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      经典名句-英文:cheatig a black ma is te times worse tha cheatig a white.



      “Miss Maudie,” I said one evening, “do you think Boo Radley’s still alive?”

      “His name’s Arthur and he’s alive,” she said. She was rocking slowly in her big oakchair. “Do you smell my mimosa? It’s like angels’ breath this evening.”

      “Yessum. How do you know?”

      “Know what, child?”

      “That B—Mr. Arthur’s still alive?”






      “What a morbid question. But I suppose it’s a morbid subject. I know he’s alive, JeanLouise, because I haven’t seen him carried out yet.”

      “Maybe he died and they stuffed him up the chimney.”

      “Where did you get such a notion?”

      “That’s what Jem said he thought they did.”

      “S-ss-ss. He gets more like Jack Finch every day.”






      Miss Maudie had known Uncle Jack Finch, Atticus’s brother, since they were children.


      Nearly the same age, they had grown up together at Finch’s Landing. Miss Maudie wasthe daughter of a neighboring landowner, Dr. Frank Buford. Dr. Buford’s profession wasmedicine and his obsession was anything that grew in the ground, so he stayed poor.

      Uncle Jack Finch confined his passion for digging to his window boxes in Nashville andstayed rich. We saw Uncle Jack every Christmas, and every Christmas he yelled acrossthe street for Miss Maudie to come marry him. Miss Maudie would yell back, “Call a littlelouder, Jack Finch, and they’ll hear you at the post office, I haven’t heard you yet!” Jemand I thought this a strange way to ask for a lady’s hand in marriage, but then UncleJack was rather strange. He said he was trying to get Miss Maudie’s goat, that he hadbeen trying unsuccessfully for forty years, that he was the last person in the world MissMaudie would think about marrying but the first person she thought about teasing, andthe best defense to her was spirited offense, all of which we understood clearly.


      “Arthur Radley just stays in the house, that’s all,” said Miss Maudie. “Wouldn’t you stayin the house if you didn’t want to come out?”

      “Yessum, but I’d wanta come out. Why doesn’t he?”

      Miss Maudie’s eyes narrowed. “You know that story as well as I do.”

      “I never heard why, though. Nobody ever told me why.”





      Miss Maudie settled her bridgework. “You know old Mr. Radley was a foot-washingBaptist-”

      “That’s what you are, ain’t it?”

      “My shell’s not that hard, child. I’m just a Baptist.”

      “Don’t you all believe in foot-washing?”

      “We do. At home in the bathtub.”

      “But we can’t have communion with you all-”







      Apparently deciding that it was easier to define primitive baptistry than closedcommunion, Miss Maudie said: “Foot-washers believe anything that’s pleasure is a sin.

      Did you know some of ‘em came out of the woods one Saturday and passed by thisplace and told me me and my flowers were going to hell?”

      “Your flowers, too?”

      “Yes ma’am. They’d burn right with me. They thought I spent too much time in God’soutdoors and not enough time inside the house reading the Bible.”




      My confidence in pulpit Gospel lessened at the vision of Miss Maudie stewing foreverin various Protestant hells. True enough, she had an acid tongue in her head, and shedid not go about the neighborhood doing good, as did Miss Stephanie Crawford. Butwhile no one with a grain of sense trusted Miss Stephanie, Jem and I had considerablefaith in Miss Maudie. She had never told on us, had never played cat-and-mouse withus, she was not at all interested in our private lives. She was our friend. How soreasonable a creature could live in peril of everlasting torment was incomprehensible.


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