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      经典名句-英文:science shortens the distance.



      Only six months later did Aureliano learn that the doctor had given up on him as a man of action because he was a sentimental person with no future, with a passive character, and a definite solitary vocation. They tried to keep him surrounded, fearing that he would betray the conspiracy. Aureliano calmed them down: he would not say a word, but on the night they went to murder the Moscote family they would find him guarding the door. He showed such a convincing decision that the plan was postponed for an indefinite date. It was during those days that úrsula asked his opinion about the marriage between Pietro Crespi and Amaranta, and he answered that these were not times to be thinking about such a thing. For a week he had been carrying an old-fashioned pistol under his shirt. He kept his eyes on his friends. In the afternoon he would go have coffee with José Arcadio and Rebeca, who had begun to put their house in order, and from seven o'clock on he would play dominoes with his father-in-law. At lunchtime hewas chatting with Arcadio, who was already a huge adolescent, and he found him more and more excited over the imminence of war. In school, where Arcadio had pupils older than himself mixed in with children who were barely beginning to talk, the Liberal fever had caught on. There was talk of shooting Father Nicanor, of turning the church into a school, of instituting free love. Aureliano tried to calm down his drive. He recommended discretion and prudence to him. Deaf to his calm reasoning, to his sense of reality, Arcadio reproached him in public for his weakness of character. Aureliano waited. Finally, in the beginning of December, úrsula burst into the workshop all upset.


      "War's broken out!"


      War, in fact, had broken out three months before. Martial law was in effect in the whole country. The only one who knew it immediately was Don Apolinar Moscote, but he did not give the news even to his wife while the army platoon that was to occupy the town by surprise was on its way. They entered noiselessly before dawn, with two pieces of light artillery drawn by mules, and they set up their headquarters in the school. A 6 P.M. curfew was established. A more drastic search than the previous one was undertaken, house by house, and this time they even took farm implements. They dragged out Dr. Noguera, tied him to a tree in the square, and shot him without any due process of law. Father Nicanor tried to impress the military authorities with the miracle of levitation and had his head split open by the butt of a soldier's rifle. The Liberal exaltation had been extinguished into a silent terror. Aureliano, pale, mysterious, continued playing dominoes with his father-in-law. He understood that in spite of his present title of civil and military leader of the town, Don Apolinar Moscote was once more a figurehead. The decisions were made by the army captain, who each morning collected an extraordinary levy for the defense of public order. Four soldiers under his command snatched a woman who had been bitten by a mad dog from her family and killed her with their rifle butts. One Sunday, two weeks after the occupation, Aureliano entered Gerineldo Márquez's house and with his usual terseness asked for a mug of coffee without sugar. When the two of them were alone in the kitchen, Aureliano gave his voice an authority that had never been heard before. "Get the boys ready," he said. "We're going to war." Gerineldo Márquez did not believe him.

      其实,战争已经进行了三个月。全国都处于战时状态。马孔多只有阿·摩斯柯特先生一个人及时知道了这个消息,但他甚至避免把它告诉自己的妻子,直到奉命进入这个市镇的军队突然来临。士兵们是在拂晓之前悄悄地进来的,带着骡子拉的两门轻炮,把指挥所设在学校里,宣布下午六时以后为戒严时间。他们在每座房子里都进行了比前次更严厉的搜查——这一次连农具都给拿走了。他们从房子里拖出诺格拉医生,把他绑在市镇广场的一棵树上,未经审讯就将他枪决了。尼康诺神父试图用“升空”的奇迹影响这帮军人,可是一个士兵却拿枪 托敲他的脑袋。自由党人的激烈情绪消失了,变成了无声的恐怖。奥雷连诺脸色苍白,神秘莫测。继续跟岳父玩多米诺骨牌。他明白,阿·摩斯柯特先生虽然拥有市镇军政长官的头衔,但又成了有名无实的镇长。一切都是指挥警备队的一个上尉决定的,他每天早上都想出一种新鲜的特别税,以满足公共秩序保卫者的需要。他的四个士兵从一户人家拖出疯狗咬伤的一个女人,就在街道中间用枪 托把她打死了。市镇被占之后过了两周的一个星期天,奥雷连诺走进格林列尔多·马克斯的住所,象往常一样温和地要了一杯无糖的咖啡。他俩单独呆在厨房里的时候,奥雷连诺用他从来没有过的威严口吻说,“叫朋友们准备吧,咱们要去打仗啦。”格林列尔多·马克斯不相信他的话。

      "With what weapons?" he asked.


      "With theirs," Aureliano replied.


      Tuesday at midnight in a mad operation, twenty-one men under the age of thirty commanded by Aureliano Buendía, armed with table knives and sharpened tools, took the garrison by surprise, seized the weapons, and in the courtyard executed the captain and the four soldiers who had killed the woman.


      That same night, while the sound of the firing squad could be heard, Arcadio was named civil and military leader of the town. The married rebels barely had time to take leave of their wives, whom they left to their our devices. They left at dawn, cheered by the people who had been liberated from the terror, to join the forces of the revolutionary general Victorio Medina, who, according to the latest reports, was on his way to Manaure. Before leaving, Aureliano brought Don Apolinar Moscote out of a closet. "Rest easy, father-in-law," he told him. "The new government guarantees on its word of honor your personal safety and that of your family." Don Apolinar Moscote had trouble identifying that conspirator in high boots and with a rifle slung over his shoulder with the person he had played dominoes with until nine in the evening.

      就在那天夜里,广场上还传来行刑队枪声的时候,阿卡蒂奥被任命为马孔多的军政长官。那些已有家室的暴动者几乎没有时间跟妻子告别,就让她们听天由命了。黎明时分,在摆脱了恐怖的居民们欢呼之下,奥雷连诺的队伍离开马孔多,去同革命将军维克多里奥·麦丁纳的部队会合,据最近的消息,他的部队正向马诺尔移动。在离开之前,奥雷连诺从一个衣橱里把阿·摩斯柯特先生拉了出来。“别怕,岳父,”他说,“*府说话算数,保证您和全家的人身安全。”阿·摩斯柯特先生好不容易才闹明白,这个脚穿高统皮靴、肩挎步 枪的暴动分子,就是经常跟他玩多米诺骨牌玩到晚上九点的女婿。

      "This is madness, Aurelito," he exclaimed.


      "Not madness," Aureliano said. "War. And don't call me Aurelito any more. Now I'm Colonel Aureliano Buendía."


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