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      经典名句-英文:A minute's worth is worth a lifetime of friendship.



      There was a long silence on the line. Suddenly the apparatus jumped with the pitiless letters from Colonel Aureli-ano Buendía.


      "Don't be a jackass, Gerineldo," the signals said. "It's natural for it to be raining in August."


      They had not seen each other for such a long time that Colonel Gerineldo Márquez was upset by the aggressiveness of the reaction. Two months later, however, when Colonel Aureli-ano Buendía returned to Macondo, his upset was changed to stupefaction. Even úrsula was surprised at how much he had changed. He came with no noise, no escort, wrapped in a cloak in spite of the heat, and with three mistresses, whom he installed in the same house, where he spent most of his time lying in a hammock. He scarcely read the telegraphic dispatches that reported routine operations. On one occasion Colonel Gerineldo Márquez asked him for instructions for the evacuation of a spot on the border where there was a danger that the conflict would become an international affair.

      很久没有看见朋友的格林列尔多·马克斯上校,对异常生硬的回答感到不安。可是过了两个月,奥雷连诺上校回到马孔多的时候,这种模糊的不安变成了惊异,几乎变成了恐惧。对于儿子的变化,乌苏娜也觉得吃惊。他是不声不响回来的,没有侍从,尽管天气很热,还用斗篷裹着身子;随同他来的是三个情妇,他让她们一块儿住在一间屋子里,大部分时间他都躺在一个吊床上。他难得抽出时间来看战情电报和报告。有一次,格林列尔多。 马克斯上校前来向他请示一个边境城镇的撤退问题,因为起义部队继续留在那里可能引起国际纠纷。

      "Don't bother me with trifles," he ordered him. "Consult Divine Providence."


      It was perhaps the most critical moment of the war. The Liberal landowners, who had supported the revolution in the beginning, had made secret alliances with the Conservative landowners in order to stop the revision of property titles. The politicians who supplied funds for the war from exile had Publicly repudiated the drastic aims of Colonel Aureli-ano Buendía, but even that withdrawal of authorization did not seem to bother him. He had not returned to reading his poetry, which filled more than five volumes and lay forgotten at the bottom of his trunk. At night or at siesta time he would call one of his women to his hammock and obtain a rudimentary satisfaction from her, and then he would sleep like a stone that was not concerned by the slightest indication of worry. Only he knew at that time that his confused heart was condemned to uncertainty forever. At first, intoxicated by the glory of his return, by his remarkable victories, he had peeped into the abyss of greatness. He took pleasure in keeping by his right hand the Duke of Marlborough, his great teacher in the art of war, whose attire of skins and tiger claws aroused the respect of adults and the awe of children. It was then that he decided that no human being, not even úrsula, could come closer to him than ten feet. In the center of the chalk circle that his aides would draw wherever he stopped, and which only he could enter, he would decide with brief orders that had no appeal the fate of the world. The first time that he was in Manaure after the shooting of General Moncada, he hastened to fulfill his victim's last wish and the widow took the glasses, the medal, the watch, and the ring, but she would not let him in the door.


      "You can't come in, colonel," she told him. "You may be in command of your war, but I'm in command of my house."


      Colonel Aureli-ano Buendía did not show any sign of anger, but his spirit only calmed down when his bodyguard had sacked the widow's house and reduced it to ashes. "Watch out for your heart, Aureli-ano," Colonel Gerineldo Márquez would say to him then. "You're rotting alive." About that time he called together a second assembly of the principal rebel commanders. He found all types: idealists, ambitious people, adventurers, those with social resentments, even common criminals. There was even a former Conservative functionary who had taken refuge in the revolt to escape a judgment for -misappropriation of funds. Many of them did not even know why they were fighting in the midst of that motley crowd, whose differences of values were on the verge of causing an internal explosion, one gloomy authority stood out: General Te6filo Vargas. He was a full-blooded Indian, untamed, illiterate, and endowed with quiet wiles and a messianic vocation that aroused a demented fanaticism in his men. Colonel Aureli-ano Buendíacalled the meeting with the aim of unifying the rebel command against the maneuvers of the politicians. General Teófilo Vargas came forward with his intentions: in a few hours he shattered the coalition of better-qualified commanders and took charge of the main command. "He's a wild beast worth watching," Colonel Aureli-ano Buendía told his officers. "That man is more dangerous to us than the Minister of War." Then a very young captain who had always been outstanding for his timidity raised a cautious index finger.

      奥雷连诺上校丝毫没有表示自己的恼怒,但在他的随身卫队抢劫和烧毁了寡妇的房子之后,他的心才平静下来。“提防你的心吧,奥雷连诺,”格林列尔多·马克斯当时警告他。“你在活活地烂掉。”大约这个时候,奥雷连诺上校召开了第二次起义部队指挥官会议。到场的有各式各样的人:空想家、野心家、冒险家、社会渣滓、甚至一般罪犯。其中有一个保守党官员是由于逃避盗用公款的惩罚才参加革命的。许多人根本就不知道他们为什么战斗,在这群形形色 色的人中间,不同的信念将会引起内部爆炸,但最惹人注目的却是一个阴沉沉的权势人物——泰菲罗。瓦加斯将军。这是一个纯血统的印第安人,粗野、无知,具有诡谲伎俩和预见才能,善于把他的部下变成极端的宗教狂。奥雷连诺上校打算在会议上把起义部队的指挥统一起来,反对政客们的鬼把戏。可是泰菲罗·瓦加斯将军破坏了他的计划:在几小时内,就瓦解了优秀指挥官的联合,攫取了总指挥权……这是一头值得注意的野兽,“奥雷连诺上校向自己的军官们说。”对咱们来说,这样的人比政府的陆军部长还危险。“于是,平常以胆怯著称的一个上尉小心地举起了食指。

      "It's quite simple, colonel," he proposed. "He has to be killed."


      Colonel Aureli-ano Buendía was not alarmed by the coldness of the proposition but by the way in which, by a fraction of a second, it had anticipated his own thoughts.


      "Don't expect me to give an order like that," he said.


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