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      经典名句-英文:The dead do not appear, but we cannot bear the burden of conscience.



      Just as she had foreseen, Aureli-ano Segun-do went back to her house as soon as the honeymoon was over. He brought his usual old friends, a traveling photographer, and the gown and ermine cape soiled with blood that Fernanda had worn during the carnival. In the heat of the merriment that broke out that evening, he had Petra Cotes dress up as queen, crowned her absolute and lifetime ruler of Madagascar, and handed out copies of the picture to his friends, she not only went along with the game, but she felt sorry for him inside, thinking that he must have been very frightened to have conceived of that extravagant means of reconciliation. At seven in the evening, still dressed as the queen, she received him in bed. He had been married scarcely two months, but she realized at once that things were not going well in the nuptial bed, and she had the delicious pleasure of vengeance fulfilled. Two days later, however, when he did not dare return but sent an intermediary to arrange the terms of the separation, she understood that she was going to need more patience than she had foreseen because he seemed ready to sacrifice himself for the sake of appearances. Nor did she get upset that time. Once again she made things easy with a submission that confirmed the generalized belief that she was a poor devil, and the only souvenir she kept of Aureli-ano Segun-do was a pair of patent leather boots, which, according to what he himself had said, were the ones he wanted to wear in his coffin. She kept them wrapped in cloth in the bottom of a trunk and made ready to feed on memories, waiting without despair.

      正如她的预料,蜜月一过,奥雷连诺第二就回到了她的家里,他领来了他的一些老朋友和一位巡回摄影师,还带来了菲兰达在狂欢节穿的衣服和血污的貂皮斗篷。在酒宴的欢声中,奥雷连诺第二把佩特娜·柯特打扮成女王,宣布她为马达加斯加唯一的终身统治者,给她拍了照,并且把照片赠给了一伙朋友。佩特娜·柯特不仅立即同意参加这场游戏,而且衷心怜悯自己的情人,觉得他想出这种不太寻常的和解方式,一定费了不少脑筋。晚上七点,她仍然穿着女王的衣服,把奥雷连诺第二接上了床。他结婚还不到两个月,可是佩特娜。 柯特立即发觉,他的夫妻生活过得并不美满,于是她感到了报复以后的一种酣畅。然而,两天以后,奥雷连诺第二不敢亲自前来,只派了一个中间人来,跟她商谈他俩分离的条件,这时佩特娜。 柯特明白自己需要的耐心比预料的更大了,因为她的情人似乎准备为了面子而牺牲她。然而,即使这个时候,佩特娜。 柯特也没改变自己的平静样儿。她满足奥雷连诺第二期望的屈从态度,只是证实了大家对她的认识:她是一个值得同情的、可怜的女人。她留作纪念的只有情人的一双漆皮鞋——照他自己的说法,他是打算穿着它躺进棺材的。佩特娜。 柯特拿破布把皮鞋包上,放进箱子,就准备耐心等待了。

      "He has to come sooner or later," she told herself, "even if it's just to put on those boots."


      She did not have to wait as long as she had imagined. Actually, Aureli-ano Segun-do understood from the night of his wedding that he would return to the house of Petra Cotes much sooner than when he would have to put on the patent leather boots: Fernanda was a woman who was lost in the world. She had been born and raised in a city six hundred miles away, a gloomy city where on ghostly nights the coaches of the viceroys still rattled through the cobbled streets, Thirty-two belfries tolled a dirge at six in the afternoon. In the manor house, which was paved with tomblike slabs, the sun was never seen. The air had died in the cypresses in the courtyard, in the pale trappings of the bedrooms, in the dripping archways of the garden of perennials. Until puberty Fernanda had no news of the world except for the melancholy piano lessons taken in some neighboring house by someone who for years and years had the drive not to take a siesta. In the room of her sick mother, green and yellow under the powdery light from thewindowpanes, she would listen to the methodical, stubborn, heartless scales and think that that music was in the world while she was being consumed as she wove funeral wreaths. Her mother, perspiring with five-o'clock fever, spoke to her of the splendor of the past. When she was a little girl, on one moonlit night Fernanda saw a beautiful woman dressed in white crossing the garden toward the chapel. What bothered her most about that fleeting vision was that she felt it was exactly like her, as if she had seen herself twenty years in advance. "It was your great-grandmother the queen," her mother told her during a truce in her coughing. "She died of some bad vapors while she was cutting a string of bulbs." Many years later, when she began to feel she was the equal of her great-grandmother, Fernanda doubted her childhood vision, but her mother scolded her disbelief.


      "We are immensely rich and powerful," she told her. "One day you will be a queen."


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