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      经典名句-英文:Don't beg for any person in front of others, not humble.



      The rotten tiles broke with a noise of disaster and the man barely had time to let out a cry of terror as he cracked his skull and was killed outright on the cement floor. The foreigners who heard the noise in the dining room and hastened to remove the body noticed the suffocating odor of Remedios the Beauty on his skin. It was so deep in his body that the cracks in his skull did not give off blood but an amber-colored oil that was impregnated with that secret perfume, and then they understood that the smell of Remedios the Beauty kept on torturing men beyond death, right down to the dust of their bones. Nevertheless, they did not relate that horrible accident to the other two men who had died because of Remedios the Beauty. A victim was still needed before the outsiders and many of the old inhabitants of Macon-do would credit the legend that Remedios Buendía did not give off a breath of love but a fatal emanation. The occasion for the proof of it came some months later on one afternoon when Remedios the Beauty went with a group of girl friends to look at the new plantings. For the girls of Macon-do that novel game was reason for laughter and surprises, frights and jokes, and at night they would talk about their walk as if it had been an experience in a dream. Such was the prestige of that silence that úrsula did not have the heart to take the fun away from Remedios the Beauty, and she let her go one afternoon, providing that she wore a hat and a decent dress. As soon as the group of friends went into the plantings the air became impregnated with a fatal fragrance. The men who were working along the rows felt possessed by a strange fascination, menaced by some invisible danger, and many succumbed to a terrible desire to weep. Remedios the Beauty and her startled friends managed to take refuge in a nearby house just as they were about to be assaulted by a pack of ferocious males. A short time later they were rescued by the flour Aureli-anos, whose crosses of ash inspired a sacred respect, as if they were caste marks, stamps of invulnerability. Remedios the Beauty did not tell anyone that one of the men, taking advantage of the tumult, had managed to attack her stomach with a hand that was more like the claw of an eagle clinging to the edge of a precipice. She faced the attacker in a kind of instantaneous flash and saw the disconsolate eyes, which remained stamped on her heart like the hot coals of pity. That night the man boasted of his audacity and swaggered over his good luck on the Street of the Turks a few minutes before the kick of a horse crushed his chest and a crowd of outsiders saw him die in the middle of the street, drowned in his own bloody vomiting.


      The supposition that Remedios the Beauty Possessed powers of death was then borne out by four irrefutable events. Although some men who were easy with their words said that it was worth sacrificing one's life for a night of love with such an arousing woman, the truth was that no one made any effort to do so. Perhaps, not only to attain her but also to conjure away her dangers, all that was needed was a feeling as primitive and as simple as that of love, but that was the only thing that did not occur to anyone. úrsula did not worry about her any more. On another occasion, when she had not yet given up the idea of saving her for the world, she had tried to get her interested in basic domestic affairs. "Men demand much more than you think," she would tell her enigmatically. "There's a lot of cooking, a lot of sweeping, a lot of suffering over little things beyond what you think." She was deceiving herself within, trying to train her for domestic happiness because she was convinced that once his passion was satisfied them would not be a man on the face of the earth capable of tolerating even for a day a negligence that was beyond all understanding. The birth of the latest José Arcadio and her unshakable will to bring him up to be Pope finally caused her to cease worrying about her great--granddaughter. She abandoned her to her fate, trusting that sooner or later a miracle would take place and that in this world of everything there would also be a man -with enough sloth to put up with her. For a long time already Amaranta had given up trying to make her into a useful woman. Since those forgotten afternoons when her niece barely had enough interest to turn the crank on the sewing machine, she had reached the conclusion that she was simpleminded. "Were going to have to raffle you off," she would tell her, perplexed at the fact that men's words would not penetrate her. Later on, when úrsula insisted that Remedios the Beauty go to mass with her face covered with a shawl, Amaranta thought that a mysterious recourse likethat would turn out to be so provoking that soon a man would come who would be intrigued enough to search out patiently for the weak point of her heart. But when she saw the stupid way in which she rejected a pretender who for many reasons was more desirable than a prince, she gave up all hope. Fernanda did not even make any attempt to understand her. When she saw Remedios the Beauty dressed as a queen at the bloody carnival she thought that she was an extraordinary creature. But when she saw her eating with her hands, incapable of giving an answer that was not a miracle of simplemindedness, the only thing that she lamented was the fact that the idiots in the family lived so long. In spite of the fact that Colonel Aureli-ano Buendía kept on believing and repeating that Remedios the Beauty was in reality the most lucid being that he had ever known and that she showed it at every moment with her startling ability to put things over on everyone, they let her go her own way. Remedios the Beauty stayed there wandering- through the desert of solitude, bearing no cross on her back, maturing in her dreams without nightmares, her interminable baths, her unscheduled meals, her deep and prolonged silences that had no memory until one afternoon in March, when Fernanda wanted to fold her brabant sheets in the garden and asked the women in the house for help. She had just begun when Amaranta noticed that Remedios the Beauty was covered all over by an intense paleness.

      俏姑娘雷麦黛丝拥有置人死地的能力,这种猜测现在已由四个不可辩驳的事例证实了。虽然有些喜欢吹牛的人说,跟这样迷人的娘儿们睡上一夜,不要命也是值得的,但是谁也没有这么干。其实,要博得她的欢心,又不会受到她的致命伤害,只要有一种原始的、朴素的感情——爱情就够了,然而这一点正是谁也没有想到的。乌苏娜不再关心自己的曾孙女儿了。以前,她还想挽救这个姑娘的时候,曾让她对一些简单的家务发生兴趣。“男人需要的比你所想的多,”她神秘地说。“除了你所想的,还需要你没完没了地做饭啦,打扫啦,为鸡毛蒜皮的事伤脑筋啦。”乌苏娜心里明白,她竭力教导这个姑娘如何获得家庭幸福,是她在欺骗自己,因为她相信:世上没有那么一个男人,满足自己的情欲之后,还能忍受俏姑娘雷麦黛丝叫人无法理解的疏懒。最后一个霍。 阿卡蒂奥刚刚出世,乌苏娜就拼命想使他成为一个教皇,也就不再关心曾孙女儿了。她让姑娘听天由命,相信无奇不有的世界总会出现奇迹,迟早能够找到一个很有耐性的男人来承受这个负担,在很长的时期里,阿玛兰塔已经放弃了使悄姑娘雷麦黛丝适应家务的一切打算。在很久以前的那些晚上,在阿玛兰塔的房间里,她养育的姑娘勉强同意转动缝纫机把手的饲·候,她就终于认为俏姑娘雷麦黛丝只是一个笨蛋。“我们得用抽彩的办法把你卖出去,”她担心姑娘对男人主个无动于衷,就向她说。后来,俏姑娘雷麦黛丝去教堂时,乌苏娜嘱咐她蒙上面纱,阿玛兰塔以为这种神秘办法倒是很诱人的,也许很快就会出现一个十分好奇的男人,耐心地在她心中寻找薄弱的地方。但是,在这姑娘轻率地拒绝一个在各方面都比任何王子都迷人的追求者之后,阿玛兰塔失去了最后的希望。而菲兰达呢,她根本不想了解俏姑娘雷麦黛丝。她在血腥的狂欢节瞧见这个穿着女王衣服的姑娘时,本来以为这是一个非凡的人物。可是,当她发现雷麦黛丝用手吃饭,而且只能回答一两句蠢话时,她就慨叹布恩蒂亚家的白痴存在太久啦。尽管奥雷连诺上校仍然相信,并且说了又说,俏姑娘雷麦黛丝实际上是他见过的人当中头脑最清醒的人,她经常用她挖苫别人的惊人本领证明了这一点,但家里的人还是让她走自己的路。于是,俏姑娘雷麦黛丝开始在孤独的沙漠里徘徊,但没感到任何痛苦,并且在没有梦魇的酣睡中,在没完没了的休浴中,在不按时的膳食中,在长久的沉恩中,逐渐成长起来。直到三月里的一天下午,菲兰达打算取下花园中绳子上的床单,想把它们折起来,呼唤家中的女人来帮忙。她们刚刚动手,阿玛兰塔发现俏姑娘雷麦黛丝突然变得异常紧张和苍白。

      "Don't you feel well?" she asked her.


      Remedios the Beauty, who was clutching the sheet by the other end, gave a pitying smile.俏姑娘雷麦黛丝双手抓住床单的另一头,惨然地微笑了一下。

      "Quite the opposite," she said, "I never felt better."


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