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      经典名句-英文:science shortens the distance.



      COLONEL AURELIANO BUENDíA organized thirty--two armed uprisings and he lost them all. He had seventeen male children by seventeen different women and they were exterminated one after the other on a single night before the oldest one had reached the age of thirty-five. He survived fourteen attempts on his life, seventy-three ambushes, and a firing squad. He lived through a dose of strychnine in his coffee that was enough to kill a horse. He refused the Order of Merit, which the President of the Republic awarded him. He rose to be Commander in Chief of the revolutionary forces, with jurisdiction and command from one border to the other, and the man most feared by the government, but he never let himself be photographed. He declined the lifetime pension offered him after the war and until old age he made his living from the little gold fishes that he manufactured in his workshop in Macondo. Although he always fought at the head of his men, the only wound that he received was the one he gave himself after signing the Treaty of Neerlandia, which put an end to almost twenty years of civil war. He shot himself in the chest with a pistol and the bullet came out through his back without damaging any vital organ. The only thing left of all that was a street that bore his name in Macondo. And yet, as he declared a few years before he died of old age, he had not expected any of that on the dawn he left with his twenty-one men to join the forces of General Victorio Medina.

      奥雷连诺上校发动了三十二次武装起义,三十二次都遭到了失败。他跟十六个女人生了十七个儿子,这些儿子都在一个晚上接二连三被杀死了,其中最大的还不满三十五岁。他自己遭到过十四次暗杀、七十二次埋伏和一次枪决,但都幸免于难。他喝了一杯掺有士的 宁(注:一种毒 药)的咖啡,剂量足以毒死一匹马,可他也活过来了。他拒绝了共和国总统授予他的荣誉勋章。他曾升为革命军总司令,在全国广大地区拥有生杀予夺之权,成了政府最畏惧的人物,但他从来没有让人给他拍过照。战争结束以后,他拒绝了政府给他的终身养老金,直到年老都在马孔多作坊里制作小金鱼为生。尽管他作战时经常身先士卒,但他唯一的伤却是他亲手造成的,那是结束二十年内战的尼兰德投降书签订之后的事。他用手枪朝自己的胸膛开了一枪,子 弹穿过脊背,可是没有击中要害。这一切的结果不过是马扎多的一条街道拿他命了名。然而,据他自己寿终之前不久承认,那天早晨,他率领二十一人的队伍离开马孔多,去投奔维克多里奥·麦丁纳将军的部队时,他是没有想到这些的。

      "We leave Macondo in your care." was all that he said to Arcadio before leaving. "We leave it to you in good shape, try to have it in better shape when we return."


      Arcadio gave a very personal interpretation to the instructions. He invented a uniform with the braid and epaulets of a marshal, inspired by the prints in one of Melquíades' books, and around his waist he buckled the saber with gold tassels that had belonged to the executed captain. He set up the two artillery pieces at the entrance to town, put uniforms on his former pupils, who had been amused by his fiery proclamations, and let them wander through the streets armed in order to give outsiders an impression of invulnerability. It was a doubleedged deception, for the government did not dare attack the place for ten months, but when it did it unleashed such a large force against it that resistance was liquidated in a half hour. From the first day of his rule Arcadio revealed his predilection for decrees. He would read as many as four a day in order to decree and institute everything that came into his head. He imposed obligatory military service for men over eighteen, declared to be public property any animals walking the streets after six in the evening, and made men who were overage wear red armbands. He sequestered Father Nicanor in the parish house under pain of execution and prohibited him from saying mass or ringing the bells unless it was for a Liberal victory. In order that no one would doubt the severity of his aims, he ordered a firing squad organized in the square and had it shoot at a scarecrow. At first no one took him seriously. They were, after all, schoolchildren playing at being grownups. But one night, when Arcadio went into Catarino's store, the trumpeter in the group greeted him with a fanfare that made the customers laugh and Arcadio had him shot for disrespect for the authorities. People who protested were put on bread and water with their ankles in a set of stocks that he had set up in a schoolroom. "You murderer!" úrsula would shout at him every time she learned of some new arbitrary act. "When Aureliano finds out he's going to shoot you and I'll be the first one to be glad." But it was of no use. Arcadio continued tightening the tourniquet with unnecessary rigor until he became the cruelest ruler that Macondo had ever known. "Now let them suffer the difference," Don Apolinar Moscote said on one occasion. "This is the Liberal paradise." Arcadio found out about it. At the head of a patrol he assaulted the house, destroyed the furniture, flogged the daughters, and dragged out Don Apolinar Moscote. When úrsula burst into the courtyard of headquarters, after having gone through the town shouting shame and brandishing with rage a pitch-covered whip, Arcadio himself was preparing to give the squad the command to fire.

      阿卡蒂奥对这个指示作了十分独特的解释。他看了梅尔加德斯书里的彩色插图,受到启发,就给自己设计了一套制服,制服上面配了元帅的饰带和肩章,并且在腰边挂了一把带有金色穗子的军 刀;这把军 刀本来是属于那个已经被枪决的上尉的。然后,他在市镇人口处安了两门大炮,鼓动他以往的学生,叫他们穿上军服,把他们武装起来,让他们耀武扬威地走过街头,使人从旁看出这个镇子是坚不可摧的。其实,这个鬼把戏未必有用:的确,几乎整整一年,政府不敢发出进攻马孔多的命令,可是最终决定大举猛攻这个镇子时,半小时之内就把抵抗镇压下去了。阿卡蒂奥在执掌政权之初,对发号施令表现了很大的爱好。有时,他一天发布四项命令,想干什么就干什么。他规定年满十八岁的人都须服兵役,宣布晚上六时以后出现在街上的牲畜为公共财产,强迫中年男人戴上红臂章。他把尼康诺神父关在家里,禁止外出,否则枪毙:只有在庆祝自由党胜利时,才准做弥撒、敲钟。为了让大家知道他并不想说着玩玩,他命令一队士兵在广场上向稻草人练习射击。起初,谁也没有认真看待这些。归根到底,这些士兵不过是假装大人的小学生。有一天晚上,阿卡蒂奥走进卡塔林诺游艺场的时候,乐队小号手故意用军号声欢迎他,引起了哄堂大笑。阿卡蒂奥认为这个号手不尊重新的当局,下令把他枪毙了。那些敢于反对的人,他下令给他们戴上脚镣,把他们关在学校教室里,只让他们喝水、吃面包。“你是杀人犯!”乌苏娜每次听到他的横行霸道,都向他叫嚷。“奥雷连诺知道的时候,他会枪毙你,我第一个高兴。”然而一切都是枉然。阿卡蒂奥继续加强这种毫无必要的酷烈手段,终于成了马孔多不曾有过的暴君。“现在,镇上的人感到不同啦,”阿·摩斯柯特有一次说。“这就是自由党的天堂。”这些话传到了阿卡蒂奥耳里。他领着一队巡逻兵,闯进阿。摩斯柯特的住所,砸毁家具,抽打他的几个女儿,而把过去的镇长沿着街道朝兵营拖去。乌苏娜知道了这伴事情,非常惭愧,狂喊乱叫,愤怒地挥着树脂浸透的鞭子,撒腿奔过市镇;当她冲进兵营院子的时候,士兵们已经站好了枪毙阿·摩斯柯特先生的队列,阿卡蒂奥准备亲自发出“开枪”的命令。

      "I dare you to, bastard!" úrsula shouted.


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