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      经典名句-英文:The dead do not appear, but we cannot bear the burden of conscience.



      The guests toasted in a chorus. Then the man of the house played the accordion, fireworks were set off, and drums celebrated the event throughout the town. At dawn the guests, soaked in champagne, sacrificed six cows and put them in the street at the disposal of the crowd. No one was scandalized. Since Aureli-ano Segun-do had taken charge of the house those festivities were a common thing, even when there was no motive as proper as the birth of a Pope. In a few years, without effort, simply by luck, he had accumulated one of the largest fortunes in the swamp thanks to the supernatural proliferation of his animals. His mares would bear triplets, his hens laid twice a day, and his hogs fattened with such speed that no one could explain such disorderly fecundity except through the use of black magic. "Save something now," úrsula would tell her wild great-grandson. "This luck is not going to last all your life." But Aureli-ano Segun-do paid no attention to her. The more he opened champagne to soak his friends, the more wildly his animals gave birth and the more he was convinced that his lucky star was not a matter of his conduct but an influence of Petra Cotes, his concubine, whose love had the virtue of exasperating nature. So convinced was he that this was the origin of his fortune that he never kept Petra Cotes far away from his breeding grounds and even when he married and had children he continued living with her with the consent of Fernanda. Solid, monumental like his grandfathers, but with a joie de vivre and an irresistible good humor that they did not have, Aureli-ano Segun-do scarcely had time to look after his animals. All he had to do was to take Petra Cores to his breeding grounds and have her ride across his land in order to have every animal marked with his brand succumb to the irremediable plague of proliferation.

      客人们一齐干杯。然后,家主拉手风琴,焰火飞上天空,庆祝的鼓声响彻了全镇。黎明,喝够了酒的客人们宰了六头牛犊,送到街上去给人群享用,这并没有使家里的人见怪。因为,自从奥雷连诺第二当家以来,即使没有“教皇诞生”的正当理由,这样的酒宴也是寻常的事。在几年中,奥雷连诺第二没费吹灰之力,光凭好运——家畜和家禽神奇的繁殖力,就成了沼泽地带最富裕的居民之一。他的母马一胎生三匹小驹,母鸡一日下两个蛋,猪猡长起膘来那么神速,除了魔法的作用,谁也无法说明这是什么原因。“把钱存起来吧,”乌苏娜向轻浮的曾孙子反复说。“这样的好运气是不会跟随你一辈子的。”可是,奥雷连诺第二没有理睬她的话。他越用香槟酒款待自己的朋友,他的牲畜越无-限制地繁殖,他就越相信自己的鸿运并不取决于他的行为,而全靠他的情妇佩特娜。 柯特,因为她的爱情具有激发生物繁殖的功能。他深信这是他发财致富的根源,就竭力让佩特娜·柯特跟他的畜群离得近些;奥雷连诺第二结了婚,有了孩子,但他征得妻子的同意,仍然继续跟情妇相会,他象祖辈一样长得魁梧、高大,但他具有祖辈没有的乐观精神和讨人喜欢的魅力,所以几乎没有时间照料自己的家畜。他要干的事 儿就是把佩特娜·柯特带到畜栏去,或者跟她一块儿在牧场上骑着马踢,让每一只打上他的标记的牲畜都染上医治不好的“繁殖病”。

      Like all the good things that occurred in his long life, that tremendous fortune had its origins in chance. Until the end of the wars Petra Cotes continued to support herself with the returns from her raffles and Aureli-ano Segun-do was able to sack úrsula's savings from time to time. They were a frivolous couple, with no other worries except going to bed every night, even on forbidden days, and frolicking there until dawn. "That woman has been your ruination," úrsula would shout at her great-grandson when she saw him coming into the house like a sleepwalker. "She's got you so bewitched that one of these days I'm going to see you twisting around with colic and with a toad in your belly." José Arcadio Segun-do, who took a long time to discover that he had been supplanted, was unable to understand his brother's passion. He remembered Petra Cotes as an ordinary woman, rather lazy in bed, and completely lacking in any resources for lovemaking. Deaf to úrsula's clamor and the teasing of his brother, Aureli-ano Segun-do only thought at that time of finding a trade that would allow him to maintain a house for Petra Cotes, and to die with her, on top of her and underneath her, during a night of feverish license. When Colonel Aureli-ano Buendía opened up his workshop again, seduced at last by the peaceful charms of old age, Aureli-ano Segun-do thought that it would be good business to devote himself to the manufacture of little gold fishes. He spent many hours in the hot room watching how the hard sheets of metal, worked by the colonel with the inconceivable patience of disillusionment, were slowly being converted into golden scales. The work seemed so laborious to him and the thought of Petra Cotes was so persistent and pressing that after three weeks he disappeared from the workshop. It was during that time that it occurred to Petra Cotes to raffle off rabbits. They reproduced and grew up so fast that there was barely time to sell the tickets for the raffle. At first Aureli-ano Segun-do did not notice the alarming proportions of the proliferation. But one night, when nobody in town wanted to hear about the rabbit raffle any more, he heard a noise by the courtyard door. "Don't get worried," Petra, Cotes said. "It's only the rabbits." They could not sleep, tormented by the uproar of the animals. At dawn Aureli-ano Segun-do opened the door and saw the courtyard paved with rabbits, blue in the glow of dawn. Petra Cotes, dying with laughter, could not resist the temptation of teasing him.

      象他在漫长的一生中碰到的各种好事一样,这一大笔财富来得也是突然的。战争还没结束的时候,佩特娜。 柯特靠卖彩票过活,而奥雷连诺第二却不时去偷乌苏娜的积蓄。这是一对轻浮的情人,两人只操心一件事儿:每夜睡在一起,即使在禁忌的日子里,也在床上玩乐到天亮。“这个女人会把你毁掉的,”乌苏娜看见他象梦游者似的拖着腿子回到家里,就向他叫嚷。“她搅昏了你的脑袋,总有一天我会看见你病得打滚,就象肚子里有一只箍蛤蟆,”霍·阿卡蒂奥第二过了很久才发现自己有了个替身,但他无法理解兄弟为什么那样火热。据他记得,佩特娜。 柯特是个平平常常的女人,在床上相当疏懒,毫无魅力。可是奥雷连诺第二根本不听乌苏娜的嚷叫和兄弟的嘲笑,只想找个职业来跟佩特娜·柯特维持一个家,在一个发狂的夜里跟她一块儿死掉,并且死在她的怀里。当奥雷连诺上校终于迷上了晚年的宁静生活,重新打开作坊的时候,奥雷连诺第二以为制作小金鱼也许是有利可图的事。他在闷热的房间里一呆就是几个小时,观察幻想破灭的上校以难以理解的耐心给坚硬的金属板加工,使金属板逐渐变成了闪闪烁烁的鳞片。奥雷连诺第二觉得这个活儿挺苦,而又不断地渴念佩特娜·柯特,过了三个星期他就从作坊里消失了。正好这时,他带了几只兔子给情妇,让她用兔子抽彩。兔子开始以异常的速度繁殖、长大,佩特娜,柯特几乎来不及卖掉彩票,开头,奥雷连诺第二没有发现令人惊讶的繁殖数量。可是镇上的人不再过问兔子彩票的时候,有一天夜里,他却被墙外院子里的闹声惊醒了。“别怕,”佩特娜。 柯特说,“这是兔子。”可是两人都被墙外不停的闹声搞得十分苦恼,再也合不了眼。次日早晨,奥雷连诺第二打开房门,看见整个院子都挤满了兔子——在旭日照耀下,兔毛显得蓝幽幽的。佩特娜·柯特疯子似的哈哈大笑,忍不住跟他开玩笑。

      "Those are the ones who were born last night," she aid.


      "Oh my God!" he said. "Why don't you raffle off cows?"


      A few days later, in an attempt to clean out her courtyard, Petra Cotes exchanged the rabbits for a cow, who two months later gave birth to triplets. That was how things began. Overnight Aureli-ano Segun-do be. came the owner of land and livestock and he barely had time to enlarge his overflowing barns and pigpens. It was a delirious prosperity that even made him laugh, and he could not help doing crazy things to release his good humor. "Cease, cows, life is short," he would shout. úrsula wondered what entanglements he had got into, whether he might be stealing, whether he had become a rustler, and every time she saw him uncorking champagne just for the pleasure of pouring the foam over his head, she would shout at him and scold him for the waste. It annoyed him so much that one day when he awoke in a merry mood, Aureli-ano Segun-do appeared with a chest full of money, a can of paste, and a brush, and singing at the top of his lungs the old songs of Francisco the Man, he papered the house inside and out and from top to bottom, with one-peso banknotes. The old mansion, painted white since the time they had brought the pianola, took on the strange look of a mosque. In the midst of the excitement of the family the scandalization of úrsula, the joy of the people cramming the street to watch that apotheosis of squandering. Aureli-ano Segun-do finished by papering the house from the front to the kitchen, including bathrooms and bedrooms, and threw the leftover bills into the courtyard.


      "Now," he said in a final way, "I hope that nobody in this house ever talks to me about money again."


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