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      经典名句-英文:A minute's worth is worth a lifetime of friendship.



      COLONEL GERINELDO MáRQUEZ was the first to perceive the emptiness of the war. In his position as civil and military leader of Macondo he would have telegraphic conversations twice a week with Colonel Aure-liano Buendía. At first those exchanges would determine the course of a flesh-and-blood war, the perfectly defined outlines of which told them at any moment the exact spot -where it was and the prediction of its future direction. Although he never let himself be pulled into the area of confidences, not even by his closest friends, Colonel Aureli-ano Buendía still had at that time the familiar tone that made it possible to identify him at the other end of the wire. Many times he would prolong the talk beyond the expected limit and let them drift into comments of a domestic nature. Little by little, however, and as the war became more intense and widespread, his image was fading away into a universe of unreality. The characteristics of his speech were more and more uncertain, and they cam together and combined to form words that were gradually losing all meaning. Colonel Gerineldo Márquez limited himself then to just listening, burdened by the impression that he was in telegraphic contact with a stranger from another world.


      "I understand, Aureli-ano," he would conclude on the key. "Long live the Liberal party!"


      He finally lost all contact with the war. What in other times had been a real activity, an irresistible passion of his youth, became a remote point of reference for him: an emptiness. His only refuge was Amaranta's sewing room. He would visit her every afternoon. He liked to watch her hands as she curled frothy petticoat cloth in the machine that was kept in motion by Remedios the Beauty. They spent many hours without speaking, content with their reciprocal company, but while Amaranta was inwardly pleased in keeping the fire of his devotion alive, he was unaware of the secret designs of that indecipherable heart. When the news of his return reached her, Amaranta had been smothered by anxiety. But when she saw him enter the house in the middle of Colonel Aureli-ano Buendía's noisy escort and she saw how he had been mistreated by the rigors of exile, made old by age and oblivion, dirty with sweat and dust, smelling like a herd, ugly, with his left arm in a sling, she felt faint with disillusionment. "My God," she thought. "This wasn't the person I was waiting for." On the following day, however, he came back to the house shaved and clean, with his mustache perfumed with lavender water and without the bloody sling. He brought her a prayerbook bound in mother-of-pearl.

      最后,格林列尔多·马克斯上校完全脱离了战争。从前,战争是他青年时代理想的行动和难以遏制的嗜好,现在却变成了一种遥远的、陌生的东西——空虚。他逃避现实的唯一处所是阿玛兰塔的缝纫室。他每天下午都去那儿。悄姑娘雷麦黛丝转动缝纫机把手的时候,他喜欢欣赏阿玛兰塔如何给雪白的衬裙布打褶子。女主人和客人满足于彼此作伴,默不吭声地度过许多个小时,阿玛兰塔心里高兴的是他那忠贞的火焰没有熄灭。但他却仍不明白她那难以理解的心究竟有什么秘密打算。知道格林列尔多 .马克斯上校回到马孔多之后,阿玛兰塔几乎激动死了。然而,当他左手吊着挎带走进来的时候(他只是奥雷连诺上校许多闹嘈嘈的随从人员中间的一个),阿玛兰塔看见离乡背井的艰苦生活把他折磨得多么厉害,荏苒的光阴使他变得多么苍老,看见他肮里肮脏、满脸是汗、浑身尘土、发出马厩气味,看见他样子丑陋,她失望得差点儿昏厥过去。“我的上帝,”她想。“这可不是我等候的那个人呀!”然而,他第二天来的时候,刮了脸,浑身整洁,没有血迹斑斑的绷带,胡子里还发出花露水的味儿。他送给阿玛兰塔一本用珠母钉装钉起来的祈祷书。

      "How strange men are," she said, because she could not think of anything else to say. "They spend their lives fighting against priests and then give prayerbooks as gifts."


      From that time on, even during the most critical days of the war, he visited her every afternoon. Many times, when Remedios the Beauty was not present, it was he who turned the wheel on the sewing machine. Amaranta felt upset by the perseverance, the loyalty, the submissiveness of that man who was invested with so much authority and who nevertheless took off his sidearm in the living room so that he could go into the sewing room without weapons, But for four years he kept repeating his love and she would always find a way to reject him without hurting him, for even though she had not succeeded in loving him she could no longer live without him. Remedios the Beauty, who seemed indifferent to everything and who was thought to be mentally retarded, was not insensitive to so much devotion and she intervened in Colonel Gerineldo Márquez's favor. Amaranta suddenly discovered that the girl she had raised, who was just entering adolescence, was already the most beautiful creature that had even been seen in Macondo. She felt reborn in her heart the rancor that she had felt in other days for Rebeca, and begging God not to impel her into the extreme state of wishing her dead, she banished her from the sewing room. It was around that time that Colonel Gerineldo Márquez began to feel the boredom of the war. He summoned his reserves of persuasion, his broad and repressed tenderness, ready to give up for Amaranta a glory that had cost him the sacrifice of his best years. But he could not succeed in convincing her. One August afternoon, overcome by the unbearable weight of her own obstinacy, Amaranta locked herself in her bedroom to weep over her solitude unto death after giving her final answer to her tenacious suitor:"Let's forget about each other forever," she told him. "We're too old for this sort of thing now."

      从这时起,即使在战争的危急关头,他每天下午都来看她。有许多次,俏姑娘雷麦黛丝不在的时候,转动缝纫机把手的就是他。他的坚贞不渝和恭顺态度使她受到感动,因为这个拥有大权的人竟在她的面前俯首帖耳,甚至还把自己的军 刀和手枪留在客厅里,空手走进她的房间。然而,在这四年中,每当格林列尔多·马克斯上校向她表白爱情时,她总是想法拒绝他,尽管她也没有伤他的面子,因为,她虽还没爱上他,但她没有他已经过不了日子。俏姑娘雷麦黛丝对格林列尔多·马克斯的坚贞颇为感动,突然为他辩护,而以前她对周围的一切完全是无动丁衷的——许多人甚至认为她脑了迟钝。阿玛兰塔忽然发现,她养大的姑娘刚刚进入青春期,却已成了马孔多从未见过的美女。阿玛兰塔觉得自己心里产生了从前对雷贝卡的那种怨恨。她希望这种怨恨不要让她走向极端,而把俏姑娘,雷麦黛丝弄死。接着,她就把这姑娘赶出了自己的房间。正好这个时候,格林列尔多·马克斯上校开始厌恶战争。他准备为阿玛兰塔牺牲自己的荣誉(这种荣誉使他耗去了一生中最好的年华),说尽了好话,表露了长期压抑的无 限温情。但他未能说服阿玛兰塔。八月里的一天下午,阿玛兰塔由于自己的顽固而感到十分痛苦,把自己关在卧室里,打算至死都孤身过活了,因为她刚才给坚定的术婚者作了最后的回答。“咱们彼此永远忘记吧,”她说,“现在干这种事儿,咱们都太老啦。”

      Colonel Gerineldo Márquez had a telegraphic call from Colonel Aureli-ano Buendía that afternoon. It was a routine conversation which was not going to bring about any break in the stagnant war. At the end, Colonel Gerineldo Márquez looked at the desolate streets, the crystal water on the almond trees, and he found himself lost in solitude


      "Aureli-ano," he said sadly on the key, "it's raining in Macondo."


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