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      经典名句-英文:We’re making a step—it’s just a baby-step, but it’s a step.



      Jem was twelve. He was difficult to live with, inconsistent, moody. His appetite wasappalling, and he told me so many times to stop pestering him I consulted Atticus: “Reckon he’s got a tapeworm?” Atticus said no, Jem was growing. I must be patient withhim and disturb him as little as possible.


      This change in Jem had come about in a matter of weeks. Mrs. Dubose was not coldin her grave—Jem had seemed grateful enough for my company when he went to readto her. Overnight, it seemed, Jem had acquired an alien set of values and was trying toimpose them on me: several times he went so far as to tell me what to do. After onealtercation when Jem hollered, “It’s time you started bein‘ a girl and acting right!” I burstinto tears and fled to Calpurnia.


      “Don’t you fret too much over Mister Jem—” she began.

      “Mister Jem?”

      “Yeah, he’s just about Mister Jem now.”

      “He ain’t that old,” I said. “All he needs is somebody to beat him up, and I ain’t bigenough.”





      “Baby,” said Calpurnia, “I just can’t help it if Mister Jem’s growin‘ up. He’s gonna wantto be off to himself a lot now, doin’ whatever boys do, so you just come right on in thekitchen when you feel lonesome. We’ll find lots of things to do in here.”


      The beginning of that summer boded well: Jem could do as he pleased; Calpurniawould do until Dill came. She seemed glad to see me when I appeared in the kitchen,and by watching her I began to think there was some skill involved in being a girl.


      But summer came and Dill was not there. I received a letter and a snapshot from him.

      The letter said he had a new father whose picture was enclosed, and he would have tostay in Meridian because they planned to build a fishing boat. His father was a lawyerlike Atticus, only much younger. Dill’s new father had a pleasant face, which made meglad Dill had captured him, but I was crushed. Dill concluded by saying he would loveme forever and not to worry, he would come get me and marry me as soon as he gotenough money together, so please write.


      The fact that I had a permanent fiancé was little compensation for his absence: I hadnever thought about it, but summer was Dill by the fishpool smoking string, Dill’s eyesalive with complicated plans to make Boo Radley emerge; summer was the swiftnesswith which Dill would reach up and kiss me when Jem was not looking, the longings wesometimes felt each other feel. With him, life was routine; without him, life wasunbearable. I stayed miserable for two days.


      As if that were not enough, the state legislature was called into emergency sessionand Atticus left us for two weeks. The Governor was eager to scrape a few barnacles offthe ship of state; there were sit-down strikes in Birmingham; bread lines in the citiesgrew longer, people in the country grew poorer. But these were events remote from theworld of Jem and me.


      We were surprised one morning to see a cartoon in the Montgomery Advertiser abovethe caption, “Maycomb’s Finch.” It showed Atticus barefooted and in short pants,chained to a desk: he was diligently writing on a slate while some frivolous-looking girlsyelled, “Yoo-hoo!” at him.


      “That’s a compliment,” explained Jem. “He spends his time doin‘ things that wouldn’tget done if nobody did ’em.”


      In addition to Jem’s newly developed characteristics, he had acquired a maddening airof wisdom.

      “Oh, Scout, it’s like reorganizing the tax systems of the counties and things. That kindof thing’s pretty dry to most men.”

      “How do you know?”

      “Oh, go on and leave me alone. I’m readin‘ the paper.”







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