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      经典名句-英文:science shortens the distance.



      Before Arcadio had time to read she let go with the first blow of the lash. "I dare you to, murderer!" she shouted. "And kill me too, son of an evil mother. That way I won't have the eyes to weep for the shame of having raised a monster." Whipping him without mercy, she chased him to the back of the courtyard, where Arcadio curled up like a snail in its shell. Don Apolinar Moscote was unconscious, tied to the post where previously they had had the scarecrow that had been cut to pieces by shots fired in fun. The boys in the squad scattered, fearful that úrsula would go after them too. But she did not even look at them. She left Arcadio with his uniform torn, roaring with pain and rage, and she untied Don Apolinar Moscote and took him home. Before leaving the headquarters she released the prisoners from the stocks.

      阿卡蒂奥还没清醒过来,她已拿粗大的牛筋鞭给了他一下子。“你敢,杀人犯,”她喝道。“你也杀死我吧,你这婊子养的。那样,我起码用不着因为喂大了你这个怪物而惭愧得流泪了。”她无情地追着阿卡蒂奥抽打,直到他躲在院中最远的一个角落里,象蜗牛似的蜷缩在那儿。绑在柱子上的阿·摩斯柯特先生已经失去知觉,在这之前,柱子上挂着一个被子  弹打穿了许多窟窿的稻草人。行刑的小伙子们四散奔逃,生怕乌苏娜也拿他们出气。可她看都不看他们一眼。阿卡蒂奥的制服已经扯破,他又痛又恼,大声狂叫;乌苏娜把他撇在一边,就去松开阿·摩斯柯特先生,领他回家。但在离开兵营之前,她把戴着脚镣的犯人都给放了。

      From that time on she was the one who ruled in the town. She reestablished Sunday masses, suspended the use of red armbands, and abrogated the harebrained decrees. But in spite of her strength, she still wept over her unfortunate fate. She felt so much alone that she sought the useless company of her husband, who had been forgotten under the chestnut tree. "Look what we've come to," she would tell him as the June rains threatened to knock the shelter down. "Look at the empty house, our children scattered all over the world, and the two of us alone again, the same as in the beginning." José Arcadio Buendía, sunk in an abyss of unawareness, was deaf to her lamentations. At the beginning of his madness he would announce his daily needs with urgent Latin phrases. In fleeting clear spells of lucidity, when Amaranta would bring him his meals he would tell her what bothered him most and would accept her sucking glasses and mustard plasters in a docile way. But at the time when úrsula went to lament by his side hehad lost all contact with reality. She would bathe him bit by bit as he sat on his stool while she gave him news of the family. "Aureliano went to war more than four months ago and we haven't heard anything about him," she would say, scrubbing his back with a soaped brush. "José Arcadio came back a big man, taller than you, and all covered with needle-work, but he only brought shame to our house." She thought she noticed, however, that her husband would grow sad with the bad news. Then she decided to lie to him. 'Rou won't believe what I'm going to tell you," she said as she threw ashes over his excrement in order to pick it up with the shovel. "God willed that José Arcadio and Rebeca should get married, and now they're very happy." She got to be so sincere in the deception that she ended up by consoling herself with her own lies. "Arcadio is a serious man now," she said, "and very brave, and a fine-looking young man with his uniform and saber." It was like speaking to a dead man, for José Arcadio Buendíawas already beyond the reach of any worry. But she insisted. He seemed so peaceful, so indifferent to everything that she decided to release him. He did not even move from his stool. He stayed there, exposed to the sun and the rain, as if the thongs were unnecessary, for a dominion superior to any visible bond kept him tied to the trunk of the chestnut tree. Toward August, when winter began to last forever, úrsula was finally able to give him a piece of news that sounded like the truth.

      从这时起,乌苏娜开始掌管这个市镇。她恢复了星期日的弥撒,取消了红色臂章,宣布阿卡蒂奥轻率的命令无效。乌苏娜虽然表现勇敢,心中却悲叹自己的命运。她感到自己那么孤独,就去找被忘在栗树下的丈夫,向他无用地诉苦。“你瞧,咱们到了什么地步啦,”她向他说;周围是六月里的雨声,雨水很有冲毁棕榈棚的危险。“咱们的房子空啦,儿女们四分五散啦,象最初那样,又是咱们两人了。”可是,霍·阿·布恩蒂亚精神错乱,对她的抱怨听而不闻。最初丧失理智的时候,他还用半通不通的拉丁语说说日常生活的需要。在短暂的神志清醒当中,阿玛兰塔给他送饮食来的时候,他还向她诉说自己最大的痛苦,顺从地让她给他拨火罐、抹芥末膏。可是,乌苏娜开始到栗树下来诉苦时,他已失去了跟现实生活的一切联系。他坐在板凳上,乌苏娜一点一点地给他擦身,同时就谈家里的事。“奥雷连诺出去打仗,已经四个多月啦,我们一点都不知道他的消息,”她一面说,一面用抹了肥皂的刷子给丈夫擦背。“霍·阿卡蒂奥回来了,长得比你还高,全身刺满了花纹,可他只给我们家丢脸。”她觉得坏消息会使丈夫伤心,于是决定向他撒谎。“你别相信我刚才告诉你的话吧,”说着,她拿灰撒在他的粪便上,然后用铲子把它铲了起来。“感谢上帝,霍·阿卡蒂奥和雷贝卡结婚啦,现在他们挺幸福。”她学会了把假话说得十分逼真,自己也终于在捏造中寻得安慰。“阿卡蒂奥已经是个正经的人,很勇敢,穿上制服挺神气,还配带了一把军  刀。”这等于跟死人说话,因为已经没有什么能使霍·阿·布恩蒂亚愉快和悲哀了。可是,乌苏娜继续跟丈夫唠叨。他是那么驯顺,对一切都很冷淡,她就决定给他松绑。松了绳子的霍·阿·布恩蒂亚,在板凳上动都不动一下。他就那么日晒雨淋,仿佛绳子没有任何意义,因为有一种比眼睛能够看见的绳索更强大的力量把他拴在粟树上。八月间,大家已经开始觉得战争将要永远拖延下去的时候,乌苏娜终于把她认为真实的消息告诉了大夫。

      "Would you believe it that good luck is still pouring down on us?" she told him. "Amaranta and the pianola Italian are going to get married."


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