩德把门打开以后,以为这是谁送来的礼物,想从修女手中接过雅致的花边餐巾遮住的筐子。可是老修女阻止了她,因为人家嘱咐她把筐子秘密地亲自交给菲兰达·德卡皮奥·布恩蒂亚太太。躺在筐子里的是梅梅的儿子。菲兰达往日的忏悔神父在信里向她说,孩子是两个月前出生的,他们已经给他取名叫奥雷连诺。 布恩蒂亚,以纪念他的祖父,因为他的母亲根本不愿张嘴表示自己的意愿。菲兰达心中痛恨命运的捉弄,但她还有足够的力量在修女面前加以遮掩。“咱们就说是在河上漂来的筐子里发现他的吧,”她微笑着说。

      “No one will believe it,?the nun said.


      “If they believe it in the Bible,?Fernanda replied, “I don’t see why they shouldn’t believe it from me.?


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