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      经典名句-英文:“Before I can live with other folks I've got to live with myself. The one thing that doesn't abide by majority rule is a person's conscience.”



      I mumbled that I was sorry and retired meditating upon my crime. I never deliberatelylearned to read, but somehow I had been wallowing illicitly in the daily papers. In thelong hours of church—was it then I learned? I could not remember not being able toread hymns. Now that I was compelled to think about it, reading was something that justcame to me, as learning to fasten the seat of my union suit without looking around, orachieving two bows from a snarl of shoelaces. I could not remember when the linesabove Atticus’s moving finger separated into words, but I had stared at them all theevenings in my memory, listening to the news of the day, Bills to Be Enacted into Laws,the diaries of Lorenzo Dow—anything Atticus happened to be reading when I crawledinto his lap every night. Until I feared I would lose it, I never loved to read. One does notlove breathing.


      I knew I had annoyed Miss Caroline, so I let well enough alone and stared out thewindow until recess when Jem cut me from the covey of first-graders in the schoolyard.

      He asked how I was getting along. I told him.


      “If I didn’t have to stay I’d leave. Jem, that damn lady says Atticus’s been teaching meto read and for him to stop it-”


      “Don’t worry, Scout,” Jem comforted me. “Our teacher says Miss Caroline’sintroducing a new way of teaching. She learned about it in college. It’ll be in all thegrades soon. You don’t have to learn much out of books that way—it’s like if you wantalearn about cows, you go milk one, see?”


      “Yeah Jem, but I don’t wanta study cows, I-”


      “Sure you do. You hafta know about cows, they’re a big part of life in MaycombCounty.”


      I contented myself with asking Jem if he’d lost his mind.


      “I’m just trying to tell you the new way they’re teachin‘ the first grade, stubborn. It’s theDewey Decimal System.”


      Having never questioned Jem’s pronouncements, I saw no reason to begin now. TheDewey Decimal System consisted, in part, of Miss Caroline waving cards at us on whichwere printed “the,” “cat,” “rat,” “man,” and “you.” No comment seemed to be expected ofus, and the class received these impressionistic revelations in silence. I was bored, so Ibegan a letter to Dill. Miss Caroline caught me writing and told me to tell my father tostop teaching me. “Besides,” she said. “We don’t write in the first grade, we print. Youwon’t learn to write until you’re in the third grade.”


      Calpurnia was to blame for this. It kept me from driving her crazy on rainy days, Iguess. She would set me a writing task by scrawling the alphabet firmly across the topof a tablet, then copying out a chapter of the Bible beneath. If I reproduced herpenmanship satisfactorily, she rewarded me with an open-faced sandwich of bread andbutter and sugar. In Calpurnia’s teaching, there was no sentimentality: I seldom pleasedher and she seldom rewarded me.


      “Everybody who goes home to lunch hold up your hands,” said Miss Caroline,breaking into my new grudge against Calpurnia.

      The town children did so, and she looked us over.

      “Everybody who brings his lunch put it on top of his desk.”




      Molasses buckets appeared from nowhere, and the ceiling danced with metallic light.Miss Caroline walked up and down the rows peering and poking into lunch containers,nodding if the contents pleased her, frowning a little at others. She stopped at WalterCunningham’s desk. “Where’s yours?” she asked.


      Walter Cunningham’s face told everybody in the first grade he had hookworms. Hisabsence of shoes told us how he got them. People caught hookworms going barefootedin barnyards and hog wallows. If Walter had owned any shoes he would have wornthem the first day of school and then discarded them until mid-winter. He did have on aclean shirt and neatly mended overalls.


      “Did you forget your lunch this morning?” asked Miss Caroline.

      Walter looked straight ahead. I saw a muscle jump in his skinny jaw.

      “Did you forget it this morning?” asked Miss Caroline. Walter’s jaw twitched again.

      “Yeb’m,” he finally mumbled.




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