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      经典名句-英文:Don't beg for any person in front of others, not humble.



      On the days that followed he was seen with a net and a small basket hunting butterflies on the outskirts of town. On Wednesday a group of engineers, agronomists, hydrologists, topographers, and surveyors arrived who for several weeks explored the places where Mr. Herbert had hunted his butterflies. Later on Mr. Jack Brown arrived in an extra coach that had been coupled onto the yellow train and that was silver-plated all over, with seats of episcopal velvet, and a roof of blue glass. Also arriving on the special car, fluttering around Mr. Brown, were the solemn lawyers dressed in black who in different times had followed Colonel Aureli-ano Buendía everywhere, and that led the people to think that the agronomists, hydrologists, topographers, and surveyors, like Mr. Herbert with his captive balloons and his colored butterflies and Mr. Brown with his mausoleum on wheels and his ferocious German shepherd dogs, had something to do with the war. There was not much time to think about it, however, because the suspicious inhabitants of Macon-do barely began to wonder what the devil was going on when the town had already become transformed into an encampment of wooden houses with zinc roofs inhabited by foreigners who arrived on the train from halfway around the world, riding not only on the seats and platforms but even on the roof of the coaches. The gringos, who later on brought their languid wives in muslin dresses and large veiled hats, built a separate town across the railroad tracks with streets lined with palm trees, houses with screened windows, small white tables on the terraces, and fans mounted on the ceilings, and extensive blue lawns with peacocks and quails. The section was surrounded by a metal fence topped with a band of electrified chicken wire which during the cool summer mornings would be black with roasted swallows. No one knew yet what they were after, or whether they were actually nothing but philanthropists, and they had already caused a colossal disturbance, much more than that of the old gypsies,but less transitory and understandable. Endowed with means that had been reserved for Divine Providence in former times, they changed the pattern of the rams, accelerated the cycle of harvest, and moved the river from where it had always been and put it with its white stones and icy currents on the other side of the town, behind the cemetery. It was at that time that they built a fortress of reinforced concrete over the faded tomb of José Arcadio, so that the corpses smell of powder would not contaminate the waters. For the foreigners who arrived without love they converted the street of the loving matrons from France into a more extensive village than it had been, and on one glorious Wednesday they brought in a trainload of strange whores, Babylonish women skilled in age-old methods and in possession of all manner of unguents and devices to stimulate the unaroused, to give courage to the timid, to satiate the voracious, to exalt the modest man, to teach a lesson to repeaters, and to correct solitary people.The Street of the Turks, enriched by well-lit stores with products from abroad, displacing the old bazaars with their bright colors, overflowed on Saturday nights with the crowds of adventurers who bumped into each other among gambling tables, shooting galleries, the alley where the future was guessed and dreams interpreted, and tables of fried food and drinks, and on Sunday mornings there were scattered on the ground bodies that were sometimes those of happy drunkards and more often those of onlookers felled by shots, fists, knives, and bottles during the brawls. It was such a tumultuous and intemperate invasion that during the first days it was impossible to walk through the streets because of the furniture and trunks, and the noise of the carpentry of those who were building their houses in any vacant lot without asking anyone's permission, and the scandalous behavior of couples who hung their hammocks between the almond trees and made love under the netting in broad daylight and in view of everyone. The only serene corner had been established by peaceful West Indian Negroes, who built a marginal street with wooden houses on piles where they would sit in the doors at dusk singing melancholy hymns in their disordered gabble. So many changes took place in such a short time that eight months after Mr. Herbert's visit the old inhabitants had a hard time recognizing their own town.

      随后几天,有人看见赫伯特先生拿着捕蝶网和小篮子在市镇郊区捕捉蝴蝶。下星期三,这儿来了一批工程师、农艺师、水文学家、地形测绘员和土地丈量员,他们在几小时内就勘探了赫伯特先生捕捉蝴蝶的地方。然后,一个叫杰克。 布劳恩先生的也乘火车来了;他乘坐的银色车厢是加挂在黄色列车尾部的,有丝绒软椅和蓝色玻璃车顶。在另一个车厢里,还有一些身穿黑衣服的重要官员,全都围着布劳恩先生转来转去;他们就是从前到处都跟随着奥雷连诺上校的那些律师,这使人不得不想到,这批农艺师、水文学家、地形测绘员和土地丈量员,象赫伯特先生跟他的气球和花蝴蝶一样,也象布劳恩先生跟他那安了轮子的陵墓与凶恶的德国牧羊犬一样,是同战争有某种关系的。然而没有多少时间加以思考,多疑的马孔多居民刚刚提出问题:到底会发生什么事,这市镇已经变成了一个营地,搭起了锌顶木棚,棚子里住满了外国人,他们几乎是从世界各地乘坐火车——不仅坐在车厢里和平台上,而且坐在车顶上——来到这儿的。没过多久,外国佬就把没精打采的老婆接来了,这些女人穿的是凡而纱衣服,戴的是薄纱大帽,于是,他们又在铁道另一边建立了一个市镇;镇上有棕榈成荫的街道,还有窗户安了铁丝网的房屋,阳台上摆着白色桌子,天花板上吊着叶片挺大的电扇,此外还有宽阔的绿色草坪,孔雀和鹌鹑在草坪上荡来荡去。整个街区围上了很高的金属栅栏,活象一个硕大的电气化养鸡场。在凉爽的夏天的早晨,栅栏上边蹲着一只只燕子,总是显得黑压压的。还没有人清楚地知道:这些外国人在马孔多寻找什么呢,或者他们只是一些慈善家;然而,他们已在这儿闹得天翻地覆——他们造成的混乱大大超过了从前吉卜赛人造成的混乱,而且这种混乱根本不是短时间的、容易理解的。他们借助上帝才有的力量,改变了雨水的状况,缩短了庄稼成熟的时间,迁移了河道,甚至把河里的白色石头都搬到市镇另一头的墓地后面去了。就在那个时候,在霍·阿卡蒂奥坟琢褪了色的砖石上面,加了一层钢筋混凝土,免得河水染上尸骨发出的火药气味。对于那些没带家眷的外国人,多情的法国艺妓们居住的一条街就变成了他们消遣的地方,这个地方比金属栅栏后面的市镇更大,有个星期三开到的一列火车,载来了一批十分奇特的妓     女和善于勾引的巴比伦女人,她们甚至懂得各种古老的诱惑方法,能够刺激阳萎者,鼓舞胆怯者,满足贪婪者,激发文弱者,教训傲慢者,改造遁世者。土耳其人街上是一家家灯火辉煌的舶来品商店,这些商店代替了古老的阿拉伯店铺,星期六晚上这儿都虞集着一群群冒险家:有的围在牌桌旁,有的站在靶场上,有的在小街小巷里算命和圆梦,有的在餐桌上大吃大喝,星期天早晨,地上到处都是尸体,有些死者是胡闹的醉汉,但多半是爱看热闹的倒霉蛋,都是在夜间斗殴时被枪打死的、拳头揍死的、刀子戳死的或者瓶子砸死的。马孔多突然涌进那么多的人,最初街道都无法通行,因为到处都是家具、箱子和各种建筑材料。有些人没有得到许可,就随便在什么空地上给自己盖房子;此外还会撞见一种丑恶的景象——成双成对的人大白天在杏树之间挂起吊床,当众乱搞。唯一宁静的角落是爱好和平的西印度黑人开辟的——他们在镇郊建立了整整一条街道,两旁是木桩架搭的房子,每天傍晚,他们坐在房前的小花园里,用古怪的语言唱起了抑郁的圣歌。在短时间里发生了那么多的变化,以致在赫伯特先生访问之后过了八个月,马孔多的老居民已经认不得自己的市镇了。

      "Look at the mess we've got ourselves into," Colonel Aureli-ano Buendía said at that time, "just because we invited a gringo to eat some bananas."


      Aureli-ano Segun-do, on the other hand, could not contain his happiness over the avalanche of foreigners. The house was suddenly filled with unknown guests, with invincible and worldly carousers, and it became necessary to add bedrooms off the courtyard, widen the dining room, and exchange the old table for one that held sixteen people, with new china and silver, and even then they had to eat lunch in shifts. Fernanda had to swallow her scruples and their guests of the worst sort like kings as they muddied the porch with their boots, urinated in the garden. laid their mats down anywhere to take their siesta, and spoke without regard for the sensitivities of ladies or the proper behavior of gentlemen. Amaranta, was so scandalized with the plebeian invasion that she went back to eating in the kitchen as in olden days. Colonel Aureli-ano Buendía, convinced that the majority of those who came into his workshop to greet him were not doing it because of sympathy or regard but out of the curiosity to meet a historical relic, a museum fossil, decided to shut himself in by barring the door and he was not seen any more except on very rare occasions when he would sit at the street door. úrsula, on the other hand, even during the days when she was already dragging her feet and walking about groping along the walls, felt a juvenile excitement as the time for the arrival of the train approached. "We have to prepare some meat and fish," she would order the four cooks, who hastened to have everything ready under the imperturbable direction of Santa Sofía de la Piedad. "We have to prepare everything," she insisted, "because we never know what these strangers like to eat." The train arrived during the hottest time of day. At lunchtime the house shook with the bustle of a marketplace, and the perspiring guests-who did not even know who their hosts were-trooped in to occupy the best places at the table, while the cooks bumped into each other with enormous kettles of soup, pots of meat, large gourds filled with vegetables, and troughs of rice, and passed around the contents of barrels of lemonade with inexhaustible ladles. The disorder was such that Fernanda was troubled by the idea that many were eating twice and on more than one occasion she was about to burst out with a vegetable hawker's insults because someone at the table in confusion asked her for the check. More than a year had gone by since Mr. Herbert's visit and the only thing that was known was that the gringos were planning to plant banana trees in the enchanted region that José Arcadio Buendía and his men had crossed in search of the route to the great inventions. Two other sons of Colonel Aureli-ano Buendía, with the cross of ashes on their foreheads, arrived, drawn by that great volcanic belch, and they justified their determination with a phrase that may have explained everybody's reasons.

      恰恰相反,奥雷连诺第二看见外国人洪水般地涌来,就控制不住自己的高兴。家中很快挤满了各式各样的陌生人,挤满了世界各地来的不可救药的二流子,因此需要在院子里增建新的住房,扩大饭厅,用一张能坐十六个人的餐桌代替旧的桌子,购置新的碗碟器皿;即使如此,吃饭还得轮班。菲兰达只好克制自己的厌恶,象侍候国王一样侍候这些最无道德的客人:他们把靴底的泥土弄在廊上,直接在花园里撒尿,午休时想把席子铺在哪儿就铺在哪儿,想说什么就说什么,根本就不注意妇女的羞涩和男人的耻笑。阿玛兰塔被这帮鄙俗的家伙弄得气恼已极,又象从前那样在厨房里吃饭了。奥雷连诺上校相信,他们大多数人到作坊里来向他致意,并不是出于同情或者尊敬他,而是好奇地希望看看历史的遗物,看看博物馆的古董,所以他就闩上了门,现在除了极少的情况,再也看不见他坐在当街的门口了。相反地,乌苏娜甚至已经步履瞒珊、摸着墙壁走路了,但在每一列火车到达的前夜,她都象孩子一般高兴。“咱们得预备一些鱼肉,”她向四个厨娘吩咐道,她们急于在圣索菲娅。 德拉佩德沉着的指挥下把一切都准备好。“咱们得预备一切东西,”她坚持说,“因为咱们压根儿不知道这些外国人想吃啥。”在一天最热的时刻,列车到达了。午餐时,整座房子象市场一样闹哄哄的,汗流浃背的食客甚至还不知道谁是慷慨的主人,就闹喳喳地蜂拥而入,慌忙在桌边占据最好的座位,而厨娘们却彼此相撞,她们端来了一锅锅汤、一盘盘肉菜、一碗碗饭,用长柄勺把整桶整桶的柠檬水舀到玻璃杯里。房子里混乱已极,菲兰达想到许多人吃了两次就很恼火,所以,当漫不经心的食客把她的家当成小酒馆,向她要账单的时候,她真想用市场上菜贩的语言发泄自己的愤怒。赫伯特先生来访之后过了一年多时间,大家只明白了一点:外国佬打算在一片魔力控制的土地上种植香蕉树,这片土地就是霍·阿·布恩蒂亚一帮人去寻找伟大发明时经过的土地。奥雷连诺上校的另外两个脑门上仍有灰十字的儿子又到了马孔多,他们是被涌入市镇的火山熔岩般的巨大人流卷来的,为了证明自己来得有理,他们讲的一句话大概能够说明每个人前来这儿的原因。

      "We came," they said, "because everyone is coming."


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