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      经典名句-英文:A lot of people can not say the pain, many people have no action.



      "Don't bother me," he said. "I'm busy."


      "Open up," úrsula insisted in a normal voice. "This has nothing to do with the celebration."


      Then Colonel Aureli-ano Buendía took down the bar and saw at the door seventeen men of the most varied appearance, of all types and colors, but all with a solitary air that would have been enough to identify them anywhere on earth. They were his sons. Without any previous agreement, without knowing each other, they had arrived from the most distant corners of the coast, captivated by the talk of the jubilee. They all bore with pride the name Aureli-ano and the last name of their mothers. The three days that they stayed in the house, to the satisfaction of úrsula and the scandal of Fernanda, were like a state war. Amaranta searched among old papers for the ledger where úrsula had written down the names and birth and baptism dates of all of them, and beside the space for each one she added his present address. That list could well have served as a recapitulation of twenty years of war. From it the nocturnal itinerary of the colonel from the dawn he left Macon-do at the head of twenty-one men on his way to afanciful rebellion until he returned for the last time wrapped in a blanket stiff with blood could have been reconstructed. Aureli-ano Segun-do did not let the chance go by to regale his cousins with a thunderous champagne and accordion party that was interpreted as a tardy adjustment of accounts with the carnival, which went awry because of the jubilee. They smashed half of the dishes, they destroyed the rose bushes as they chased a bull they were trying to hog-tie, they killed the hens by shooting them, they made Amaranta dance the sad waltzes of Pietro Crespi, they got Remedios the Beauty to put on a pair of men's pants and climb a greased pole, and in the dining room they turned loose a pig daubed with lard, which prostrated Fernanda, but no one regretted the destruction because the house shook with a healthy earthquake. Colonel Aureli-ano Buendía who at first received them with mistrust and even doubted the parentage of some, was amused by their wildness, and before they left he gave each one a little gold fish. Even the withdrawn José Arcadio Segun-do offered them an afternoon of cockfights, which was at the point of ending in tragedy because several of the Aureli-anos were so expert in matters of the cockpit that they spotted Father Antonio Isabel's tricks at once. Aureli-ano Segun-do, who saw the limitless prospect of wild times offered by those mad relatives, decided that they should all stay and work for him. The only one who accepted was Aureli-ano Triste, a big mulatto with the drive and explorer's spirit of his grandfather. He had already tested his fortune in half the world and it did not matter to him where he stayed. The others, even though they were unmarried, considered their destinies established. They were all skillful craftsmen, the men of their houses, peace-loving people. The Ash Wednesday before they went back to scatter out along the coast, Amaranta got them to put on Sunday clothes and accompany her to church. More amused than devout, they let themselves be led to the altar rail where Father Antonio Isabel made the sign of the cross in ashes on them. Back at the house, when the youngest tried to clean his forehead, he discovered that the mark was indelible and so were those of his brothers. They tried soap and water, earth and a scrubbing brush, and lastly a pumice stone and lye, but they could not remove the crosses. On the other hand, Amaranta and the others who had gone to mass took it off without any trouble. "It's better that way," úrsula stated as she said goodbye to them. "From now on everyone will know who you are." They went off in a troop, preceded by a band of musicians and shooting off fireworks, and they left behind in the town an impression that the Buendía line had enough seed for many centuries. Aureli-ano Triste, with the cross of ashes on his forehead, set up on the edge of town the ice factory that José Arcadio Buendía had dreamed of in his inventive delirium.

      于是,奥雷连诺上校挪开门闩,使看见了十六个男人,面貌、体型和肤色各不相同,但是都有一副孤僻模样儿;根据这模样儿,在地球上任何地方都能马上认出他们的身份。这些人都是他的儿子。他们是被庆祝会的传闻吸引来的,来自沿海地带最遥远的角落,事先并没有彼此商量,甚至互相还不认识。他们全都自豪地取了“奥雷连诺”这个名字,加上自己母亲的姓,新来的人使乌苏娜高兴,却叫菲兰达恼怒,他们在这座房子里度过的三天中,把一切翻了个底儿朝天,仿佛这里发生了一场大战,阿玛兰塔在旧纸堆里找到了一个笔记本儿,乌苏娜曾在里面记下了这些人的名字。生日、洗礼日以及住址。借助这份名册,可以忆起二十年战争,从这份册子上,可以知道上校长时期的生活:从那天早晨他率领二十个人离开马孔多人追踪起义的怪影起,到他裹着凝血的毛毯最后口到家里为止。奥雷连诺第二没有放过机会用香摈酒和字风琴热烈欢迎亲戚们,这个欢迎会可以说是对那个倒霉狂欢节的回答。客人们把家中一半的盘碟变成了碎片;他们追赶一头公牛,打算缚住它的腿时,又把玫瑰花丛踩坏了,并且开枪打死了所有的母鸡,强迫阿玛兰塔跳皮埃侍罗。克列斯比悒郁的华尔兹舞,要俏姑娘雷麦黛丝穿上男人的短裤衩,爬上一根抹了油脂的竿子,甚至把一只肮脏的猪放进饭厅,绊倒了菲兰达;然而,谁也没有抱怨这些破坏,因为颠覆整座房子的地震是能治病的,奥雷连诺上校最初不信任地接待他的一群儿子,甚至怀疑其中几个的出身,但对他们的怪诞行为感到开心,在他们离开之前,给了每人一条小金鱼。孤僻的霍。 阿卡蒂奥第二却邀请他们参加斗鸡,结果几乎酿成悲剧,因为许多奥雷连诺都是斗鸡的行家,马上就识破了安东尼奥·伊萨贝尔神父的欺骗勾当。奥雷连诺第二看出,亲戚众多,大可欢宴取乐,就建议他们留下来跟他一块儿干活,接受这个建议的只有奥雷连诺·特里斯特一人,他是一个身躯高大的混血儿,具有祖父那样的毅力和探索精神;他曾游历半个世界寻求幸福,住在哪儿都是无所谓的。其他的奥雷连诺虽然还没结婚,但都认为自己的命运已经注定。他们都是能工巧匠、家庭主角、爱好和平的人。星期三,大斋的前一天,上校的儿子们重新分散到沿海各地去之前,阿玛兰塔要他们穿上礼拜日的衣服,跟她一块儿到教堂去。他们多半由干好玩,不是因为笃信宗教,给带到了圣坛栏杆跟前,安东尼奥·伊萨贝尔神父在每人额上用圣灰画了个十字。回家之后,其中最小的一个打算擦掉十字,可是发现额上的记号是擦不掉的,就象其他兄弟额上的记号一样。他们使用了冷水和肥皂、沙子和擦刷、浮石和碱水,始终消灭不了额上的十字。相反地,阿玛兰塔和教堂里其余的人,毫不费劲就把自己的十字擦掉了。“那样更好嘛,”乌苏娜跟他们分别时说。“从现在起,每一个人都能知道你们是谁了,”他们结队离开,前面是奏乐的,并且放鞭炮,给全镇留下一个印象,仿佛布恩蒂亚家族拥有足以延续许多世纪的后代。奥雷连诺·特里斯特在镇郊建了一座冰厂,这是发疯的发明家霍·阿。 布思蒂亚梦想过的。

      Some months after his arrival, when he was already well-known and well-liked, Aureli-ano Triste went about looking for a house so that he could send for his mother and an unmarried sister (who was not the colonel's daughter), and he became interested in the run-down big house that looked abandoned on a corner of the square. He asked who owned it. Someone told him that it did not belong to anyone, that in former times a solitary widow who fed on earth and whitewash from the walls had lived there, and that in her last years she was seen only twice on the street with a hat of tiny artificial flowers and shoes the color of old silver when she crossed the square to the post office to mail a letter to the Bishop. They told him that her only companion was a pitiless servant woman who killed dogs and cats and any animal that got into the house and threw their corpses into the middle of the street in order to annoy people with the rotten stench. So much time had passed since the sun had mummified the empty skin of thelast animal that everybody took it for granted that the lady of the house and the maid had died long before the wars were over, and that if the house was still standing it was because in recent years there had not been a rough winter or destructive wind. The hinges had crumbled with rust, the doors were held up only by clouds of cobwebs, the windows were soldered shut by dampness, and the floor was broken by grass and wildflowers and in the cracks lizards and all manner of vermin had their nests, all of which seemed to confirm the notion that there had not been a human being there for at least half a century. The impulsive Aureli-ano Triste did not need such proof to proceed. He pushed on the main door with his shoulder and the worm-eaten wooden frame fell down noiselessly amid a dull cataclysm of dust and termite nests. Aureli-ano Triste stood on the threshold waiting for the dust to clear and then he saw in the center of the room the squalid woman, still dressed in clothing of the past century, with a few yellow threads on her bald head, and with two large eyes, still beautiful, in which the last stars of hope had gone out, and the skin of her face was wrinkled by the aridity of solitude. Shaken by that vision from another world, Aureli-ano Triste barely noticed that the woman was aiming an antiquated pistol at him.

      奥雷连诺·特里斯特来到马孔多之后几个月,大家都已认识他、喜欢他,他就在镇上到处寻找合适的住所,想把母亲和一个没有结婚的妹妹(她不是上校的女儿)接来;他感到兴趣的是广场角落上一间不合格局的破旧大房子,这房子好象无人居住。他打听谁是房子的主人,有人告诉他说:这房子是不属于任何人的,从前住在里面的是个孤零零的寡妇,用泥土和墙上的石灰充饥,在她死前的最后几年,有人在街上只见过她两次,她戴了一顶别着小朵假花的帽子,穿了一双旧式银色鞋子,经过广场,到邮局上给一个主教寄信。奥雷连诺。 特里斯特打听出来,跟寡妇住在一起的只有一个冷酷的女仆,这女仆杀死钻到房里的狗、猫和一切牲畜,把它们的尸体扔到衔上,让全镇的人都闻到腐臭气味。自从太阳把她扔出的最后一个尸体变成了干尸,已过了那么多的时间,以致大家相信:女主人和女仆在战争结束之前很久就死了,如果说房子还立在那儿,那只是因为早已没有严峻的冬天和暴风。门上的铰链已经锈蚀,房门仿佛是靠蛛网系住的,窗框由于潮湿而膨胀了,长廊洋灰地面的裂缝里长出了杂草和野花,晰蝎和各种虫十爬来爬去——一切都似乎证明这儿起码五十年没有住人了。其实,性急的奥雷连诺。 特里斯特无需这么多的证明就会钻进屋子去的。他用肩膀把大门一推,一根朽木就无声地掉到他的脚边, 随着塌下的是一团尘土和白蚁窝。奥雷连诺·特里斯特停在门槛边,等待尘雾散去,接着便在屋子中央看见一个极度衰竭的女人,仍穿着前一世纪的衣服,秃头上有几根黄发,眼睛依然漂亮,但是最后一点希望的火星已经熄灭,由于孤独的生活,她的脸上已经布满了皱纹。 看见另一个世界的这种幻影,奥雷连诺·特里斯特异常惊愕,好不容易才看出这女人正拿一支旧式手枪瞄准他。

      "I beg your pardon," he murmured.


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