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      经典名句-英文:We all die. The goal isn't to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.



      THE WAR was over in May. Two weeks before the government made the official announcement in a high-sounding proclamation, which promised merciless punishment for those who had started the rebellion, Colonel Aureliano Buendía fell prisoner just as he was about to reach the western frontier disguised as an Indian witch doctor. Of the twenty-one men who had followed him to war, fourteen fell in combat, six were wounded, and only one accompanied him at the moment of final defeat: Colonel Gerineldo Márquez. The news of his capture was announced in Macondo with a special proclamation. "He's alive," úrsula told her husband. "Let's pray to God for his enemies to show him clemency." After three days of weeping, one afternoon as she was stirring some sweet milk candy in the kitchen she heard her son's voice clearly in her ear. "It was Aureliano, " she shouted, running toward the chestnut tree to tell her husband the news. "I don't know how the miracle took place, but he's alive and we're going to see him very soon."She took it for granted. She had the floors of the house scrubbed and changed the position of the furniture. One week later a rumor from somewhere that was not supported by any proclamation gave dramatic confirmation to the prediction. Colonel Aureliano Buendía had been condemned to death and the sentence would be carried out in Macondo as a lesson to the population. On Monday, at tenthirty in the morning, Amaranta was dressing Aureliano José when she heard the sound of a distant troop and the blast of a cornet one second before úrsula burst into the room with the shout: "They're bringing him now!" The troop struggled to subdue the overflowing crowd with their rifle butts. úrsula and Amaranta ran to the corner, pushing their way through, and then they saw him. He looked like a beggar. His clothing was torn, his hair and beard were tangled, and he was barefoot. He was walking without feeling the burning dust, his hands tied behind his back with a rope that a mounted officer had attached to the head of his horse. Along with him, also ragged and defeated, they were bringing Colonel Gerineldo Márquez.

      五月里,战争结束了。政府在言过其实的公告中正式宣布了这个消息,说要严惩叛乱的祸首;在这之前两个星期,奥雷连诺上校穿上印第安巫医的衣服,几乎已经到达西部边境,但是遭到了逮捕。他出去作战的时候,带了二十一个人,其中十四人阵亡,六人负伤,在最后一次战斗中跟他一起的只有一个人——格林列尔多·马克斯上校。奥雷连诺上校被捕的消息是特别在马孔多宣布的。“他还活着,”乌苏娜向丈夫说。“但愿敌人对他发发慈悲。”她为儿子痛哭了三天,到了第四天下午,她在厨房里制作奶油蜜饯时,清楚地听到了儿子的声音。“这是奥雷连诺,”她一面叫,一面跑去把消息告诉丈夫。“我不知道这个奇迹是咋个出现的,可他还活着,咱们很快就会见到他啦。”乌苏娜相信这是肯定的。她吩咐擦洗了家里的地板,重新布置了家具。过了一个星期,不知从哪儿来的消息(这一次没有发表公告),可悲地证实了她的预言。奥雷连诺已经判处死刑,将在马孔多执行,借以恐吓该镇居民。星期一早上,约莫十点半钟,阿玛兰塔正在给奥雷连诺·霍塞穿衣服,乱七八糟的喧哗声和号声忽然从远处传到她耳里,过了片刻,乌苏娜冲进屋来叫道:“他们把他押来啦!”在蜂拥的人群中,士兵们用枪 托开辟道路,乌苏娜和阿玛兰塔挤过密集的人群,到了邻近的一条街上,便看见了奥雷连诺。奥雷连诺象个叫花子,光着脚丫,衣服褴楼,满脸胡子,蓬头垢面。他行进的时候,并没感到灼热的尘土烫脚。他的双手是用绳子捆绑在背后的,绳端攥在一个骑马的军官手里。跟他一起押着前进的是格林列尔多·马克斯上校,也是衣衫破烂、肮里肮脏的样子。

      They were not sad. They seemed more disturbed by the crowd that was shouting all kinds of insults at the troops.


      "My son!" úrsula shouted in the midst of the uproar, and she slapped the soldier who tried to hold her back. The officer's horse reared. Then Colonel Aureliano Buendía stopped, tremulous, avoided the arms of his mother, and fixed a stern look on her eyes.


      "Go home, Mama," he said. "Get permission from the authorities to come see me in jail."


      He looked at Amaranta, who stood indecisively two steps behind úrsula, and he smiled as he asked her, "What happened to your hand?" Amaranta raised the hand with the black bandage. "A burn," she said, and took úrsula away so that the horses would not run her down. The troop took off. A special guard surrounded the prisoners and took them to the jail at a trot.


      At dusk úrsula visited Colonel Aureliano Buendía in jail. She had tried to get permission through Don Apolinar Moscote, but he had lost all authority in the face of the military omnipotence. Father Nicanor was in bed with hepatic fever. The parents of Colonel Gerineldo Márquez, who had not been condemned to death, had tried to see him and were driven off with rifle butts. Facing the impossibility of finding anyone to intervene, convinced that her son would be shot at dawn, úrsula wrapped up the things she wanted to bring him and went to the jail alone.

      傍晚,乌苏娜前来探望奥雷连诺上校。她本想在阿·摩斯柯特先生帮助下预先得到允许,可是现在全部仅力都集中在军人手里,他的话没有任何分量。尼康诺神父肝病发作,已经躺在床上了。格林列尔多。 马克斯上校没有判处死刑,他的双亲算看望儿子,但是卫兵却用枪 托把他俩赶走了。乌苏娜看出无法找中间人帮忙,而且相信天一亮奥雷连诺就会处决,于是就把她想给他的东西包上,独个儿前往兵营。

      "I am the mother of Colonel Aureliano Buendía," she announced.


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