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      经典名句-英文:Don't beg for any person in front of others, not humble.



      "He's very sad," úrsula answered, "because he thinks that you're going to die."


      "Tell him," the colonel said, smiling, "that a person doesn't die when he should but when he can."


      The omen of the, dead father stirred up the last remnant of pride that was left in his heart, but he confused it with a sudden gust of strength. It was for that reason that he hounded úrsula to tell him where in the courtyard the gold coins that they had found inside the plaster Saint Joseph were buried. "You'll never know," she told him with a firmness inspired by an old lesson. "One day," she added, "the owner of that fortune will appear and only he can dig it up." No one knew why a man who had always been so generous had begun to covet money with such anxiety, and not the modest amounts that would have been enough to resolve an emergency, but a fortune of such mad size that the mere mention of it left Aureli-ano Segun-do awash in amazement. His old fellow party members, to whom he went asking for help, hid so as not to receive him. It was around that time that he was heard to say. "The only difference today between Liberals and Conservatives is that the Liberals go to mass at five o'clock and the Conservatives at eight." Nevertheless he insisted with such perseverance, begged in such a way, broke his code of dignity to such a degree, that with a little help from here and a little more from there, sneaking about everywhere, with a slippery diligence and a pitiless perseverance, he managed to put together in eight months more money than úrsula had buried. Then he visited the ailing Colonel Geri-neldo Márquez so that he would help him start the total war.


      At a certain time Colonel Geri-neldo Márquez was really the only one who could have pulled, even from his paralytics chair, the musty strings of rebellion. After the armistice of Neerlandia, while Colonel Aureli-ano Buendía took refuge with his little gold fishes, he kept in touch with the rebel officers who had been faithful to him until the defeat. With them he waged the sad war of daily humiliation, of entreaties and petitions, of come-back-tomorrow, of any-time-now, of we're-studying--your-case-with-the-proper-attention; the war hopelessly lost against the many yours-most-trulys who should have signed and would never sign the lifetime pensions. The other war, the bloody one of twenty years, did not cause them as much damage as the corrosive war of eternal postponements. Even Colonel Geri-neldo Márquez, who escaped three attempts on his life, survived five wounds, and emerged unscathed from innumerable battles, succumbed to that atrocious siege of waiting and sank into the miserable defeat of old age, thinking of Amaranta among the diamond-shaped patches of light in a borrowed house. The last veterans of whom he had word had appeared photographed in a newspaper with their faces shamelessly raised beside an anonymous president of the republic who gave them buttons with his likeness on them to wear in their lapels and returned to them a flag soiled with blood and gunpowder so that they could place it on their coffins. The others, more honorable. were still waiting for a letter in the shadow of public charity, dying of hunger, living through rage, ratting of old age amid the exquisite shit of glory. So that when Colonel Aureli-ano Buendía invited him to start a mortal conflagration that would wipe out all vestiges of a regime of corruption and scandal backed by the foreign invader, Colonel Geri-neldo Márquez could not hold back a shudder of compassion.

      有一段时间,格林列尔多上校虽然瘫倒在摇椅里,却真是唯一能够拉动起义操纵杆的人。在尼兰德停故协定之后,当奥雷连诺上校躲在小金鱼中间的时候,格林列尔多·马克斯上校仍跟那些最终没有背弃他的起义军官保持着联系。他跟他们又经历了一场战争,这场战争就是经常丢脸、祈求、申请,就是没完没了的回答:“明天来吧”,“已经快啦”,“我们正公认真研究你的问题”;这场注定失败的战争是反对“敬启者”的,反对“你的忠实仆人”的,他们一直答应发给老兵终身养老金,可是始终不给。前一场血腥的二十年战争给予老兵的损害,都比不上这一场永远拖延的毁灭性战争。格林列尔多。 马克斯上校本人逃脱过三次谋杀,五次负伤未死,在无数次战斗中安然无损,由丁忍受不了无穷等待的折磨,就接受了最终的失败——衰老;他坐在自己的摇椅里,望着地板上透进的阳光,思念着阿玛兰塔。他再也没有见到自己的战友们,只有一次在报上看见一张照片,几个老兵站在一个不知名的共和国总统旁边,无耻地仰着面孔;总统拿自己的像章赠给他们,让他们戴在翻领上面,并且归还他们一面沾满尘土和鲜血的旗帜,让他们能把它放在自己的棺材上。其他最体面的老兵,仍在社会慈善团体的照顾下等待养老金的消息;其中一些人饿得要死,另一些人继续在恼怒中过着晚年生活,并且在光荣的粪堆里慢慢地腐烂。因此,奥雷连诺上校前来找他,主张誓死点燃无情的战火,推翻外国侵略者支持的腐败透顶的可耻的政府时,格林列尔多简直无法压抑自己怜悯的感情。

      "Oh, Aureli-ano," he sighed. "I already knew that you were old, but now I realize that you're a lot older than you look."


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