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      经典名句-英文:A lot of people can not say the pain, many people have no action.



      On the following day at six in the afternoon, Fernanda recognized the voice of the man who came to call on her. He was young, sallow, with dark and melancholy eyes which would not have startled her so much if she had known the gypsies, and a dreamy air that to any woman with a heart less rigid would have been enough to make her understand her daughter's motives. He was wearing a shabby linen suit with shoes that showed the desperate defense of superimposed patches of white zinc, and in his hand he was carrying a straw hat he had bought the Saturday before. In all of his life he could never have been as frightened as at that moment, but he had a dignity and presence that spared him from humiliation and a genuine elegance that was defeated only by tarnished hands and nails that had been shattered by rough work. Fernanda, however, needed only one look to guess his status of mechanic. She saw that he was wearing his one Sunday suit and that underneath his shirt he bore the rash of the banana company. She would not let him speak. She would not even let him come through the door, which a moment later she had to close because the house was filled with yellow butterflies.


      "Go away," she told him. "You've got no reason to come calling on any decent person."


      His name was Mauricio Babilonia. He had been born and raised in Macon-do, and he was an apprentice mechanic in the banana company garage. Meme had met him by chance one afternoon when she went with Patricia Brown to get a car to take a drive through the groves. Since the chauffeur was sick they assigned him to take them and Meme was finally able to satisfy her desire to sit next to the driver and see what he did. Unlike the regular chauffeur, Mauricio Babilonia gave her a practical lesson. That was during the time that Meme was beginning to frequent Mr. Brown's house and it was still considered improper for a lady to drive a car. So she was satisfied with the technical information and she did not see Mauricio Babilonia again for several months. Later on she would remember that during the drive her attention had been called to his masculine beauty, except for the coarseness of his hands, but that afterward she had mentioned to Patricia Brown that she had been bothered by his rather proud sense of security. Thefirst Saturday that she went to the movies with her father she saw Mauricio Babilonia again, with his linen suit, sitting a few seats away from them, and she noticed that he was not paying much attention to the film in order to turn around and look at her. Meme was bothered by the vulgarity of that. Afterward Mauricio Babilonia came over to say hello to Aureli-ano Segun-do and only then did Meme find out that they knew each other because he had worked in Aureli-ano Triste's early power plant and he treated her father with the air of an employee. That fact relieved the dislike that his pride had caused in her. They had never been alone together nor had they spoken except in way of greeting, the night when she dreamed that he was saving her from a shipwreck and she did not feel gratitude but rage. It was as if she had given him the opportunity he was waiting for, since Meme yearned for just the opposite, not only with Mauricio Babilonia but with any other man who was interested in her. Therefore she was so indignant after the dream that instead of hating him, she felt an irresistible urge to see him. The anxiety became more intense during the course of the week and on Saturday it was so pressing that she had to make a great effort for Mauricio Babilonia not to notice that when he greeted her in the movies her heart was in her mouth. Dazed by a confused feeling of pleasure and rage, she gave him her hand for the first time and only then did Mauricio Babilonia let himself shake hers. Meme managed to repent her impulse in a fraction of a second but the repentance changed immediately into a cruel satisfaction on seeing that his hand too was sweaty and cold. That night she realized that she would not have a moment of rest until she showed Mauricio Babilonia the uselessness of his aspiration and she spent the week turning that anxiety about in her mind. She resorted to all kinds of useless tricks so that Patricia Brown would go get the car with her. Finally she made use of the American redhead who was spending his vacation in Macon-do at that time and with the pretext of learning about new models of cars she had him take her to the garage. From the moment she saw him Meme let herself be deceived by herself and believed that what was really going on was that she could not bear the desire to be alone with Mauricio Babilonia, and she was made indignant by the certainty that he understood that when he saw her arrive.

      他叫毛里西奥·巴比洛尼亚,出生在马孔多,是香蕉公司汽车库的徒工。梅梅是偶然跟他认识的,有一天下午,她和帕特卫西娅。 布劳恩去要汽车到种植园去,司机病了,毛里西奥·巴比洛尼亚接受了开车的任务,梅梅终于达到了自己的愿望——坐在司机身边,看他怎样开车。跟正式的司机不同,毛里西奥。 巴比洛尼亚用实物向他作了一切解释。这件事情发生的时候,梅梅刚开始到布劳恩先生家里去作容,而且驾驶汽车被认为是妇女不配干的事情。因此,她满足于理论上的解释,好几个月都没跟毛里西奥。 巴比洛尼亚重新见面,她随后想起,在种植园里乘车游逛的时候,他那男性的美曾经引起她的注意(她不喜欢的只是他那双粗糙的手)。而且后来她还向帕特里西娅·布劳恩提到,他那几乎自高自大的态度给她留下了讨厌的印象。另一个星期六,梅梅和父亲去电影院,又看见了毛里西奥·巴比洛尼亚,他仍然穿着那件亚麻布衣服,坐在离她和父亲不远的地方。姑娘发现,他不太注意电影,老是掉头看她。这种粗俗的样儿使梅梅感到厌恶。散场以后,毛里西奥·巴比洛尼亚走来招呼奥雷连诺第二,这时梅梅才知道他俩彼此认识,因为毛里西奥。 巴比洛尼亚从前在奥雷连诺·特里斯特的小电站上工作,——他在她父亲面前象下属一般毕恭毕敬。这个发现消除了他的高傲在梅梅身上引起的恶感。她跟他没有私会过,除了打打招呼,还没聊过什么。有一天夜里她忽然做了个梦:他在船舶失事时救了她,可她没有感激之情,只有愤怒。在梦中,仿佛她自己给了他期待的机会,而她渴望的却是相反的情况,不仅要求毛里西奥·巴比洛尼亚这样,要求对她发生兴趣的其他男人也是这样。但是,她那么气愤,醒来之后却没恨他,反而感到非去见他不可。在一个星期中,她的焦渴越来越厉害,星期六就变得难以忍受了;随后,当毛里西奥·巴比洛尼亚在电影院里招呼她的时候,她不得不作出极大的克制,不让他发现她的心快要跳出胸口。在高兴和嗔怒掺在一起的心情下,她第一次伸手给他,他也第一次握着它。在某一瞬间,她懊悔自己的冲动,但她发觉他的手也汗湿、冰冷时,她的懊悔立即变成了极大的满足。梅梅夜里开始明白,如果不向毛里西奥·巴比洛尼亚说明他的希望完全枉然,她就不会有一分钟的宁静;随后整整一个星期,她都心急火燎,再也无法去想其它事人为了促使帕特里西娅·布劳恩跟他一块儿女要汽车,她使出了各种无用的花招。最后,利用一个红发美国人前来马孔多度假的机会,并且借口参观新式汽车,她请这个美国人带她去汽车库。梅梅刚一看见毛里西奥·巴比洛尼亚,就不再期骗自己,知道实际情况是她自己巴望跟他单独呆在一起。她刚出现在门口,他就明白了一切;他的这种信心使得梅梅十分气恼。

      "I came to see the new models," Meme said.


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