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      经典名句-英文:It's enough for me to be sure that you and I are here at this moment.



      The situation again became as tense as it had been during the months that preceded the first war. The cockfights, instituted by the mayor himself, were suspended. Captain Aquiles Ricardo, the commander of the garrison, took over the exercise of municipal power. The Liberals looked upon him as a provocateur. "Something terrible is going to happen," úrsula would say to Aureli-ano José. "Don't go out into the street after six o'clock." The entreaties were useless. Aureli-ano José, just like Arcadio in other times, had ceased to belong to her. It was as if his return home, the possibility of existing without concerning himself with everyday necessities, had awakened in him the lewd and lazy leanings of his uncle José Arcadio. His passion for Amaranta had been extinguished without leaving any scars. He would drift around, playing pool, easing his solitude with occasional women, sacking the hiding places where úrsula had forgotten her money. He ended up coming home only to change his clothes.


      "They're all alike," úrsula lamented. "At first they behave very well, they're obedient and prompt and they don't seem capable of killing a fly, but as soon as their beards appear they go to ruin." Unlike Arcadio, who had never known his real origins, he found out that he was the son of Pilar Ternera, who had hung up a hammock so that he could take his siesta in her house. More than mother and son, they were accomplices in solitude. Pilar Ternera had lost the trail of all hope. Her laugh had taken on the tones of an organ, her breasts had succumbed to the tedium of endless caressing, her stomach and her thighs had been the victims of her irrevocable fate as a shared woman, but her heart grew old without bitterness. Fat, talkative, with the airs of a matron in disgrace, she renounced the sterile illusions of her cards and found peace and consolation in other people's loves. In the house where Aureli-ano José took his siesta, the girls from the neighborhood would receive their casual lovers. "Lend me your room, Pilar," they would simply say when they were already inside. "Of course," Pilar would answer.

      “他们都是一个样,”乌苏娜抱怨说。“起初,他们规矩、听话、正经,好象连苍蝇都不欺负,可只要一长胡子,马上就去作孽啦。”阿卡蒂奥始终都不知道自己的真实出身,奥雷连诺。霍塞却跟他不同,知道他的母亲是皮拉。苔列娜。她甚至在自个儿屋里悬了个吊铺给他睡午觉。他俩不仅是母亲和儿子,而且是孤独中的伙伴。在皮拉·苔列娜心中,最后一点希望的火星也熄灭了。她的笑声已经低得象风琴的音响;她的乳房已经由于别人胡乱的抚弄而耷拉下去;她的肚子和大腿也象妓 女一样,遭到了百般的蹂躏;不过,她的心虽已衰老,却无痛苦。她身体发胖,喜欢叨咕,成了不讨人喜欢的女人,已经不再用纸牌顶卜毫无结果的希望,而在别人的爱情里寻求安宁和慰藉了。奥雷连诺·霍塞午休的房子,是邻居姑娘们和临时的情人幽会之所。“借用一下你的房间吧,皮拉,”她们走进房间,不客气他说。“请吧,”皮拉回答。

      And if anyone was present she would explain. "I'm happy knowing that people are happy in bed.


      She never charged for the service. She never refused the favor, just as she never refused the countless men who sought her out, even in the twilight of her maturity, without giving her money or love and only occasionally pleasure. Her five daughters, who inherited a burning seed, had been lost on the byways of life since adolescence. Of the two sons she managed to raise, one died fighting in the forces of Colonel Aureli-ano Buendía and the other was wounded and captured at the age of fourteen when he tried to steal a crate of chickens in a town in the swamp. In a certain way, Aureli-ano José was the tall, dark man who had been promised her for half a century by the king of hearts, and like all men sent by the cards he reached her heart when he was already stamped with the mark of death. She saw it in the cards.


      "Don't go out tonight," she told him. "Stay and sleep here because Carmelita Montiel is getting tired of asking me to put her in your room."


      Aureli-ano José did not catch the deep feeling of begging that was in the offer.


      "Tell her to wait for me at midnight" he said. He went to the theater, where a Spanish company was putting on The Dagger of the Fox, which was really Zorzilla's play with the title changed by order of Captain Aquiles Ricardo, because the Liberals called the Conservatives Goths. Only when he handed in his ticket at the door did Aureli-ano José realize that Captain Aquiles Ricardo and two soldiers armed with rifles were searching the audience.


      "Be careful, captain," Aureli-ano José warned him. "The man hasn't been born yet who can lay hands on me." The captain tried to search him forcibly and Aureli-ano José, who was unarmed, began to run. The soldiers disobeyed the order to shoot. "He's a Buendía," one of them explained. Blind with rage, the captain then snatched away the rifle, stepped into the center of the street, and took aim."

      “当心点吧,上尉,”奥雷连诺·霍塞提出警告,“能够向我举手的人还没出世咧。”上尉试图强迫搜查他,没带武器的奥雷连诺·霍塞拔腿就跑。士兵们没有服从开枪的命令。“他是布恩蒂亚家的人嘛,”其中一个士兵解释。于是,狂怒的上尉拿起一支步 枪,冲到街道中间,立即瞄准。

      "Cowards!" he shouted. "I only wish it was Colonel Aureli-ano Buendía."


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