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      1. SPRITE


      If you're looking for something to nurse your hangover, skip the Bloody Mary. A team ofChinese researchers found that Xue bi, the Chinese version of Sprite, is actually the bestbeverage to combat the lingering side-effects of alcohol. Of the 57 drinks tested, Sprite wasthe best at helping enzymes break down acetaldehyde, the metabolized version of ethanolthat's blamed for some of the nastiest hangover symptoms.


      2. EGGS


      The best way to tackle a hangover with food is to eat while you drink. Chowing down after thedamage has already been done may distract you from your turmoil for a short while, but itwon't soothe your physical symptoms. There are a few exceptions: Eggs, for example, havehangover-fighting potential thanks to a special ingredient. The food is packed with cysteine, an amino acid that breaks down the drinking byproduct acetaldehyde. So whether you preferto enjoy brunch out or at home, make sure your meal includes eggs in some form.


      3. PEDIALYTE


      Although not the primary cause of your hangover, one of the many ways alcohol can leaveyou feeling worse for wear the morning after is dehydration. Alcohol is a diuretic—it makesyou pee a lot more than you would otherwise. If your fluids are depleted when you go to bed, you can expect to wake up feeling groggy, achy, and all-around not your best. Water is thesimplest fix for dehydration, but for more extreme cases, there's Pedialyte. The drink wasoriginally developed to rehydrate kids sick from vomiting and diarrhea, but it's marketed as ahangover treatment for adults as well. It contains nutrients, sodium, and other electrolytes—allthings that can nurture your body when it's dehydrated. It won't cure the hangover, but itmight help alleviate the worst of it.




      While you're at it, put some honey on toast next to your omelet. According to Britain's RoyalSociety of Chemistry, while it won't cure a hangover, the breakfast can help alleviate thesymptoms. "The best breakfast is toast and honey (or golden syrup) which provides the bodywith the sodium, potassium, and fructose which it now needs." The BBC talked to a juniordoctor about this hangover remedy, and he recommended adding banana. While he cautionsit's an acquired taste, the doctor explained, "Bananas are a high source of potassium—anelectrolyte that gets depleted when you go out on the binge. The honey will give you that spikeof sugar in your bloodstream and that energy rush to help you get back on your feet."


      5. MUSIC


      Anyone who's ever suffered through a massive hangover knows that sound is the enemy. Butwhile your roommate's 9 am tap dancing practice might exacerbate your symptoms, musicmay have the opposite effect. Research has shown that listening to music can provide relief tomigraines, which are similar to hangover headaches. As long as the music is pleasant and suitsyour taste, it should help to drown out the chorus of pain playing in your mind. Headsensitivity isn't the only symptom music helps with: According to researchers at theUniversity of Edinburgh, listening to your favorite music also eases pain.




      If your first move when you're hungover is to reach for a bottle of aspirin, you have the rightidea. Anti-inflammatory drugs may not do much to stop the underlying causes of yourcondition, but they can suppress your symptoms long enough for you to get out of bed withoutfeeling like your head's been replaced with an anvil. On top of easing headaches and musclepain, there's another reason these pills are good for hangovers: They may directly combatalcohol's inflammatory effects. But there's one over-the-counter painkiller you should nevertake while or after consuming alcohol, and that's Tylenol. Any drug that uses acetaminophenwill only further abuse your recovering liver.




      Have some extra Asian pears at home? Run them through your juicer before your next nightout. According to researchers at Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial ResearchOrganisation, just 7.4 ounces of Asian pear juice is enough to soften the blow of a hangover. The scientists say that the juice interacts with enzymes that break down alcohol, speeding upyour metabolism and leaving less surplus alcohol for your body to absorb. There's just onecatch: The juice must be consumed before you drink anything else in order to be effective.


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