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      经典名句-译文:the god of death has followed his footsteps, sniffing his whereabouts, but not yet determined to give him the final blow.


      A greater obstacle, as impassable as it was unforeseen, obliged a new and indefinite postponement. One week before the date set for the wedding, little Remedios woke up in the middle of the night soaked in a hot broth which had exploded in her insides with a kind of tearing belch, and she died three days later, poisoned by her own blood, with a pair of twins crossed in her stomach. Amarante suffered a crisis of conscience. She had begged God with such fervor for something fearful to happen so that she would not have to poison Rebeca that she felt guilty of Remedios' death. That was not the obstacle that she had begged for so much. Remedios had brought a breath of merriment to the house. She had settled down with her husband in a room near the workshop, which she decorated with the dolls and toys of her recent childhood, and her merry vitality overflowed the four walls of the bedroom and went like a whirlwind of good health along the porch with the begonias: She would start singing at dawn. She was the only person who dared intervene in the arguments between Rebeca and Amaranta. She plunged into the fatiguing chore of taking care of José Arcadio Buendía. She would bring him his food, she would help him with his daily necessities, wash him with soap and a scrubbing brush, keep his hair and beard free of lice and nits, keep the palm shelter in good condition and reinforce it with waterproof canvas in stormy weather. In her last months she had succeeded in communicating with him in phrases of rudimentary Latin. When the son of Aureliano and Pilar Ternera was born and brought to the house and baptized in an intimate ceremony with the name Aureliano José, Remedios decided that he would be considered their oldest child. Her maternal instinct surprised úrsula. Aureliano, for his part, found in her the justification that he needed to live. He worked all day in his workshop and Remedios would bring him a cup of black coffee in the middle of the morning. They would both visit the Moscotes every night. Aureliano would play endless games of dominoes with his father-in-law while Remedios chatted with her sisters or talked to her mother about more important things. The link with the Buendías consolidated Don Apolinar Moscote's authority in the town. On frequent trips to the capital of the province he succeeded in getting the government to build a school so that Arcadio, who had inherited the educational enthusiasm of his grandfather, could take charge of it. Through persuasion he managed to get the majority of houses painted blue in time for the date of national independence. At the urging of Father Nicanor, he arranged for the transfer of Catarino's store to a back street and he closed down several scandalous establishments that prospered in the center of town. Once he returned with six policemen armed with rifles to whom he entrusted the maintenance of order, and no one remembered the original agreement not to have armed men in the town. Aureliano enjoyed his father-in-law's efficiency. "You're going to get as fat as he is,"his friends would say to him. But his sedentary life, which accentuated his cheekbones and concentrated the sparkle of his eyes, did not increase his weight or alter the parsimony of his character, but, on the contrary, it hardened on his lips the straight line of solitary meditation and implacable decision. So deep was the affection that he and his wife had succeeded in arousing in both their families that when Remedios announced that she was going to have a child. even Rebeca and Amaranta declared a truce in order to knit items in blue wool if it was to be a boy and in pink wool in case it was a girl. She was the last person Arcadio thought about a few years later when he faced the firing squad.

      然而,新的障碍是那么不可预料、难以克服,婚礼又无 限期地推迟了。在雷贝卡和皮埃特罗·克列斯比的婚期之前七天,年轻的雷麦黛丝半夜醒来,浑身被内脏里排出的屎尿湿透,还发出一种打嗝似的声音,三天以后就血中毒死了,——有一对双胞胎横梗在她肚子里。阿玛兰塔受到良心的谴责。她曾热烈祈求上帝降下什么灾难,免得她向雷贝卡下毒,现在她对雷麦黛丝之死感到自己有罪了。她祈求的并不是这样的灾难。雷麦黛丝给家里带来了快活的气氛。她跟丈夫住在作坊旁边的房间里,给整个卧室装饰了不久之前童年时代的木偶和玩具,可是她的欢乐溢出了卧室的四壁,象有益健康的和风拂过秋海棠长廊。太阳一出,她就唱歌。家中只有她一个人敢于干预雷贝卡和阿玛兰塔之间的纷争。为了照拂霍·阿·布恩蒂亚,她承担了不轻的劳动。她送吃的给他,拿肥皂和刷子给他擦擦洗洗,注意他的头发和胡子里不止虱子和虱卵,保持棕榈棚的良好状态,遇到雷雨天气,还给棕榈棚遮上一块不透水的帆布。在生前的最后几个月里,她学会了用粗浅的拉丁语跟霍·阿·布恩蒂亚谈话。奥雷连诺和皮拉·苔列娜的孩子出世以后,给领到了家里,在家庭仪式上命名为奥雷连诺·霍塞,雷麦黛丝决定把他认做自己的大儿子。她做母亲的本能使得乌苏娜吃惊。奥雷连诺在个活上更是需要雷麦黛丝的。他整天在作坊里干活,雷麦黛丝每天早晨部给他送去一杯黑咖啡。每天晚上,他俩都去摩斯柯特家里。奥雷连诺和岳父没完没了地玩多米诺骨牌,雷麦黛丝就跟姐姐们聊夭,或者跟母亲一起议论大人的事。跟布恩蒂亚家的亲戚关系,巩固了阿·摩斯柯特在马孔多的威望。他经常去省城,已经说服政府当局在马孔多开办一所学校,由继承了祖父教育热情的阿卡蒂奥管理。为了庆祝国家独立节,阿·摩斯柯特先生通过说服使得大部分房屋都刷成了蓝色。根据尼康诺神父的坚决要求,他命令卡塔林诺游艺场迁到偏僻的街道,并且关闭小镇中心区另外几个花天酒地的场所。有一次,阿·摩斯柯特先生从省城回来,带来了六名持枪的警察,由他们维持社会秩序,甚至谁也没有想起马孔多不留武装人员的最初的协议了。奥雷连诺欢喜岳父的活力。“你会变得象他那么肥胖,‘——朋友们向他说。可是,由于经常坐在作坊里,他只是颧骨比较凸出,眼神比较集中,体重却没增加,拘谨的性格也没改变;恰恰相反,嘴边比较明显地出现了笔直的线条——独立思考和坚强决心的征象。奥雷连诺和他的妻子都得到了两家的深爱,所以,当雷麦黛丝说她将有孩子的时候,甚至阿玛兰塔和雷贝卡都暂时停止了扯皮,为孩子加紧编织两种颜色的毛线衣:蓝色的——如果生下的是男孩;粉红色的——如果生下的是女孩。几年以后,奥雷连诺站在行刑队面前的时候,想到的最后一个人就是雷麦黛丝。

      úrsula ordered a mourning period of closed doors and windows, with no one entering or leaving except on matters of utmost necessity. She prohibited any talking aloud for a year and she put Remedios' daguerreotype in the place where her body had been laid out, with a black ribbon around it and an oil lamp that was always kept lighted. Future generations, who never let the lamp go out, would be puzzled at that girl in a pleated skirt, white boots, and with an organdy band around her head, and they were never able to connect her with the standard image of a great-grandmother. Amaranta took charge of Aureliano José. She adopted him as a son who would share her solitude and relieve her from the involutary laudanum that her mad beseeching had thrown into Remedios' coffee. Pietro Crespi would tiptoe in at dusk, with a black ribbon on his hat, and he would pay a silent visit to Rebeca, who seemed to be bleeding to death inside the black dress with sleeves down to her wrists. Just the idea of thinking about a new date for the wedding would have been so irreverent that the engagement turned into an eternal relationship, a fatigued love that no one worried about again, as if the lovers, who in other days had sabotaged the lamps in order to kiss, had been abandoned to the free will of death. Having lost her bearings, completely demoralized, Rebeca began eating earth again.

      乌苏娜宣布了严格的丧事,关闭了所有的门窗,如果没有极端的必要,决不允许任何人进出屋子;在一年之中,她禁止大家高声说话;殡丧日停放棺材的地方,墙上挂了雷麦黛丝的厢片,照片周围加了黑色缎带,下面放了一盏长明灯。布恩蒂亚的后代一直是让长明灯永不熄灭的,他们看见这个姑娘的照片就感到杌隍不安;这姑娘身着百褶裙,头戴蝉翼纱花巾,脚上穿了一双白皮鞋,子孙们简直无法把照片上的姑娘跟“曾祖母”本来的形象联系起来。阿玛兰塔自动收养了奥雷连诺·霍塞。她希望拿他当儿子,分担她的孤独,减轻她的痛苦,因为她把疯狂弄来的鸦 片酊偶然放到雷麦黛丝的咖啡里了。每天晚上,皮埃特罗·克列斯比都在帽上戴着黑色丝带,踮着脚走进屋来,打算悄悄地探望雷贝卡;她穿着黑色衣服,袖子长到手腕,显得萎靡不振。现在要想确定新的婚期,简直就是亵渎神灵了;他俩虽已订婚,却无法使关系往前推进,他俩的爱情令人讨厌、得不到关心,仿佛这两个灭了灯、在黑暗中接吻的情人只能听凭死神的摆布。雷贝卡失去了希望,精神萎顿,又开始吃土。

      Suddenly-when the mourning had gone on so long that the needlepoint sessions began again-someone pushed open the street door at two in the afternoon in the mortal silence of the heat and the braces in the foundation shook with such force that Amaranta and her friends sewing on the porch, Rebeca sucking her finger in her bedroom, úrsula in the kitchen, Aureliano in the workshop, and even José Arcadio Buendía under the solitary chestnut tree had the impression that an earthquake was breaking up the house. A huge man had arrived. His square shoulders barely fitted through the doorways. He was wearing a medal of Our Lady of Help around his bison neck, his arms and chest were completely covered with cryptic tattooing, and on his right wrist was the tight copper bracelet of the ni?osen-cruz amulet. His skin was tanned by the salt of the open air, his hair was short and straight like the mane of a mule, his jaws were of iron, and he wore a sad smile. He had a belt on that was twice as thick as the cinch of a horse, boots with leggings and spurs and iron on the heels, and his presence gave the quaking impression of a seismic tremor. He went through the parlor and the living room, carrying some half-worn saddlebags in his hand, and he appeared like a thunderclap on the porch with the begonias where Amaranta and her friends were paralyzed, their needles in the air. "Hello," he said to them in a tired voice, threw the saddlebags on a worktable, and went by on his way to the back of the house. "Hello," he said to the startled Rebecca, who saw him pass by the door of her bedroom. "Hello," he said to Aureliano, who was at his silversmith's bench with all five senses alert. He did not linger with anyone. He went directly to the kitchen and there he stopped for the first time at the end of a trip that had begun of the other side of the world. "Hello," he said. úrsula stood for a fraction of a second with her mouth open, looked into his eyes, gave a cry, and flung her arms around his neck, shouting and weeping with joy. It was José Arcadio. He was returning as poor as when he had left, to such an extreme that úrsula had to give him two pesos to pay for the rental of his horse. He spoke a Spanish that was larded with sailor slang. They asked where he had been and he answered: "Out there." He hung his hammock in the room they assigned him and slept for three days. When he woke up, after eating sixteen raw eggs, he went directly to Catarino's store, where his monumental size provoked a panic of curiosity among the women. He called for music and cane liquor for everyone, to be put on his bill. He would Indian-wrestle with five men at the same time. "It can't be done," they said, convinced that they would not be able to move his arm. "He has ni?os-en-cruz." Catarino, who did not believe in magical tricks of strength, bet him twelve pesos that he could not move the counter. José Arcadio pulled it out of its place, lifted it over his head, and put it in the street. It took eleven men to put it back. In the heat of the party he exhibited his unusual masculinity on the bar, completely covered with tattoos of words in several languages intertwined in blue and red. To the women who were besieging him and coveting him he put the question as to who would pay the most. The one who had the most money offered him twenty pesos. Then he proposed raffling himself off among them at ten pesos a chance. It was a fantastic price because the most sought-after woman earned eight pesos a night, but they all accepted. They wrote their names on fourteen pieces of paper which they put into a hat and each woman took one out. When there were only two pieces left to draw, it was established to whom they belonged.


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