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      经典名句-英文:Keep faith is a treasure, should not arbitrarily throw.



      He never looked better, nor had he been loved more, nor had the breeding of his animals been wilder. There was a slaughtering of so many cows, pigs, and chickens for the endless parties that the ground in the courtyard turned black and muddy with so much blood. It was an eternal execution ground of bones and innards, a mud pit of leftovers, and they had to keep exploding dynamite bombs all the time so that the buzzards would not pluck out the guests' eyes. Aureli-ano Segun-do grew fat, purple-colored, turtle-shaped, because of an appetite comparable only to that of José Arcadio when he came back from traveling around the world. The prestige of his outlandish voracity, of his immense capacity as a spendthrift, of his unprecedented hospitality went beyond the borders of the swamp and attracted the best-qualified gluttons from all along the coast. Fabulous eaters arrived from everywhere to take part in the irrational tourneys of capacity and resistance that were organized in the house of Petra Cotes. Aureli-anoSegun-do was the unconquered eater until the luckless Saturday when Camila Sagastume appeared, a totemic female known all through the land by the good name of "The Elephant." The duel lasted until dawn on Tuesday. During the first twenty-four hours, having dispatched a dinner of veal, with cassava, yams, and fried bananas, and a case and a half of champagne in addition, Aureli-ano Segun-do was sure of victory. He seemed more enthusiastic, more vital than his imperturbable adversary, who possessed a style that was obviously more professional, but at the same time less emotional for the large crowd that filled the house. While Aureli-ano Segun-do ate with great bites, overcome by the anxiety of victory, The Elephant was slicing her meat with the art of a surgeon and eating it unhurriedly and even with a certain pleasure. She was gigantic and sturdy, but over her colossal form a tenderness of femininity prevailed and she had a face that was so beautiful, hands so fine and well cared for, and such an irresistiblepersonal charm that when Aureli-ano Segun-do saw her enter the house he commented in a low voice that he would have preferred to have the tourney in bed and not at the table. Later on, when he saw her consume a side of veal without breaking a single rule of good table manners, he commented seriously that that delicate, fascinating, and insatiable proboscidian was in a certain way the ideal woman. He was not mistaken. The reputation of a bone crusher that had preceded The Elephant had no basis. She was not a beef cruncher or a bearded lady from a Greek circus, as had been said, but the director of a school of voice. She had learned to eat when she was already the respectable mother of a family, looking for a way for her children to eat better and not by means of any artificial stimulation of their appetites but through the absolute tranquility of their spirits. Her theory, demonstrated in practice, was based on the principle that a person who had all matters of conscience in perfect shape should be able to eatuntil overcome by fatigue. And it was for moral reasons and sporting interest that she left her school and her home to compete with a man whose fame as a great, unprincipled eater had spread throughout the country. From the first moment she saw him she saw that Aureli-ano Segun-do would lose not his stomach but his character. At the end of the first night, while The Elephant was boldly going on, Aureli-ano Segun-do was wearing himself out with a great deal of talking and laughing. They slept four hours. On awakening each one had the juice of forty oranges, eight quarts of coffee, and thirty raw eggs. On the second morning, after many hours without sleep and having put away two pigs, a bunch of bananas, and four cases of champagne, The Elephant suspected that Aureli-ano Segun-do had unknowingly discovered the same method as hers, but by the absurd route of total irresponsibility. He was, therefore, more dangerous than she had thought. Nevertheless, when Petra Cotes brought two roast turkeys to the table, Aureli-ano Segun-do was a step away from being stuffed.

      他从来没有象现在这么愉快,人家从来没有象现在这么喜欢他,他的牲畜从来没有象现在这样控制不住地繁殖。为了没完没了的酒宴,宰了那么多的牛。猪、鸡,院子里的泥土被血弄得乌七八糟、粘搭搭的,骨头和内脏不断扔在这儿,吃剩的食物不断倒在这儿,几乎每小时都要把这些东西哔哔喇喇地烧掉,免得兀鹰来啄客人的眼睛。奥雷连诺第二发胖了,面孔泛起了紫红色,活象乌龟的嘴脸,可一切都怪他那出奇的胃口,甚至周游世界回来的霍。 阿卡蒂奥也无法跟他相比。奥雷连诺第二难以思议的暴食,他那空前未闻的挥霍,他那无比的好客精神,这种名声传出了沼泽地带,引起了著名暴食者们的注意。许多惊人的暴食都从沿海各地来到了马孔多,参加佩特娜。柯特家中举行的荒谬为饕餮比赛。奥雷连诺第二是经常取得胜利的,直到一个不幸的星期六卡米娜·萨加斯笃姆来到为止;这个女人体型上很象图腾塑像,是蜚声全国的“母象”。比赛延续到星期二早晨。第一个昼夜,吃掉了一只小牛,外加配莱:木薯、山药和油炸番蕉,而且喝完了一箱半香摈酒,奥雷连诺第二完全相信自己的胜利。他认为,他的精神和活力都超过沉着的对手;她进食的方式当然是比较内行的,可是正因为这样,就不大使挤满屋子的大部分观众感到兴趣。当奥雷连诺第二渴望胜利、大口咬肉的时候,“母象”却用外科医生的技术把肉切成块,不慌不忙地吃着,甚至感到一定的愉快。她长得粗壮肥胖,可是女性的温柔胜过了她的茁壮:她有一副漂亮的面孔和一双保养很好的雅致的手儿,还有那么不可抗拒的魅力,以致奥雷连诺第二看见她走进屋子的时候,甚至说他宁愿跟她在床上比赛,而不在桌边比赛,接着,他看见“母象”吃掉了一整条猪腿,一点没有违背进食的礼貌和规矩,他就十分认真他说,这个雅致、进人、贪馋的女人在某种意义上倒是个理想的女人。他并没有看错,以往传说“母象”是个贪婪的兀鹰,这是没有根据的。她既不是传说的“绞肉机”,也不是希腊杂技团中满脸络腮子的女人,而是音乐学校校长。当她已经是个可敬的母亲时,为了找到一种能使孩子吃得更多的办法,她也学会了巧妙地狼吞虎咽,但不是靠人为地刺激胃口,而是靠心灵的绝对宁静。她那实践检验过的理论原则是:一个人只要心地平静,就能不停地吃到疲乏的时候。就这样,由于心理的原因和竞技的兴趣,她离开了自己的学校和家庭,想跟全国闻名的放肆的暴食者决一雌雄。“母象”刚一看见奥雷连诺第二,立即明白他要输的不是肚子,而是性格。的确,到第一夜终了的时候,她还保持着自己的战斗力,而奥雷连诺第二却因说说笑笑消耗了自己的力量。他俩睡了四个小时。然后,每人喝了五十杯橙子汁、八升咖啡和三十只生鸡蛋。第二天早上,在许多小时的不眠之后,吃掉了两头猪、一串香蕉和四箱香槟酒。“母象”开始怀疑奥雷连诺第二不知不觉地采用了她自己的办法,但完全是不顾后果地瞎吃。因此,他比她预料的更危险。佩特娜·柯特把两只烤火鸡拿上桌子的时候,奥雷连诺第二已经快要昏厥了。

      "If you can't, don't eat any more," The Elephant said to him. "Let's call it a tie."


      She said it from her heart, understanding that she could not eat another mouthful either, out of remorse for bringing on the death of her adversary. But Aureli-ano Segun-do interpreted it as another challenge and he filled himself with turkey beyond his incredible capacity. He lost consciousness. He fell face down into the plate filled with bones, frothing at the mouth like a dog, and drowning in moans of agony. He felt, in the midst of the darkness, that they were throwing him from the top of a tower into a bottomless pit and in a last flash of consciousness he realized that at the end of that endless fall death was waiting for him.


      "Take me to Fernanda," he managed to say.


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