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      经典名句-译文:the god of death has followed his footsteps, sniffing his whereabouts, but not yet determined to give him the final blow.


      Father Nicanor did not agree: the growing generosity of the faithful permitted him to make more optimistic calculations. To the mute Indignation of Rebeca, who could not finish her lunch, úrsula celebrated Amaranta's idea and contributed a considerable sum for the work to move faster. Father Nicanor felt that with another contribution like that the church would be ready within three years. From then on Rebeca did not say another word to Amaranta, convinced that her initiative had not the innocence that she attempted to give it. "That was the least serious thing I could have done," Amaranta answered her during the violent argument they had that night. "In that way I won't have to kill you for three years." Rebeca accepted the challenge.


      When Pietro Crespi found out about the new postponement, he went through a crisis of disappointment, but Rebeca gave him a final proof of her loyalty. "We'll elope whenever you say," she told him. Pietro Crespi, however, was not a man of adventure. He lacked the impulsive character of his fiancée and he considered respect for one's given word as a wealth that should not be squandered.


      Then Rebeca turned to more audacious methods. A mysterious wind blew out the lamps in the parlor and úrsula surprised the lovers kissing in the dark. Pietro Crespi gave her some confused explanations about the poor quality of modern pitch lamps and he even helped her install a more secure system of illumination for the room. But the fuel failed again or the wicks became clogged and úrsula found Rebeca sitting on her fiancé's lap. This time she would accept no explanation. She turned the responsibility of the bakery over to the Indian woman and sat in a rocking chair to watch over the young people during the visits, ready to win out over maneuvers that had already been old when she was a girl. "Poor Mama," Rebeca would say with mock indignation, seeing úrsula yawn during the boredom of the visits. "When she dies she'll go off to her reward in that rocking chair." After three months of supervised love, fatigued by the slow progress of the construction, which he went to inspect every day, Pietro Crespi decided to give Father Nicanor the money he needed to finish the church. Amaranta did not grow impatient. As she conversed with her girl friends every afternoon when they came to embroider on the porch, she tried to think of new subterfuges. A mistake in calculation spoiled the one she considered the most effective: removing the mothballs that Rebeca had put in her wedding dress before she put it away in the bedroom dresser. She did it when two months were left for the completion of the church. But Rebeca was so impatient with the approach of the wedding that she wanted to get the dress ready earlier than Amaranta had foreseen. When she opened the dresser and unfolded first the papers and then the protective cloth, she found the fabric of the dress and the stitches of the veil and even the crown of orange blossoms perforated by moths. Although she was sure that she had put a handful of mothballs in the wrappings, the disaster seemed so natural that she did not dare blame Amaranta. There was less than a month untilthe wedding, but Amparo Moscote promised to sew a new dress within a week. Amaranta felt faint that rainy noontime when Amparo came to the house wrapped in the froth of needlework for Rebeca to have the final fitting of the dress. She lost her voice and a thread of cold sweat ran down the path of her spine. For long months she had trembled with fright waiting for that hour, because if she had not been able to conceive the ultimate obstacle to Rebeca's wedding, she was sure that at the last moment, when all the resources of her imagination had failed, she would have the courage to poison her. That afternoon, while Rebeca was suffocating with heat inside the armor of thread that Amparo Moscote was putting about her body with thousands of pins and infinite patience, Amaranta made several mistakes in her crocheting and pricked her finger with the needle, but she decided with frightful coldness that the date would be the last Friday before the wedding and the method would be a dose of laudanum in her coffee.

      接着,雷贝卡采取了更加放肆的办法。不知哪儿刮来的风吹灭了客厅里的灯,乌苏娜惊异地发现未婚夫妇在黑暗中接吻。皮埃特罗·克列斯比慌乱地向她抱怨新的煤油灯质量太差,甚至答应帮助在客厅里安装更加可靠的照明设备。可是现在,这灯不是煤油完了,就是灯芯卡住了,于是乌苏娜又发现雷贝卡在未婚夫膝上。最后,乌苏娜再也不听任何解释。每逢这个未婚夫来访的时候,乌苏娜都把面包房交给印第安女人照顾,自己坐在摇椅里,观察未婚夫妇的动静,打算探出她年轻时就已司空见惯的花招。“可怜的妈妈,”看见乌苏娜在未婚夫来访时打呵欠,生气的雷贝卡就嘲笑他说。“她准会死在这把摇椅里,得到报应。”过了三个月受到监视的爱情生活,皮埃特罗·克列斯比每天都检查工程状况,对教堂建筑的缓慢感到苦恼,决定捐给尼康诺神父短缺的钱,使他能把事情进行到底。这个消息丝毫没使阿玛兰塔着急。每天下午,女友们聚在长廊上绣花的时候,她一面跟她们聊天,一面琢磨新的诡计。可是她的估计错了,她认为最有效的一个阴谋也就失败了;这个阴谋就是掏出卧室五斗橱里的樟脑球,因为雷贝卡是把结婚的衣服保藏在橱里的。阿玛兰塔是在教堂竣工之前两个月干这件事的。然而婚礼迫近,雷贝卡就急于想准备好自己的服装,时间比阿玛兰塔预料的早得多。雷贝卡拉开衣橱的抽屉,首先揭开几张纸,然后揭起护布,发现缎子衣服、花边头纱、甚至香橙花花冠,都给虫子蛀坏了,变成了粉末。尽管她清楚地记得,她在衣服包卷下面撒了一把樟脑球,但是灾难显得那么偶然,她就不敢责怪阿玛兰塔了。距离婚礼不到一个月,安芭萝·摩斯柯特却答应一星期之内就把新衣服缝好。一个雨天的中午,镇长的女儿抱着一堆泡沫似的绣装走进屋来,让雷贝卡最后试穿的时候,阿玛兰塔差点儿昏厥过去。她说不出话,一股冷汗沿着脊椎往下流。几个月来,阿玛兰塔最怕这个时刻的来临,因她坚信:如果她想不出什么办法来最终阻挠这场婚礼,那么到了一切幻想都已破灭的最后时刻,她就不得不鼓起勇气毒死雷贝卡了。安芭萝·摩斯柯特非常耐心地千针万线缝成的缎子衣服,雷贝卡穿在身上热得直喘气,阿玛兰塔却把毛线衣的针数数错了几次,并且拿织针扎破了自己的手指,但她异常冷静地作出决定:日期——婚礼之前的最后一个星期五,办法——在一杯咖啡里放进一些鸦 片酊。

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