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      经典名句-英文:All brilliant that has appeared in life will eventu ally be rapaid for lonely

      经典名句-译文:生命 中曾经有过的所有灿烂,终究都要用寂寞来偿还


      As he was speaking he reached into his bodice and took out a small gold fish. "I think that this will be sufficient," he said. Arcadio could see that indeed it was one of the little fishes made by Colonel Aureliano Buendía. But anyone could have bought it before the war or stolen it, and it had no merit as a safe-conduct pass. The messenger even went to the extreme of violating a military secret so that they would believe his identity. He revealed that he was on a mission to Curao, where he hoped to recruit exiles from all over the Caribbean and acquire arms and supplies sufficient to attempt a landing at the end of the year. With faith in that plan, Colonel Aureliano Buendía was not in favor of any useless sacrifices at that time. But Arcadio was inflexible. He had the prisoner put into the stocks until he could prove his identity and he resolved to defend the town to the death.


      He did not have long to wait. The news of the Liberal defeat was more and more concrete. Toward the end of March, before a dawn of premature rain, the tense calm of the previous weeks was abruptly broken by the desperate sounds of a cornet and a cannon shot that knocked down the steeple of the church. Actually, Arcadio's decision to resist was madness. He had only fifty poorly armed men with a ration of twenty cartridges apiece. But among them, his former pupils, excited by the high-sounding proclamations, the determination reigned to sacrifice their skins for a lost cause. In the midst of the tramping of boots, contradictory commands, cannon shots that made the earth tremble, wild shooting, and the senseless sound of cornets, the supposed Colonel Stevenson managed to speak to Arcadio. "Don't let me undergo the indignity of dying in the stocks in these women's clothes," he said to him. "If I have to die, let me die fighting." He succeeded in convincing him. Arcadio ordered them to give him a weapon and twentycartridges, and he left him with five men to defend headquarters while he went off with his staff to head up the resistance. He did not get to the road to the swamp. The barricades had been broken and the defenders were openly fighting in the streets, first until they used up their ration of rifle bullets, then with pistols against rifles, and finally hand to hand. With the imminence of defeat, some women went into the street armed with sticks and kitchen knives. In that confusion Arcadio found Amaranta, who was looking for him like a madwoman, in her nightgown and with two old pistols that had belonged to José Arcadio Buendía. He gave his rifle to an officer who had been disarmed in the fight and escaped with Amaranta through a nearby street to take her home. úrsula was, in the doorway waiting, indifferent to the cannon shots that had opened up a hole in the front of the house next door. The rain was letting up, but the streets were as slippery and as smooth as melted soap, and one had to guess distancesin the darkness. Arcadio left Amaranta with úrsula and made an attempt to face two soldiers who had opened up with heavy firing from the corner. The old pistols that had been kept for many years in the bureau did not work. Protecting Arcadio with her body, úrsula tried to drag him toward the house.

      没等多久。自由党人失败的消息就越来越可信了。三月底的一天晚上,不合节令的雨水提前泼到马孔多街上的时候,前几个星期紧张的宁静突然被撕心裂肺的号声冲破了,接着,隆隆的炮击摧毁了教堂的钟楼。其实决定抵抗纯粹是疯狂的打算。阿卡蒂奥指挥的总共是五十个人,装备很差,每人顶多只有二十发子 弹。诚然,在这些人当中有他学校里的学生,在他漂亮的号召激励之下,他们准备为了毫无希望的事情牺牲自己的性命。炮声隆隆,震天动地,只能听到零乱的射击声、靴子的践踏声、矛盾的命令声、毫无意义的号声;这时,自称史蒂文森上校的人,终于跟阿卡蒂奥谈了一次话。“别让我戴着镣铐、穿着女人的衣服可耻地死,”他说,“如果我非死不可,那就让我在战斗中死吧,”他的话说服了阿卡蒂奥。阿卡蒂奥命令自己的人给了他一支枪和二十发子 弹,让他和五个人留下来保卫兵营,自己就带着参谋人员去指挥战斗。阿卡蒂奥还没走到通往沼地的路上,马孔多镇口的防栅就被摧毁了,保卫市镇的人已在街上作战,从一座房子跑到另一座房子;起初,子 弹没有打完时,他们拿步 枪射击,然后就用手枪对付敌人的步 枪了,最后发生了白刃战。失败的危急情况迫使许多妇女都拿着棍捧和菜刀奔到街上。在一片混乱中,阿卡蒂奥看见了阿玛兰塔,她正在找他:她穿着一个睡衣,手里握着霍·阿·布恩蒂亚的两支旧式手枪,活象一个疯子。阿卡蒂奥把步 枪交给一个在战斗中失掉武器的军官,带着阿玛兰塔穿过近旁的一条小街,想把她送回家去。乌苏娜不顾炮弹的呼啸,在门口等候,其中一发炮弹把邻舍的正面打穿了一个窟窿。雨停了街道滑溜溜的,好似融化的肥皂,在夜的黑暗里只能摸索前进。阿卡蒂奥把阿玛兰塔交给乌苏娜,转身就向两个敌兵射击,因为那两个敌兵正从旁边的角落里向他开火。在橱里放了多年的手枪没有打响。乌苏娜用身体挡住阿卡蒂奥,打算把他推到房子里去。

      "Come along in the name of God," she shouted at him. "There's been enough madness!"


      The soldiers aimed at them.


      "Let go of that man, ma'am," one of them shouted, "or we won't be responsible!"


      Arcadio pushed úrsula toward the house and surrendered. A short time later the shooting stopped and the bells began to toll. The resistance had been wiped out in less than half an hour. Not a single one of Arcadio's men had survived the attack, but before dying they had killed three hundred soldiers. The last stronghold was the barracks. Before being attacked, the supposed Colonel Gregorio Stevenson had freed the prisoners and ordered his men to go out and fight in the street. The extraordinary mobility and accurate aim with which he placed his twenty cartridges gave the impression that the barracks was well-defended, and the attackers blew it to pieces with cannon fire. The captain who directed the operation was startled to find the rubble deserted and a single dead man in his undershorts with an empty rifle still clutched in an arm that had been blown completely off. He had a woman's full head of hair held at the neck with a comb and on his neck a chain with a small gold fish. When he turned him over withthe tip of his boot and put the light on his face, the captain was perplexed. "Jesus Christ," he exclaimed. Other officers came over.

      阿卡蒂奥推开乌苏娜,投降了。过了一阵,枪声停息,钟声响了起来。总共半小时,抵抗就被镇压下去了。阿卡蒂奥的人没有一个幸存。但在牺牲之前,他们勇敢地抗击了三百名敌兵。兵营成了他们的最后一个据点。政府军已经准备猛攻。自称格列戈里奥·史蒂文森的人,释放了囚犯,命令自己的人离开兵营,到街上去战斗。他从几个窗口射击,异常灵活,准确无误,打完了自己的二十发子 弹使人觉得这个兵营是有防御力量的,于是进攻者就用大炮摧毁了它。指挥作战的上尉惊讶地发现,瓦砾堆里只有一个穿着衬裤的死人。炮弹打断的一只手还握着一支步 枪,弹 夹已经空了;死人的头发又密又长,好象女人的头发,用梳子别在脑后;他的脖子上挂着一根链条,链条上有条小金鱼。上尉用靴尖翻过尸体,一看死者的面孔,就惊得发呆了。“我的上帝!”他叫了一声。其他的军官走拢过来。

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